Do You Need An AC Repair Company? | Fort Worth, TX

Do You Need An AC Repair Company? | Fort Worth, TX

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An HVAC system represents an accumulation of different parts — it includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The HVAC system will use a combination of air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, that will distribute cold and warm air via ductwork that is controlled by home comforts controls.

The main factor that most homeowners are going to be focused on when it comes to installing or replacing an HVAC system is costs, functionality, and features. While homeowners in TX will be able to take advantage of local rebates, special limited time offers, and tax credits to help subsidize the cost of HVAC systems, other factors will impact the cost of an HVAC system.

Region. Climate matters when finding the right system for your home and saving energy. Places like TX have relatively warm temperatures, spotlighting the importance of an AC repair company that can install efficient, and energy-saving systems.

The Size of Your Home and Its Construction. A large home will need a more powerful unit to properly maintain a comfortable temperature range. Proper seals will also have to be utilized on doors and windows and other entryways to improve home insulation that can directly affect long-term costs.

The Importance of Ductwork. Ductwork directly influences how cold air moves in and around your home. When properly installed, ductwork can maximize comfort and minimize energy use. For example, it might be unnecessary to route ductwork to a room that is scarcely used. You will want ductwork to be effectively implemented in common areas, bedrooms, and other spaces that are frequented by family members.

AC Repair Company And The Smart Home. With the presence of integrated homes, many HVAC technicians use connected appliances and linked sensors so that homeowners can remotely control their HVAC systems.

How Your AC Repair Company Use A Rating System

Your AC repair company will use a litany of ratings to demonstrate performance. The main ratings that homeowners will have to be cognizant of are the SEER, MERV, HSPF, and AFUE ratings.

SEER. SEER represents the ratio of the cooling output of your home’s system. By simulating typical seasons, your AC repair company will be able to measure their system’s maximum efficiency. A high SEER meeting means that your HVAC system will have greater energy efficiency in certain situations.

According to the US Department of Energy, central air conditioners will need to have a minimum rating of at least 13. A high SEER means that you will be more comfortable during the hot TX summer months since it would utilize a two-stage speed compressor and a variable-speed blower. Lower ratings usually have a single-stage speed compressor requiring you to frequently turn on and off your HVAC system. Inquire with your AC repair company to see which setup is right for you.

MERV. Developed by the ASHRACE organization, or American Society Of Heating, Refrigeration, And Air Conditioner Engineers – MERV measures how efficient the filter will be in trapping airborne particles. An AC repair company will want to ensure that allergy sufferers are not suffering while in their homes.

Keep in mind that a high rating also means that the filter will have to be cleaned and replaced by your AC repair company more frequently. It is recommended that the MERV rating of your HVAC system is six or higher. A high MERV rating between 13 and 16 can effectively filter most tobacco smoke and airborne bacteria — however, this reading is usually adopted in medical facilities. A MERV rating of six is typically enough in most scenarios.

HSPF. This rating measures the efficiency of your heat pumps. The HSPF rating represents the total heat output of a heat pump. If you’re buying an older home, then it is important to inquire about the HSPF rating of the HVAC system with your local AC repair company. In 2015, the United States Department of Energy raised the minimum efficiency standards for heat pumps to a SEER rating of 14. If you are purchasing an older home, you might be stuck with a less efficient system.

AFUE. This rating measures the efficiency of your furnace. It measures the percent of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed, with a higher rating representing lower fuel costs over time. For example, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 75 will turn 75% of its fuel into usable heat while only wasting about 25% of its fuel through air leaks.

About Ductless, Heat Pumps, And Central Cooling Systems

One of the main benefits of a ductless system is that the system will consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit that utilizes an outside compressor. A ductless unit requires only a very small hole that will be drilled into the wall, making these ductless systems less vulnerable to air leakage and installation problems. Not only that, but these systems are a lot more discrete.

An Energy Star certified ductless heating and cooling system can cost up to 30% less than traditional HVAC systems in the long term. However, there are some cons when it comes to ductless systems. There are the upfront costs, the regular maintenance that is required on these systems, as well as the aesthetics. Ductless systems require routine cleaning of the filter by your AC repair company. Ignoring maintenance is not an option with these systems — ductless fans can’t handle the accumulation of debris and dirt.

