Getting Ahead Of Your Heating And AC Repair Needs And Staying Comfortable | Azle, TX

Getting Ahead Of Your Heating And AC Repair Needs And Staying Comfortable | Azle, TX

Heating and AC repairs can often be anticipated, so that you can have problems taken care of during maintenance or scheduled repair visits rather than emergencies. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we have your convenience, comfort, and costs in mind, and we work towards the best results for all those categories. Whether you’re keeping your long-serving HVAC equipment in shape, or have the latest variable-speed AC gear and a two-stage burner with smart thermostat, smart vents, and indoor air quality add-ons, we’re ready to take good care of you. For proactive and routine heating and AC repair, and emergency services, we take good care of you in Azle, TX. We encourage you to ask questions about your system, any changes you’d like to make, and equipment that might be in your future. We also encourage you to have us visit for maintenance on all your equipment to keep it working efficiently and reduce wear that can shorten its life. After all, heating and AC repair is an investment in your equipment, not just a way to get it going again. For example, a proactive fan motor replacement when it’s starting to wear out can avoid an urgent call when it does fail. It also keeps you more comfortable with more effective air circulation, and keeps components like your compressor from working harder to make up for the reduced air circulation. It’s a win in so many ways, which is why we offer the option of getting ahead of your repairs when it’s appropriate and cost-effective.

Maintenance Is a Well-Planned and Thorough Tune-Up of Your Systems

Our heating and AC repair team uses maintenance visits to get a comprehensive picture of how your heating and cooling systems are doing. It’s also a time to perform tune-up procedures that provide more efficient and, for furnaces, safer operation. The basics include coil cleaning and a thorough cleanout of the outdoor unit for AC systems, getting the material out that’s blown in during the off-season. We sometimes remove what’s left of nesting materials from small creatures, and if they’ve gathered pieces of material such as wire insulation for their nest, we have to perform the repairs to correct that. A quick check of the startup components and a test of the fan that cools the coils to release your Azle, TX home’s heat that’s brought outside are also part of the process. We do similar cleaning indoors because the condensate drain from the evaporator coils often gets blocked and algae grows or overflows occur. If your indoor AC system is in your attic, spills of condensate water can make a big mess on the ceiling below.

For your furnace, we check ignition components and fuel flow, make sure the burner is running cleanly, and check the combustion for best efficiency and to minimize harmful gasses including carbon monoxide. Checking the heat exchange for cracks or other damage is essential too, because it’s the barrier between your duct system and the combustion gas production, and it’s important that your family is not exposed to those dangerous gasses. We’ll also check a series of sensors and safety components that perform checks and clear the air inside the furnace before it lights so it operates safely. Many of these components can block heating system startup if an unsafe situation exists or is detected by the sensors, so getting them in good shape before the heating season can go a long way towards avoiding heating system failures just when you need warmth the most.

The Latest Technology Needs Care, Too

If you have a two-stage furnace, variable speed compressor AC, or any of the other energy-saving variations available for both systems, our heating and AC repair team is well-trained in these and other important technologies that can push your system’s energy efficiency ratings or EER into pretty high numbers. If you’re using smart home technology, including smart thermostats, smart vents, and other intelligent energy-saving devices to help guide your system’s operation, we can help make sure they’re working properly and connected properly as well. If you’re interested in adding them, ask us about all that we can do to help you maximize your results from your comfort systems, while providing a bit of fun for those who love gadgets as well. Our heating and AC repair team also can offer information and analysis about ways to configure your system such as zoned duct systems that will help you manage your energy use much better, even if you’re not into the smart home approach.

Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Our heating and AC repair team has the training, skills, parts, and experience to take care of your heat pump system, providing heat and AC together in the same unit. Ductless mini-split systems are also available as AC or heat pump comfort systems, great for home offices, in-law apartments, and even whole-house heating and cooling. Some of our customers consider these systems as a replacement for their long-serving central air. Mini-splits typically handle four rooms per unit and supply heating and cooling through the wall rather than duct systems. In addition to filter servicing for the small in-room air distribution unit, they require services and tune-up care similar to regular AC and heat pump systems, and provide great efficiency.

