Should You get a Heat Pump System for Your Home? | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Should You get a Heat Pump System for Your Home? | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

It might sound like an intimidating choice without plausible reason, but does the idea of replacing your heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX make you uncomfortable?

It’s pretty expensive, costing you a few thousand dollars and many people don’t look forward to having their system for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX replaced.

Take it Optimistically

But if the time has come to make that tough call as the useful life of your heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX has reached its end, you may want to look towards getting comfort and savings in the long-term instead of dwelling on the immediate expenses that come from having the system replaced.

Think about investing your hard earned money in a central heating and air system that will reduce your operational costs and serve you the best over the long-term with routine maintenance.

It is the job of reliable and trustworthy HVAC contractors to help people such as yourself by helping you reach a decision that is best for you. We help you find reliable systems that will last you for years to come under the right kind of maintenance. HVAC contractors depend on delivering value to their customers through the right products and services.

Heat Pumps have come under the limelight

One product for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX that has made a lot of buzz in recent times because of efficiency it provides is the heat pump. Sure, there were problems with the system initially, but since technology has allowed these problems to be overcome, it is now a viable choice for a home’s central heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX.

Previously, the only option was to have a separate ac installation and the central ac would be coupled with a heating system to produce the HVAC. There are more options available now, in the form of heat pumps that make for a better alternative for traditional HVAC systems.

Heat pumps do come with a solid number of advantages that could be useful in the blistering winters in Texas. To give you a sense of the kind of benefits that are in store when you buy a heat pump, we have included 3 of these benefits in the paragraphs that follow.

1.    Offer Increased Safety for you and your Family

Who doesn’t want to ensure their own safety and that of their family? With a heat pump for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX, you can rest assured that your family is safe. That is not to say that furnaces are not safe. Today’s furnaces are designed with the safety of those using it in mind. Modern furnaces bear testament to how far the modern HVAC systems have come.


If you’re looking to replace equipment for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX you should know that heat pumps are safer in comparison to furnaces. This is because they use electricity to generate heat instead of burning fossil fuels that are a potential fire hazard because they’re combustible substances.

Modern or traditional, a furnace is designed to “burn something” to use as fuel for the heat it produces. The byproduct of this combustion, due to a lack of space in the combustion chamber, is the poisonous, colorless and odorless gas known as carbon monoxide. This gas is ejected from the house through a PVC (plastic) or metal pipe outside, into the immediate surroundings of your home (more on this in the next section). That may not be a problem for you until the flue pipe gets damaged and wear and the gas escapes into your home. Although rare, they are a possibility.

Heat pumps on the other hand, use just electricity and a closed loop refrigerant system. There are no fire or spontaneous combustion or noxious fumes escaping into the home making them better than furnaces as far as safety goes.

2.    Allow You to make a Difference to the Environment

Air sourced heat pumps are attractive because they have higher efficiencies for heating and cooling systems aside from their expensive and difficult to install counterparts, the geothermal heat pumps. Japanese people have been using heat pumps in almost 90% of homes. Not only are their costs for cooling cut in half but have achieved some of the highest energy conservation standards throughout the world.

The US is following the example of the Japanese with a higher growth in sales of heat pumps. And for good reason. The environment conscious homeowner benefits from heat pumps as a system for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX because:

  • They transfer thermal energy rather than use it up from fossil fuels. This makes them achieve similar results to fuel based systems with lower energy usage.
  • Only one system is needed rather than two (central ac and a heating system/furnace)
  • Lower emissions mean lesser carbon footprint by a single citizen, much like hybridcars.
  • They are way more efficient than fossil fuel heaters and furnaces that use fuel instead of electricity like the heat pumps do.

3.    Who Doesn’t Like Being Comfortable

Fossil fuel based heaters for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX throw out a dry form of heat that can cause the indoor air and atmosphere to become very dry and hot. Heat pumps don’t product this dry form of heat and work by heat exchange. The humidity in your home remains at a constant level, making the indoor atmosphere all the more comfortable.

The energy efficiency offered by a heat pump is seldom seen in a system for heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX. The compressor for the pump cycles efficiently and the dehumidification occurs better than a conventional central ac. When you need less humidity indoors in the summer, a heat pump will provide that for you effectively with energy savings to boot.

So to make the shift to a heat pump, don’t hesitate to contact us at One Hour Heating and Air, and we’ll send a technician right over to install your new heat pump.