Failed Capacitor And AC Repair: Reasons Associated With Failure | Keller, TX

Failed Capacitor And AC Repair: Reasons Associated With Failure | Keller, TX

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It is vital to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly before summer sets in to avoid the possibility of sweating bullets and oppressive humidity indoors. Your AC unit will not function at its peak if any of its components has malfunctioned, leaving your home unbearably hot when the outdoors are also scorching hot.

The capacitor is an essential part of the air conditioner that resembles a cylinder or beverage can. It stores electricity in an electrostatic field that stabilizes the HVAC unit. The electric energy in the capacitor is responsible for running the HVAC motors such as the compressor, blower, and outdoor fan that help in cooling your home, making it soothingly cool. The larger the capacitor, the more current it holds to run the three types of motors in the AC unit.

Reasons Behind Capacitor Failure

Now that you know what a capacitor is, it is also best to understand that capacitor issues are inevitable, especially if they lack adequate maintenance from competent AC repair and maintenance experts in Keller, TX.

Exposure to Heat

One of the causes of a bad capacitor is high temperatures that might go beyond 150 degrees. A single-phased or AC capacitor might overheat because of physical damages resulting from exposure to heat for a long time. When the capacitors overheat, they tend to develop short circuits inside a moist separator, posing a health threat to you and your family members, which will need urgent AC repair services.

Knowing the signs of an overheating capacitor will help you gauge when to call a professional AC technician for timely and prompt services. You might have a burning smell coming out of your compressor or motors, which might be a clear indicator of an overheating capacitor.

Other signs of an overheating capacitor that will require the immediate attention of an AC contractor are hard starts that fail to kick-start a cooling cycle and high energy bills due to overworking. The blower motor, electric condenser fan motor, and compressor motor use the capacitor to start and run at maximum efficiency. Hard starts are also indicators of burnout capacitors.

Age or Life Expectancy

How long do the capacitors in the compressor, blower, and condenser fan motors last? Old indoor and outdoor units will eventually malfunction or refuse to turn on because of the wear and tear over the years. It is best to learn the life expectancy of the capacitors to know when to purchase a more advanced AC unit for guaranteed comfort during the scorching hot season. An old capacitor can have numerous problems that will require frequent AC repair services, becoming costly in the long run.

However, if you are the type that does not invest in regular maintenance, the life span of your HVAC equipment will be shorter because of the recurring damages, incorrect electrical overloads, or electrical surges. So, the survival of your AC capacitors will depend on exposure to a harsh climate like heat, usage patterns, and the frequency of maintenance.

Having qualified AC repair professionals in Keller, TX, inspect the capacitors will help you know when to replace the aging cylindrical unit. They can also offer consultation services by helping you find the best replacement that will be a perfect match for your air conditioner. The repair expert recommends replacing your AC capacitor after it has surpassed its life span regardless of its condition.

Worn or Damaged Parts

Another reason behind your malfunctioning capacitors is damage to the relay switch or worn bearings, making the compressor and fan motors drag. The dragging of the fan and blower motors makes it difficult for the capacitors and AC to function smoothly.

Once you hear a humming sound from your AC motors, it is a sign that the capacitors are struggling to operate, leading to high energy bills. The noise coming from your AC should compel you to call a reputable HVAC company for a licensed and certified AC repair professional.

External Forces

Homeowners can also have capacitor issues arising from lightning. When it strikes, lightning can cause unimaginable damages to your AC, especially the outdoor compressor and condenser units.

The strike might cause a power surge that will destroy the capacitor and the compressor that will require immediate AC repair or replacement services from a qualified technician. The lightning can make your capacitors start leaking oil, causing internal problems by scorching it, leading to a breakdown.

Electrical Overload

The purpose of the AC capacitor is to store electrical energy to help start the compressor, condenser, and blower fans. After it loads up to three-quarters, the capacitor should disengage, utilize the loaded current before another fill.

If the capacitors continue filling beyond the required capacity, they will overload, burn out, and eventually break down completely. The overloaded electrical voltage will block the capacitor, damaging the unit. When you suspect your HVAC capacitor is burning out, drop whatever you are doing and seek professional help from competent and bonded AC repair professionals.

Wrong Voltage Rating of the Capacitor

You might find your AC is not operating smoothly because the capacitor has a voltage rating that does not match your air conditioning unit. The reason behind choosing the wrong voltage capacitor might be you trying to save some bucks by choosing a cheaper one without the help of a qualified and certified AC repair expert or hiring a quack that has no skills or experience in the HVAC system.

Each air conditioning unit is unique and must work with specialized capacitors with a specific voltage rating for peak performance. A faulty capacitor will force your AC to work harder in cooling your home, skyrocketing your energy bills. Therefore, you should make sure to get an experienced and competent contractor to handle all your capacitor issues, including purchasing, installation, and maintenance. Always hire a technician with expertise in AC repair services to avert the possibility of total breakdowns.

Bottom Line, Get a Professional!

Faulty capacitors are likely to completely break down, exposing you and your family to unbearable warm indoor temperatures and irritating humidity. Therefore, you should hire an air conditioning expert from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth in Keller, TX, for prompt AC repair, installation, and replacement services.