Gathering Evidence: Our AC Repair Company Technicians And Their Diagnostic Tools | Arlington, TX

Gathering Evidence: Our AC Repair Company Technicians And Their Diagnostic Tools | Arlington, TX

It may look easy to diagnose and repair your air conditioning, but that’s because the technicians at our AC repair company know their way around most types of AC systems so well. They understand the principles involved in AC operation from electrical controls to refrigerant and compressor care, cleaning and maintenance, and the best ways to get efficient operation from your unit. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, our team also has the tools to gather important information from your air conditioning system. With that information, they can determine if the refrigerant needs to be added if fan motors are close to failing and whether the compressor is still running smoothly or is showing signs of wear that need attention. They can also check your system’s performance in other ways including temperatures, airflow, and thermostat operation. The right information can help them diagnose problems more quickly, find the root of a particular AC problem and not just more symptoms, and target their repair skills so they make the most difference in your comfort and your system’s reliability.

Electrical Testing

Electricity is used to control and operate your air conditioning system, and it’s also the source of energy used to remove heat from your home. It makes sense, then, that electrical testing plays a large role in the work that our AC repair company does on your home’s air conditioning system. We perform simple tests on your thermostat and often find a simple solution to situations where the AC won’t start up, as thermostats do fail, have wiring issues, or these days even have programming problems that set the target temperature too high. Our AC repair company personnel also check the equipment in the outdoor portion of your system, where you often hear startup sounds during the summer. Components such as the contactor, capacitor, and fan motors need to be operating correctly to get the cooling cycle initiated, and of course, the compressor itself that’s at the heart of the heat transfer and cooling process has to start up and run efficiently. As our AC repair company investigates problems, we’ll use standard electrical test equipment to measure the presence of power where it should be, checking wiring which may have been affected by weather, small animals, and vibration of the unit. We may also use current draw measurement to check the condition of fan motors and perhaps the compressor, because these devices, as they age or wear out, tend to run less smoothly and draw more current as a result. A great use of this testing is to discover potential problems during preseason maintenance, so our AC company technicians can replace failing parts at your convenience, rather than in the heat of summer.

Compressor System

The compressor system is at the heart of your air conditioner unit, and if you have cooling problems it’s one key place our AC repair company team will look, especially if your unit is over a decade old. We’ll probably check other potential problems first, even the common clogged air filter that can be a simple fix. If the compressor is struggling to keep performance and efficiency up, it could be a result of age and wear, but insufficient refrigerant can not only reduce AC performance but also harm the compressor itself, as it overworks leading to failure. Maintenance visits include checks of refrigerant and coil condition, so compressor damage should normally not occur this way but as the refrigerant circulates through both sets of coils, indoors and out, and the lines connecting the two, there is always a chance of damage. By the way, the refrigerant lines to and from inside should normally be insulated for best efficiency, and this also protects them from accidental damage.

Mechanical Testing

Fan bearings, fan belts, even small moving doors called dampers that are present in some duct systems all need to be working properly for your system to circulate air. Damper doors are often located in attic ductwork, and over time they can get loose and close completely, cutting off air circulation. Our AC repair company knows the hidden causes of air conditioner trouble, and how to test for them and hunt them down if needed.

Condenser and Evaporator Efficiency

As your compressor works hard to power the heat transfer that air conditioners do, the condenser and evaporator coils are the interfaces to your outdoor air, where heat is released, and indoor air, where heat is collected from the air to cool it. Inspecting and keeping these coils clean and ice-free ensures that their measured efficiency remains high.

Air Circulation

As our AC repair company personnel will tell you, one way to avoid all sorts of problems in your air conditioning unit, from iced evaporator coils to failing fan motors and belts, is to keep your air filter changed, usually on a monthly basis or as recommended. Diagnosing air circulation problems starts with mechanical components as mentioned, and also includes the condition of the ducts which may be dented, disconnected, or have leaks. Internally, ducts can also have thick layers of dust accumulated over many years that can grow to the point where it clogs the air passages. If your home has a zoned system where different areas are cooled separately, it’s important to check the airflow in each zone. We may use special meters to actually measure airflow which can help us pinpoint problems.

Your Comprehensive AC Repair Company in Arlington, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we serve Arlington, TX homeowners with diagnostic testing and AC repair that gets to the heart of problems. Our maintenance services also help boost energy efficiency and reliability for better summer cooling and energy bills. When it’s time to think about a new unit to avoid midsummer repairs next year, we can recommend new units with additional energy efficiency features, tailored to your home. We’re your AC repair company and so much more, call us for all your HVAC needs.