Five Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might be Freezing Up | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

Five Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might be Freezing Up | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

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With summer in full swing, it is common for your air conditioner to encounter problems. If you are not taking adequate measures to keep your system well-maintained and resolve its issues timely, there is a high chance that the unit will face frequent breakdowns.

An air conditioner freezing up is a common problem that’s encountered in heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. There are several reasons why it can happen. We have mustered up some of the core causes of this particular problem and what you can do to resolve it quickly.

1.    Your Air Filter Needs Cleaning

One of the main reasons behind malfunctioning in the heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, is the clogged air filters. Your HVAC system is bound to give you problems if you don’t take care of your air filters. Leaving them unclean and unchanged, dirt and debris tend to accumulate in the filters. This results in narrowing of the passage for the air. Your HVAC has to work more to pass through the narrowed filters. And then ultimately, the airflow gets obstructed.

If you fail to clean your air filters monthly, it can cause your refrigerant to over cool and freeze the condensation located on your air conditioner. This is why you encounter freezing in your air conditioner. To avoid such instances, it is imperative that you get the services of a professional of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX.

The professional will identify the status of your filters and will clean or replace them as per the need. It is recommended that you clean your filters every month and change them at least every three months. This will avoid the freezing in your air conditioner caused by the overcooling of the refrigerant.

2.    Problematic Fan in Your Air Conditioner

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your air conditioning system along with the unit freezing up, it means you have a fan problem. The common indicator other than the strange noises coming out of the system is lack of fan movement or slow propelling. In either case, it means your fan is damaged from overuse or wasn’t correctly installed in the first place.

If you don’t address the fan problems timely, it will ultimately lead to condensation buildup, resulting in the unit freezing up. Before the problem escalates any further, you should immediately call the certified repair service of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, to fix it up.

3.    Low Level of Refrigerant

Another main reason behind the freezing in your air conditioning system is the low level of refrigerant. This can provoke several other problems in your system, too, including causing the evaporator coils to freeze over.

In case of low refrigerant levels, the first thing to check is the prospective leaks your air conditioner may have. You may or may not be able to identify the leaks on your own. If you can detect the leak, turn off the air conditioner. Subsequently, call a professional of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX immediately. If you are unable to locate the leak, it is best to call the help right away.

4.    The Thermostat Settings

The thermostat can cause a lot of problems if it starts malfunctioning or if you aren’t keeping it in the right settings. One of the most common misconceptions about air conditioners among homeowners is that if you keep it at a lower temperature, it will cool the room faster. Such is not the case. It will only result in excessive pressure on your unit and will increase your energy bills. Also, it will mess up with your unit’s settings and turn it into an ice cube. Placing your thermostat at a low temperature constantly results in increasing the risk of your coils freezing.

To avoid this sort of situation in your heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, it is imperative to avoid excessive overuse of your unit. Don’t run the unit on lower temperature all the time. You can lower the settings during days with heatwaves or when it is overtly humid.

The possibility of problems in your HVAC rises when you start using heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX excessively. The best way to avoid these problems, especially freezing up of your air conditioner, is to learn the right settings from the professional.

5.    Drainage Problems Causing Freezing in the Unit

Issues in drainage occur when either there is a blockage in the system due to dirt, or the drain line and pipe are loose. The blockage in the drains can be because of the dirt buildup. The buildup is one of the main problem creators when it comes to heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX.

It can cause the air conditioner to freeze up. Similarly, when the drain pipes are loose, the water will start leaking all-around your air conditioning system. As stated previously, this leak can eventually cause the water to freeze up if appropriate and timely cleaning is not conducted.

The best way to avoid such situations is to have your system of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX regularly inspected to ensure there are no leaks, loose drains and dirt buildups. Especially in humid days, it is important to check the drainage pipes more often. If you notice clogged drains, make sure to contact a professional service to resolve the problem.

What to Do?

If you find your air conditioner freezing up or showing any indications of problem building inside, you should call the professional HVAC service providers immediately. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is a certified emergency HVAC service company that endeavors to provide you the best solutions. You can call us at 817-283-6911 for our 24/7 emergency services. With over 20 years of experience in heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, we promise you reliable, fast and affordable repair services.