Five Health Problems Homeowners Experience When An AC Repair Is Needed | Arlington, TX

Five Health Problems Homeowners Experience When An AC Repair Is Needed | Arlington, TX

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During summers in Arlington, TX, intense heat makes air conditioning practically necessary. Most residents will agree that air conditioners are lifesavers because the summers can get uncomfortably hot.

When you request an AC repair, you may be eagerly waiting for the experts to arrive and restore your run-down unit to a workable state again. But, you must be aware of the potential health problems caused by overexposure to air conditioners during repair visits. Read on to find out some of them.

ENT Infections

If your repair technician is working in a centrally air-conditioned environment, be careful with the constant exposure to these air conditioners. In case you start to feel sickly when your repair specialist has turned on the air conditioner while testing, several airborne allergens could be the cause.

During repairs, you may be exposed to extreme allergens that cause upper respiratory infections such as bacteria, viruses, fungal and mold spores, mildew, pollen, and chemical pollutants.

A mixture of these allergens can cause allergic reactions such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, asthma, and allergic rhinitis. Worse still, you could experience common cold, flu, and sinus infections when humid, cool air from the AC unit blocks your nasal passage or mucus membrane.

High-efficiency AC units have sound-smoothening technology and speed compressors to keep noise levels below 55 decibels. However, during AC repairs, banging thuds, clanking jingles, clicking clatters, buzzing blasts, squealing sounds, rattling hums, and chattering screeches from worn-out AC parts can make you want to cover your ears.

These loud noises are not only irritating but can also have a significant impact on your health. If you hear muffled echoes in your ears, a sensation known as tinnitus, after your AC technician has left, it may be a sign that you got too close to the AC units during the maintenance.

This ringing happens when the loud noise damages the delicate hair cells that coat your ear. Loud noise during repairs can damage your ears, leading to hearing loss. As a homeowner in Arlington, TX, be wise and disengage from noisy AC routine works.

Psychological Stress

Feeling nervous before the arrival of your AC technician is normal and inevitable. Explaining an AC repair issue to an AC technician can sometimes be difficult, draining, technical and complex for a typical homeowner.

Do not be surprised if you feel confused when your AC repair expert uses jargon when explaining their diagnosis. Be calm. It’s because they are familiar with routine maintenance on AC units. AC jargon can be tedious. It can make you disinterested in asking the right questions to understand your AC issues. Don’t retaliate or display aggression. Instead, be calm and have a teachable spirit.

Be conscious that you are likely to be irritable if your AC repair contractor takes a long time to diagnose your AC issues. Irritability can lead to hostility, and the last thing you want to do is get a half-baked repair job done.

Emotional Stress

When you think of someone who’s emotionally mature, you stereotypically paint the picture of a person who has a balanced understanding of the situation at hand. Did you know that you are likely to be toxic if you constantly hang around your AC repair contractor as they work?

Be emotionally mature. Give your AC technician space and a healthy boundary to diagnose, and quietly sort out your AC issues without bombarding them with too many questions or intimidating them. If you are in a bad mood when your AC expert is around, keep yourself busy to avoid heightened anxiety.

Physical Stress

AC repairs can be stretching, long, and inconvenient. You are likely to experience fatigue and tiredness because of extended hours of exposure to cold air when the unit is being fixed. It can also lead to headaches and muscle contractions.

Dry skin, chapped lips, and an itchy scalp are common side effects of prolonged exposure to air-conditioned rooms. Extreme exposure can also lead to high blood pressure issues.

Social Stress

Preparing for your air conditioning routine visit in advance can give you peace of mind. Ironically, the sight of a stranger at your doorstep, even though they may be your expected repair contractor, can cause intense fear of interaction when they arrive at your home. You may fail to connect with them, which can affect their work.

Sometimes, the visit by your routine AC technician can be truly awful, and it’s difficult to know how to handle it. Your AC expert may have put the best version of themselves at the beginning when you first meet. However, you may discover later after they have dismantled your AC unit that they do not know how to sort your AC issues. Maybe they exaggerated their Facebook work profile and looked nothing like you thought, or perhaps they have unethical work manners.

The situation at hand can change, and you need to be aware of these unavoidable social stress issues. Fear of humiliation and embarrassment are social disorders that can easily infect you during AC repairs. Be informed and look for ways to avert them. In case of anxiety, panic, unreasonable fears, or social anxiety disorders, seek alternative coping mechanisms.

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