Factors To Consider When You Need Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

Factors To Consider When You Need Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

An air conditioner is probably one of the best ways to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level every day of the year, regardless of how hot it is outside. In Fort Worth, TX and just about any other part of Texas, an air conditioner has become an absolute necessity in order for people to deal with the extreme temperatures of almost any summer day.

Oftentimes, a good air conditioner installation is a surefire way to guarantee you can sleep well on a hot summer night, which can improve your health, both mentally and physically. Think of how you feel after a night of tossing and turning when you can’t stop sweating. The following morning you are probably in a bad mood, tired, and unable to function normally throughout the day. The lack of a good air conditioner installation at your workplace will also reduce your productivity and increase your stress level. Because of this, being able to live and work in areas with a good air conditioner installation will improve your life in ways you probably don’t even realize.

However, before you start looking into air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX you should weigh in a few factors that could affect your first choice of equipment. This bit of research will be well worth your time because it will help you acquire the best air conditioner for your needs. Keep in mind that not all air conditioners are created equally, and factors such as the size of your home or place of business, the number of people who will fill that space every day, and even the type of unit you are looking for, and even the location in which your unit will be installed, can determine whether you purchase the right air conditioner installation at the first try, or you will end up with a costly problem on your hands. Because of this, continue reading to find a good guideline on what you should look for when shopping for the best HVAC unit for you.

Choosing the Type of AC Unit That Is Best for Your Needs

A new air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX begins by choosing the type of unit you want to purchase. If you are looking to replace your existing air conditioner, you may be tempted to get the same type again, but looking at all your options could have unexpected benefits for you and your family. Let’s take a look at what the market has to offer.

Split Systems

A split system is formed by two separate units, one that is installed inside your house and which produces hot or cool air, and another that is placed outside your home, which is connected by pipes to the indoor unit. This type of air conditioner installation works well in the majority of homes. Its installation is simple, and the system is both affordable and efficient. On the other hand, the outdoor part of the system can be quite noisy. Additionally, this type of air conditioner is fixed to a certain location and can’t be moved around, so you must be careful when you choose the areas where the units will be placed.

Duct Systems

Similar to the split system, a duct system air conditioner is formed by both an indoor and an outdoor unit, which are connected by ducts that are installed in such a manner that you won’t be able to see them because they are essentially hidden above your ceiling. This type of air conditioner installation also works well in the majority of houses, and its installation is simple. It is also affordable and quite efficient. On the other hand, the outdoor unit of a duct system air conditioner is noisy, and also requires you to choose its location very carefully, because once it has been installed, it will remain fixed in place.

Window or Wall Unit

This type of air conditioner installation integrates both units into a single piece of equipment which is placed within an outward-facing hole in the wall or a window in such a manner that the front half, through which cool air flows into the room is facing indoors, and the other half is facing outdoors. This easy-to-install air conditioner is one of the least expensive options, and one of its greatest benefits is that it requires very little space. On the other hand, these units are noisy and are only good for cooling a single room, making them less efficient than other systems.

Portable Unit

This type of air conditioner is very similar to the wall unit, with the exception that it doesn’t require any installation. It is on the low end of the price range and can be moved as needed. The downfall of this type of air conditioner is that it can be very bulky and difficult to move due to its weight, as well as not being as efficient as other types, and quite noisy.

Choosing the Size of Your New Air Conditioner

One of the most important steps towards your new air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX is to determine what size air conditioner is best for you. Of course, this does not refer to the measurements of the unit, but rather the average measurement of power in kW. There are several things you should keep in mind when you are trying to determine the size of your new air conditioner, including the size of the area where it’s going to be located, the type and state of the insulation in that location, what the walls are made out of and how many windows are in the area.

In order to achieve the highest efficiency possible, you are going to have to make sure the size you choose is adequate for the area you want to cool. The number of kW should be adequate for the size of the area. With things in mind, it makes sense that you won’t be able to efficiently cool a large area with an air conditioner of only a few kW, and placing a unit with too many kW in a small area will only translate into an enormous waste of power.