Duct Cleaning Services Clear the Air By Clearing Your Ducts of Buildup

Every few years, it’s a good idea to get your ducts cleaned as part of your heating and AC repair routine. As air circulates throughout your Azle, TX home, dust and other materials land on the duct services and accumulate, in some homes they can wind up seriously reducing the airflow passage as they deepen to a felt-like thickness. Duct cleaning service carefully removes all the accumulated material and our heating and AC repair team takes it outside without making a mess in your Azle, TX home, clearing any fuzz around the vents and checking them for clearance so your system outlets and intakes aren’t blocked. Our heating and AC repair experts also get a good view of your ducts, including any damper devices inside, and make sure that your ducts are in good condition and dampers are operational. If there are gaps or damage to the ducts or the dampers don’t move to adjust airflow, you can have imbalance problems. When your airflow is not balanced, you’ll get some rooms that are too warm, others too cool, and reaching the right temperature where the thermostat is won’t be reflected properly in other areas of the home. When the ducts are clear and in great shape, you’ll also find that you breathe easier without all that material circulating in the air, and we also offer indoor air quality features that take it to another level.

Indoor Air Quality Makes Breathing More Enjoyable, and More

After you see what’s removed from your ducts, you may wonder how you can avoid breathing all that material, and maybe even think about your allergies and asthma. Our heating and AC repair team can install and service a variety of add-on components for your system, including humidity control, HEPA filter, air purifier, and germicidal UV lamp systems. They all attach to your duct system, and humidity systems connect to your water supply and drains so they don’t need frequent attention like many portable units do. Our heating AC repair team can tell you about them and explain the installation process. If you have room-sized HEPA filters you’re probably busy finding and replacing filters for each of them, too, so a whole-house unit can really help. HEPA filters are common in laboratories and healthcare facilities where dust is a problem, and they remove particles from the air down to the sub-micron level. Air purifiers do their part by attracting airborne materials including particles like pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, but also airborne chemicals and other material that are drawn to them. Germicidal UV filters target the pathogens like bacteria and viruses that are riding on the material circulating in your air, and make sure that, when they land, they are neutralized and unable to multiply at their destination. Our heating and AC repair team can service these if you already have them in your home, making them a part of your maintenance routine.

Thinking About Upgrades and Replacements

During maintenance, our heating and AC repair team makes note of the condition of your heating or AC system, including both short-term repair needs and major repairs that may be needed soon. They’ll let you know what they’ve found and provide estimates if you request them, so you can plan for the future and select proactive repairs to be done right away or scheduled soon. At some point, you may ask our heating and AC repair team about the need for replacement, or want a comparison of costs and benefits for both repairs and replacement. Our heating and AC repair team can refer you to our customer service team for detailed information about new equipment, including ways to make a replacement more affordable. You’ll also want to hear about the long-term benefits of new equipment, both in reduced repairs and increased energy savings from better efficiency. Both new AC systems and furnaces are now providing significantly better EER ratings, which allow you to calculate how much you can save on operation each year based on your current use. Adding zoned duct systems, smart home operation, and other efficiency measures can help as well, giving you more comfort and reliability with reduced energy use. For furnaces in particular, older units provide as little as 60 percent efficiency, but newer units start around 80 percent and range into the high 90s. It’s well worth the time to review your options, especially if your current system is not very efficient or has major repairs by our heating and AC repair team in its future.

Keeping On Top of Heating and AC Repair is Easy with Our Team

Our heating and AC repair team loves to help you keep ahead of your comfort systems’ needs with scheduled maintenance and repairs. Our team is prompt in arriving at appointments, focused and thorough as we diagnose problems and provide services, and careful cleaning up after we’ve taken care of everything that’s needed for that visit. We arrive in well-stocked vans that have the parts and tools for most routine services, and our frequent training updates make sure we’re ready to work with whatever you have installed. Our experience makes our maintenance visits more effective because we know what typical problems occur on your type of system and can look for them. We also have a feel for system operation that quickly guides us to developing problems by the sounds, odors, or sights that indicate something’s not right. Our repairs are more thorough, too, because we know how the components of your system operate together, and we’ll often check for related problems. For example, replacing a fan motor earlier than normal could lead us to check the air filter condition, and review the duct vents and intakes to see if there are obstructions preventing the fans from drawing in or distributing air easily throughout your Azle, TX home. We’re one step ahead!

Your Heating and AC Repair Wizards in Azle, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, our knowledge and experience are valuable to our customers both when they need us urgently, and because we can anticipate trouble and take care of it. For our customers in Azle, TX, that means more time relaxing and enjoying cool summers and winter warmth, and less time calling for repairs, even though we hustle to get them done promptly. We enjoy thoroughly preparing your comfort systems for each season’s operation with our maintenance services, and offering the services and upgrades you need to keep your system on track from year to year. Give us a call for everything heating and AC, and relax!

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