Everything You Need To Know About Boilers | HVAC Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Boilers | HVAC Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

Most of the time, people who buy old houses are worried about the old-fashioned boiler heating system. While some people prefer to use furnaces, others use a boiler to keep their houses cozy and comfortable during the winter season.

One way to keep your heating system efficient is to keep it well-maintained. People who use boilers usually overlook the need for repair and maintenance by taking the assistance of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

With that being said, not every one of us has enough knowledge about boilers. We don’t know the basics of maintaining this crucial component of our HVAC system. But to assist you with that, we will be discussing the most important things that every one of us must know about boilers.

This will help us in keeping our boiler heating system well maintained. This will also prevent us from calling the professionals of heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX to perform frequent repairs or replacements.

So let’s have a look at various aspects of boiler heating system and its functionality that we must be aware of.

Does the boiler boil water?

No! The boiler is not an appliance to boil water. The reason why these devices are called boilers is because this term is a carryover from the time when steam boilers were used frequently. Steam boilers were used to boil water and make steam. But boilers which are now being used are actually water heaters and generally use natural gas. If your boiler is working properly, it must heat water between the range of 150 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if that not the case with your boiler, then you need to get it inspected by hiring the services of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

How does a boiler provide heat?

Boilers produce radiant heat that warms an object placed in a room. On the other hand, the furnace is used to warm the room temperature. This means that objects in a room absorb heat at a much slower rate. However, most people still prefer to use boilers. With boilers, a person may set the thermostat at a lower temperature and the produced radiant heat simply warms the room.

Similarly, some people prefer boilers because it provides balanced and consistent heat throughout the house during the winter season. In comparison to furnaces, boilers require less repair work or maintenance, hence you save the cost of hiring a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

Why does your boiler break or stop working?

There can be many reasons for this. An electrical component in the boiler can cease to function efficiently due to a faulty thermostat or pump failure. Also, some unnecessary air may enter into the system or the water pressure could be low. Both of these issues will hamper the normal working of the system and prevent water from flowing. The boiler will not function properly and will not radiate heat.

However, another reason for your boiler to fail and one, which will require you to get the assistance of a heating and air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX, is frozen water in your heating system. This happens due to extremely low temperatures. To avoid this issue, regular inspection and proper maintenance of the heating system by a professional of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX should be your first priority.

Does a boiler eliminate humidity problems, unlike air forced furnaces?

This depends on your boiler’s efficiency. However, except for cast iron boiler, generally, a boiler does not prevent or add humidity. If you use a low-efficiency boiler, this may cause your boiler to utilize indoor air to provide necessary combustion flame. This will dry out the environment or air in your house. But if you use a high-efficiency boiler, it will pull air from outside to obtain combustion. This will not affect the air inside your house.

If you want your boiler to work at high-efficiency, then keep it well-maintained and ensure proper installation by employing experts of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX

Does a boiler waste energy or water?

No. Your boiler does not waste energy or water because it is a sealed system. Moreover, boilers, which are being designed today, are just as efficient as any other gas forced air furnace.

What is the burn risks attached to a boiler heating system?

The risk of burn is relatively low when you use a boiler heating system. But for this, your water temperature must be set at the correct setting. This is particularly important if your house utilized the older cast iron radiators, which can be hot to touch in case the water temperature is set high.

However, to avoid any of the associated risks, especially if you have children in your house, you must ensure proper maintenance of your boiler heating system by hiring the professional of a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

Can we make an old boiler more energy efficient?

Well, this is not possible. You cannot alter the boiler’s design because these boilers are UL labeled/listed and must not be altered. However, if you want to have a more energy efficient boiler, then you can always get the assistance of heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to replace the unit with a more efficient one.

Most importantly if your unit has already reached the age of 30, then you must get it replaced by a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX


Remember,  the working and efficiency of a boiler depends on how well you keep your heating system maintained. If you are experiencing a lot of issues with your boiler, then your best bet is to call the professionals of One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Service right away.

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