Where to Place Your New Air Conditioner

The location of your new Fort Worth, TX air conditioner installation, both indoors and outdoors, is possibly the most important part of performing in the most efficient manner, so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Placement of the Indoor Unit

The first thing you should consider when you are deciding on the placement of your indoor unit is that not all rooms have the same need for air conditioning, which is why you must make a note of the arrangement and number of rooms in your home. A good rule of thumb is that an air conditioner should be placed in the areas in which you spend the most time during both days and nights. In this manner, there really is no need for you to place your air conditioner in a bathroom, but it is important to place it in your bedroom and living room.

Placement of the Outdoor Unit

Choosing the location for the outdoor portion of your air conditioner installation is much easier, and only involves selecting an area where it will be well ventilated. This is necessary because the indoor portion of your air conditioner will transfer the heat that was inside your home to the outside portion of the system, and if there are any obstacles that impede its ventilation, you might end up with a unit that overheats and loses efficiency and offers reduced performance.

Additionally, the outdoor portion of your system should be placed as close as possible to the location of the indoor portion in order to increase the system’s efficiency and reduce any possible losses. A good reference is to consider that the outdoor unit should be installed at a distance no more than 65 feet from the indoor portion of the system before the addition of more refrigerant is required, but the optimal distance is always less than 15 feet.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

The first thing you should understand about the term “energy efficiency” in relation to your air conditioner installation is that the more energy it generates for each kW it consumes, the more efficient your system will be. How efficient a unit actually is will be visible on the label that is adhered to one of its sides.

In the case of air conditioners, the importance of knowing how energy efficient it is will translate into knowing which one will use a lower amount of power, and how it will impact your utility bill. Overall, the higher the energy efficiency rating of an air conditioner installation, the less you will spend on power to run it, and in some cases, you will be able to reduce your power bill by about 30 percent.

An energy efficient air conditioner will also operate better, which means your home will cool or warm up in a lower amount of time and will remain at the right temperature at all times, without any fluctuations due to a reduced efficiency. Another benefit of a highly efficient air conditioner installation is that it will require less maintenance than one that is less efficient. In general, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is between 8 and 12 years, but an efficient unit can last up to 3 years longer than the average.

Which Is the Most Efficient Type of Air Conditioner?

On average, a split system is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. This type of air conditioner installation is the most popular in Texas homes because it is quiet, affordable, and efficient.

As if this weren’t enough, split systems are easy to install and can contribute to cleaner and healthier air in your home, which is a great benefit for those with chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, because it can filter the air coming in from the outside and prevent a number of unwanted particles from entering your space. When you are deciding on which air conditioner is best for your household, you should always consider those units that include a filtration system that can provide relief from mold, bacteria and other allergens that could negatively impact your family.

A Note About Maintenance

Even though your air conditioner installation is new, you shouldn’t wait to schedule an adequate maintenance program to keep it working efficiently and extending its life span. All air conditioning units should be given proper maintenance at least once a year, with a twice per year schedule being the most desired. If you decide to follow a twice per year schedule, make sure to set aside dates in the early spring and the beginning of fall, in order to keep your air conditioner working in optimal conditions through the hottest days of summer and the coldest nights of winter. Talk to a reputable air conditioning maintenance contractor about what actions will be performed to keep your unit in good working order, so you understand completely what will be done to prevent any unwanted problems in Fort Worth, TX.

Are You Considering Air Conditioner Installation In Fort Worth, TX?

Once you have selected the perfect air conditioner for your needs, it’s time to have it installed. In order to maximize your investment, you should always choose a reputable contractor such as One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. With over 30 years of experience in the installation and repair of all types of air conditioners, we will be happy to help get your new unit up and running as quickly as possible so you can enjoy a comfortable and cool home once again without having to wait too long. As the foremost air conditioner installation company in the DFW area, we will be happy to help you understand the ins and outs of the process in a friendly and professional manner, so, if you are ready to have your new unit installed, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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