Do you maintain appliances in your home? | Heating and AC Service in Fort Worth, TX

Do you maintain appliances in your home? | Heating and AC Service in Fort Worth, TX

Summer season is all about enjoying the weekends, having drinks, or playing with kids at home and in hot afternoons. Homeowners tend to spend a lot more time in their chilled houses, using the air conditioner system more and more. But too much usage and weather situations such as severe heat and humidity take a toll on our home appliances, air condition systems, refrigerators, and dryers.


In fact, power failures or severe heat waves, they all may end up damaging the equipment. All of these factors require regular maintenance for your electrical appliances by hiring and heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.


To assist you further, here are some ways to extend the life of your HVAC system so that they can survive the hot summer season.



  • Condensing coil

Condensing coils are situated at the back of the refrigerators. But in the newer models, they are set up underneath them. This is an important component that cools the refrigerant that flows inside it, simply by taking its heat and then condensing it.


After a while, condensing coils may get blocked and dirty as hair, dirt, pieces of food and accumulated debris get stuck on it. This affects the efficiency of coil releasing heat.


Condenser coils must be cleaned at least two times in a year, particularly in the summers. You may turn the refrigerator off and with the help of a toothbrush, special coil brush or a small vacuum made for this purpose, clean them up. They are available at various hardware shops. You may also inquire your appliances merchant to provide the primary cleaning kit.


  • Refrigerator gaskets

It is a strip that is made of supple rubber attached to the freezer’s door. It is responsible to keep the chilled air inside the fridge while preventing the external warm air from entering inside. It acts as a temperature regulator, the keeps the food items fresh.


However, with rigorous use of our refrigerators, these seals usually are wornoutand gets thin with regular use of the door. Because of this, the chilled air beginsto leak out, affecting the freshness of foodstuff inside, while increasing the energy consumption as the professionals of heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.


It is recommended to replace the gasket at least once in two years to ensure the increasedlife of the refrigerator. Oftentimes such rubber seals are usually infected by mildew or molds due to the moisture. So if you observe that refrigerator is running for a long time or the door is not shutting close properly, hire the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to fix the issues.


While some homeowners attempt to fix the issue on their own they end up causing more damage than any resolution.


HVAC systems

  • Air filters

We all know how significant an air conditioner system isHumidity, dirt and severe weather condition of Fort Worth makes it essential to clean the air filters at least every three months. It is common for our air filters in HVAC systems to collect dust and dirt particles with time and their buildup makes it quite difficult for the cool air to easily pass through. Thus the regular replacement or cleaning of air filters is highly recommended by the professionals of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.


  • Condenser coils

Condenser coils are generally attached to the outdoor unit of the HVAC systems. Its function is to force the heat away from the indoor unit and discharge it outside.


Thus, if the coils are unclean, clogged with dirt and all, then it will reduce its heat exchange capability. It will run much longer and consume a lot more energy as well.


So it is recommended to clean the coils at least once in 6 months. You can purchase a biodegradable coil cleaner to keep the coils clean. These cleaners are mostly 4 times as efficient in comparison to normal water. These are concentrated and remove grease easily and protect the life of the coils.


The foremost step is to turn the AC off, both from inside and outside, then dust it off using a duster. Now spray the cleaner on the coils and leave it for some minutes before washing it with water. While this will help you clean them, your best choice is to take the help of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.


Dryer machine

  • Lint Trap

Dryer lint traps are installed in your dryer machines to grasp the small lint pieces that get out from our clothes after washing. However, after a few washes, the lint buildup blocks the air flow. That impacts on the drying process. Experts recommend that you must clean the dryer lint trap almost after every wash to add to its efficiency.

If you are planning to fix the issue on your own then make sure if you hold right tools for that. If not, the best choice is to leave the jobs to the professionals.

Gas grills

  • Grill’s interior

We all recognize what summers are forBBQ parties, outdoor evening’s poolside lunches. The hot season wants you to take the grills outside and get your burgers ready. For this,you need to have gas grills in working condition before you enjoy the grilling.


The easiest way is to turn off the gas source. Then take out the burners. Now Brush the grill from inside using a brush speciallydesigned for grills. Now clean the ports as well. Now, turn on the grill and let it heat up for 15 minutes prior to use. To avoid rusted grill, apply cooking oil prior to every round.


  • Check for leakages

Always ensure that the pipes attached to the propane tank are properly sealed and there is no leakage. To verify that, take out the pipe from the tankand pass soapy water through it; in the case of bubbles forming on its foundation, the pipe has leaked.


While all of these issues are common problems of appliances in our homes, whenever you face any such issue, get the assistance of One Hour Heating and Air right away.