Getting An Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

Getting An Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

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Once the summer begins you want your air conditioner to be in tip-top shape, the best way you can do this is to have it regularly serviced by one of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth experienced technicians.

Your unit is likely to be on all day and night during the hot summer and an air conditioning service will bring extra peace of mind that there is less chance of a breakdown. But sometimes an emergency repair is necessary, and we are ready 24/7 to serve the people of Southlake, TX, and keep them safe.

What Happens During an Air Conditioning Service?

An annual Air Conditioning Service is something that One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth strongly recommends to all our customers. Many checks are performed, and any minor problems corrected before they cause a breakdown and the need for an expensive repair. As an average call-out charge and repair can be expensive, it makes good sense to have a preventative air conditioning service.

So, what happens during an air conditioning service from us?

  • The inside of the unit is inspected and cleaned.
  • Dirty air filters are replaced with clean ones.
  • Coolant levels are checked.
  • The air ducts are checked for damage and buildup of dust.
  • Evaporator coils are cleaned.
  • Thermostats are checked and recalibrated.
  • Fans are checked for damage.
  • Electrical wires are checked for loose connections.
  • Plus, many other checks.

Should our technicians encounter any problems, like low coolant levels, they will get your permission to undertake any corrective work.

Signs Your Conditioner Needs an Air Conditioning Service 

Your Energy Bills Are Larger Than Expected

Energy bills always seem to be going up, but without a regular air conditioning service, they will be even larger. One check performed during the service is to make sure the coolant levels are fine.

Any reduction in the coolant levels will lower the amount of cool air coming from your unit. The other components like the compressor will have to work harder to maintain the temperature and will use more energy, driving up your bills.

You See Frost Appearing on The Evaporator Coils

The coolant in the evaporator coils absorbs heat from the warm air that is blown over it. This heat keeps the coils from freezing over. Without enough coolant, you will start to notice frost and ice appearing on the coils.

Dirty air filters will also have the same effect by restricting the flow of warm air over the coils. If the layer of ice is allowed to build up, the evaporator coils will eventually freeze, and the air conditioner will shut down.

You may have to wait for up to 24-hours to allow the coils to thaw. If you notice frost and ice forming on your coils this may be a suitable time to schedule an air conditioner service.

Less Cool Air Is Coming from Your Unit

Without the correct level of coolant, you will have less cool air emerging from your unit. But many factors will reduce the cooling effect, and these will be checked during the routine service.

Humidity Levels Is Increasing

Warmer air will carry more moisture than colder air. The reason is that moisture will only condense into the water at lower temperatures. If the air temperature in your Southlake, TX home is higher, then so is the humidity.

Faulty Fan

If you hear loud screeching sounds coming from your air conditioner this is usually due to worn-out fan belts or bearings in the fan motor. A problem with a fan will not allow the right amount of warm air to be blown over the evaporator coils nor be able to blow enough outside air over the condenser or cooling fins. Either problem will reduce the cooling effect of your unit.

Condenser and Cooling Fins Are Dirty

After the coolant removes the heat from the warm air inside your home, it is then pumped outside to the condenser and cooling fins. Here the excess heat is lost to the outside air by having the external fan blowing air over them. Being outside the condenser and cooling fins will get covered in dirt and grime which function as an insulating layer reducing the rate at which heat is transferred.

Weeds and moss can also grow on them and obstruct the flow of air from the fan. The condenser and cooling fins need to be cleaned regularly to remove these materials so that they work more effectively. This cleaning is done during a regular air conditioning service.

Air Ducts Are Damaged

Your air ducts will be inspected for damage during an air conditioning service, but you may want to consider having them cleaned at the same time. Most people never have their air ducts cleaned and many years of dust will have accumulated. Moist air in the ducts could also encourage the growth of moss and algae, and these could make their way into your home along with the dust.

A good clean will improve the air quality in your home and make your air conditioner run more efficiently. If you are interested in having your air ducts cleaned, then have a word with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

It has been estimated that up to thirty percent of your air conditioner’s energy output is wasted when cool air escapes through any gaps in the air ducts or the joints. These too could be repaired after the service from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

Badly Calibrated Thermostats

A badly calibrated thermostat will signal the wrong reading to your air conditioner, if the thermostat logs a higher temperature your unit will have to work harder to lower the temperature. This will drive up your energy and leave your home colder than necessary.

Trustworthy Air Conditioning Company

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has been serving the people of Southlake, TX for many years. We have highly trained technicians available all day and night ready to take your call!