Five Common Problems That May Require You To Schedule A Furnace Repair Service | Arlington, TX

Five Common Problems That May Require You To Schedule A Furnace Repair Service | Arlington, TX

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Every residential HVAC system comprises heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. While air conditioning units help maintain low temperatures during hot weather conditions, heating systems or furnaces do the opposite. They warm up your home during the cold season, making them an essential investment for any Arlington, TX, home. Winters in Arlington are often chilly and windy, with the temperatures typically ranging between 25 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Past that, although furnaces are robust machines that can keep your family comfortable for approximately 16 to 20 years if properly taken care of, they’re not immune to occasional problems that may arise as a result of standard wear and tear.

Knowing some of the common issues you’re bound to encounter with your residential heating system can help avoid unexpected inconveniences. It can also help you prevent further damage to your unit, which may result in the need for more costly furnace repair services. Therefore, take note of the following furnace issues.

Damaged Pilot Lights

The pilot light forms an integral part of your heating system’s ignition setup. It typically indicates the flow of gas inside the tube. If it isn’t working as it should, it’s often a sign of a gas leak. As a rule of thumb, you should always request assistance from your local furnace repair service professional whenever faced with heating system ignition problems.

This is to guarantee your safety and that of your home’s unit. Suppose you discover that your heating equipment’s pilot light isn’t functioning. In that case, you should immediately vacate your indoors and contact your gas utility service provider to inform them of a possible gas leak.

Many modern furnace models come with in-built sensors that can detect when there’s a leakage. However, your furnace repair service expert can install devices that can help prevent gas leaks. Such devices may also shut off the gas supply if the pilot light goes off due to inexplicable reasons.

Past that, pilot light damage may occur due to irregular gas pressure or an unbalanced air supply. The flame monitors the changes in gas pressure. If it’s weak, it indicates a gas shortage while a high flame denotes high gas pressure.

Thermostat Issues

A defective thermostat can affect your home’s heating system in different ways. Besides making it switch on and off repeatedly, it may also cause significant temperature swings, fan issues, and no heat production. In many cases, thermostat problems are often the result of battery inefficiencies.

Under such circumstances, replacing the battery may help restore the thermostat to working condition. In other situations, the thermostat may be mismatched with the type and capacity of the residential heating system in your Arlington, TX, residence. This may cause total system failure, which is why you should consult a furnace repair professional before installing a thermostat for your home’s heating unit.

Improper Maintenance

As previously stated, a furnace may only last as long as it should if it’s properly taken care of, which can only happen through a routine maintenance plan with your local furnace repair provider. During the regular checks, your technician can identify and fix minor faults before they’ve grown into more severe issues that may even warrant a replacement.

Such minor repairs can include changing or cleaning the filters after a month or so. Although it may seem like a small effort, changing the filters can help prevent the disruption of the limit switch connected to the unit’s distribution fan.

Noises Coming from the Furnace

Ideally, residential heating units may make some noise during their operations. You may hear the blower motor as it works to distribute warm air throughout your home.

If your household relies on a gas furnace, you may hear a whooshing sound when the unit’s switched on for the first time, which is often the sound of the gas igniting. However, rattling, banging, grinding, clanging, pinging, and rumbling noises should prompt the need to seek assistance from a nearby furnace repair service contractor.

Each noise may denote a different furnace repair service issue. For instance, rattling or rumbling sounds may come about as a result of reduced airflow, mechanical problems, or a blocked burner. Other noises may indicate issues with the moving parts inside the heating unit. Regardless of whether the sound’s strong or weak, you should switch off the unit and contact your furnace repair service professional to avoid worsening the problem.

No Warm Air from the Vents

Another common issue with residential heating systems is when the unit can’t seem to produce warm air. This problem may happen due to various circumstances. For starters, the unit may fail to produce warm air if you accidentally forgot to turn on the heat at the thermostat.

If the thermostat wasn’t switched from cooling to heating mode, the air conditioner might keep running throughout the day. If there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat, you should check if your unit’s fan has been turned on. When the fan is on, cool air will come out of the vents regardless of whether your home’s heating system is cycling.

If all of the above checkpoints seem alright, you should consider requesting assistance from a furnace repair technician to check if the air filters are in good working condition. Filters with restricted airflow can limit the flow of warm air. If your unit’s air filters are dirty, you should ask your furnace repair service professional to clean or replace them as needed.

In homes with gas-powered furnaces, the units may fail to produce warm air if the pilot light isn’t lit. After turning it on, you should ensure that it stays lit and doesn’t fade out after a short while. If it goes out, it’s a sure sign that you may need to schedule a professional furnace repair service in your home. In homes with electric furnaces, problems with warm air supply may arise due to dirty or outdated heating coils.

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The above-described heating problems confirm that sooner or later, you may need to request professional solutions from a furnace repair service expert near Arlington, TX.

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