AC Repair Company And Services for Current Homeowners

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth, TX has an excellent reputation when it comes to AC and heating service, offering repair and installation service in the Fort Worth area and beyond. With positive reviews and testimonials that have been provided by current and past clients, this AC repair company has been the preferred resource for current and prospective homeowners. Some of the maintenance services that are frequently requested by customers are seasonal inspections and tuneups, air duct replacement for HVAC systems, central unit, and heating repair.

HVAC Services for New Homeowners in the Fort Worth

If you are in the market for a new home in the Fort Worth, TX area, there are a lot of boxes that you would need to check off when looking for a partnership with an AC repair company. We can help evaluate equipment, ensuring that there are no rust, cracks, or physical damage to the HVAC equipment.

For the untrained eye, these unassuming damages are no big deal. However, it can potentially signal that there are detrimental damages to the HVAC system, including internal problems that can affect the efficiency and performance of the system. To streamline the process, try to secure a copy of maintenance records from the current owners and submit it to your AC repair company. HVAC contractors can then use this information to formulate the next step of action.

What to Look For in An AC Repair Company

The heating and cooling system is a major part of your home and represents a substantial investment. It directly affects how comfortable you are within your home, and it is an aspect of homeownership that you will need to be accountable for. Here is what to look for in your next AC repair company:

Proper licensure. An HVAC system is a surprisingly complex system — it’s a compound machine with many moving parts. Not only that, but it has to be properly designed and implemented for your unique home, especially if you are replacing your current HVAC system. Proper licensing that is regionally recognized will ensure that you are entering a partnership with a contractor that is competent and able to produce proper installations and repairs.

In the state of TX, technicians have the option of obtaining 2 types of licenses — The TX Air Conditioning License Class A or B. The main differentiator between the 2 types of licenses is the scope of permitted work. For example, Class A license holders have no restrictions on the machines that they can work on, while Class B is restricted to only working on cooling and heating systems that meet specific energy requirements. Ideally, you want to work with an AC repair company that has a combination of licenses but focuses on ensuring that their technicians have a Class A.

Home evaluations. If you want it HVAC system installed, you want an AC repair company that can assess the best cooling and heating system for your home. Expertise and experience will allow them to consider the square footage of the home, pre-installed insulation, the number of windows in the home, and the current HVAC system in evaluating the best systems for your household.

The power of referrals. Word-of-mouth is very powerful – it can make or break any AC repair company in any niche. You will want to work with a contractor that has a track record of success, with clients that are ready and willing to give them glowing reviews and referrals. Check a variety of sources including references and reviews from third parties to have a more thorough understanding of a company’s reputation.

An AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth has proven themselves to be credible in their business, with repeat customers and clients who are constantly referring to them.

About Fort Worth Temperatures

Average temperatures in the Fort Worth, TX area easily soar above 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the hot summer months. As with the majority of TX, the desert climate means that temperatures will quickly go down during the nights. This puts a spotlight on the importance of an efficient and effective HVAC system that will be able to deal with fluctuating temperatures.

Dust and sand can easily wreak havoc on any modern HVAC system. This is why the regular maintenance of the filter must be conducted at least every month, with an HVAC contractor regularly inspecting the filter to make sure that it is working properly.

About One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth has been the go-to HVAC contractor ever since 1988. Serving the Fort Worth, TX area, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth has proudly served prospective homeowners, current homeowners, with a string of satisfied customers that go back to the services for regular maintenance of their HVAC systems. Not only does this company focus on HVAC installation and maintenance, but we also specialize in designing and implementing air conditioning systems for new construction sites as well as offer indoor air quality solutions not only for commercial spaces but also for those who are suffering from airborne allergens.

Services Offered by One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth

Comprehensive installation and repair of air conditioning systems. Generally, it is recommended that a unit is replaced every decade or so to ensure that it efficiently cools down the home. Our contractors will be able to determine the age and make your air conditioning units.

Heating. While many people may not associate a proper furnace and heating system in a home in TX to be of importance, it can be. The winter storm of 2021 in the greater TX area has put a spotlight on the importance of a comprehensive HVAC system that is able to not only cool the home efficiently but also warm it in a pinch.

Working with qualified HVAC contractors. As mentioned, your heating and cooling system represents a massive investment as a homeowner. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth, TX recognizes this investment and understands that you will need regular maintenance of your system to ensure that it is working efficiently and correctly.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth offers Internet specials and will guide you to affordable repairs and installation of your HVAC system. To learn more, contact us.