Heating and AC: Exploring the World of HVAC Systems | Azle, TX

Heating and AC: Exploring the World of HVAC Systems | Azle, TX

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Heating and AC systems are designed to provide indoor comfort through temperature control. Ranging from the air conditioner at your Azle, TX, home to large industrial systems these mechanical equipment falls under the broad category of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units.

As much as these systems keep us comfortable, they account for almost half of the energy we use in our domestic premises and businesses. It is therefore imperative we keep them in good conditions to avoid fluctuations that would lead to usage of more energy they are supposed to.

Let’s take an in-depth dive into heating and AC systems and try to understand them better.

Components of a Heating and AC System

Understanding parts of your Azle, TX, heating and AC system gives us a general idea on steps to take to keep them in good condition. That way you understand when to call a professional for periodic maintenance and when you need to have some parts replaced. More importantly, the process saves you the inconvenience that comes with breakdowns.

Here are the basic parts of your Azle, TX, heating and AC system.

Heat Exchanger

This is the part that houses the furnace. It plays a crucial role in absorbing heat. More importantly, after the thermostat activates the furnace the combustion heat helps in warming cool air in your heating and AC system. Whether it is an electric unit or any other kind of furnace, they all integrate a heat exchanger.

These models are made of strong stainless steel with temperature-resistant alloys to prevent it from buckling or cracking when subjected to the high heating temperature from the furnace. In some modern models, the heating and AC systems integrate special ducts that allow cool air to enter and exit the heat exchanger in a faster manner allowing the process of cooling your home to be achieved faster.

It is imperative to realize even though this part is very important in your heating and ac system it may pose some health risk or even death if not well maintained. If there are leaks in your heat exchanger it may lead to carbon monoxide leaks in your living spaces.

Carbon monoxide is formed as a result of incomplete combustion in the furnace and it is an odorless and colorless gas, which is very hard to detect. When this gas combines with red blood cells in the body it causes nausea, headaches, and in extreme cases death.

That’s why if your furnace uses firewood or gas, you should have a professional install carbon monoxide in strategic parts of your house to mitigate the above problems. More importantly, it is a wise move to have a professional conduct preventive maintenance on your system at least once per year.

Blower Motor

After air is preheated into heat exchanger to the required temperature, an electric blower that integrates a fan and powered by the motor forces it into your Azle, TX, home ductwork via registers and into your living space.

It is imperative to realize combustion as to end before the blower motor stops. This allows all the pre-heated air in the ductwork to be blown into your home. Then the next phase repeats the latter procedure and the process continues.

Another important fact is that the system integrates variable speed motors. This means the motor can adjust its speed accordingly. Variable speed motors don’t make a lot of noise since they reach full speed gradually.

They are crucial in summer as they help to lower humidity. It is an unusual occurrence for a variable motor to reach its full speed because the desired temperature in a room is always reached before this scenario.

However, with dirty and clogged ductworks, the motor works hard to compensate for the deficit of air flow caused by these blockages. This leads to consumption of more energy. More importantly, it makes the motor noisy. If you discover the latter sign you should always call a heating and AC expert. Also schedule, for preventive maintenance at least once per year to mitigate the problem.

Combustion Chamber

For a fire to burn, it requires oxygen, fuel and heat. That’s why a combustion chamber is important because it is the part where the furnace adds oxygen to the fuel. In a gas furnace, the heating cycle initiates when a small amount of gas (Fuel) enters the combustion chamber with air (oxygen).

By using a pilot light or glow stick the mixture is ignited and fire burns in a controlled environment. More and more gas and air moves to the chamber and the burning process continues.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between the pilot stick and glow stick. Pilot stick involves a tube that releases a small amount of gas to the furnace to act as the fuel for the flame. On the other hand, it integrates an automatic electronic ignition system. Glow stick is the latest technology in the most modern heating and AC systems while pilot tube is used in older gas furnace to avoid formation of carbon monoxide gas, which is a health hazard.

Having a gas furnace with a second combustion chamber, it is always a great plus as it helps to increase efficiency. This is because the second chamber helps to combusts unburnt gas from the first chamber. With the integration of smart technology, some HVAC an integrated circuit board that brings on a light to indicate when there is a problem in the furnace.


This is the part that is installed outside the house that component is covered with black pipes moving in and out. It is the heart of the cooling operation in your house and it acts as the fridge in your house. Heat from the house is released outside by the condenser.

In its operation, it compresses and condenses the refrigerant from warm gas to a cold liquid. The fan does additional work by blowing cool over the component to facilitate the aforementioned process. Then the compressor forces the liquid through a coiled copper line—the evaporator coil.

If you want the process to move fast, you must ensure that your condenser unit is placed in a shaded place preferably under trees. This ensures that less energy is used in cooling the refrigerant. Make sure the sides spaces are not blocked to allow free flow of air into the unit.

Evaporator Coil

It is a basic fact that when a liquid evaporates it causes a cooling sensation. The same principle is utilized by the evaporator coil in a heating and AC system. Condensed refrigerant is pumped from the compressor to the evaporator coil and sprayed by a series of small nozzles also known as expansion valves. This makes the refrigerant to turn into a gas fast hence cooling the room. Once this happens, warm gaseous refrigerant is pumped back into your system via the return duct.

Is Coldness Still a Challenge in Your Home?

On several occasions you have been ensuring there is warmth in your home by the use of electric heaters, ensuring that there is no loop or opening to let in cold air in your house, and maintaining your thermostat in a heating working order. However, the repercussions are constant that your home is cold and chilly. What might the problem be?

The fact that cold causes uneasiness among you and your family members, it is a clear manifestation that the functioning of your house furnace may not be effective. The solution is that you need a professional to repair your heating and AC in your home.

Begin in Style Your Resolutions with Professional Heating and AC Services from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

It is everyone’s dream to start their new year’s with a spic and span, well-structured home. This is so interesting and encouraging. However, the One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth wants to add flesh to this by ensuring that you begin your year with a heating and AC system that is free from faults working efficiently to your expectation. Is this not worth noting?

No AC Leaks Anymore!

Our intention is not to threaten you or make you unsettled, the reality is there is the possibility of your heating and AC ductwork may leak. Refrigerants are dangerous chemicals that can pose serious problems for your household. We are not compelling you to carry out maintenance daily but the point we are trying to drive home is that once or twice per year you should secure our heating and AC maintenance services to help you secure your ductwork.

Be Cautious with the Heating and AC Requirements.

We all find it fun participating in open air activities when the weather is friendly. For the case that you are in your house because maybe you are exhausted or you just need time to relax, you expect your house to be cool and offer you the conducive environment. But if you are having issues with your heating and air conditioning system, then enjoying the soothing and refreshing conditions will be impossible because the cool air will be missing.

However, this should not torment you psychologically, you just need to make a call for AC repair services from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth to rectify this problem. We have professionals who are very conversant with solving these A$C problems. Your only task is to make a call and relax.

Need to Avoid Being Ignorant with Your AC Failures.

What step will you take and what will your approach be on a dirty coil or clogged filter? Will you seek help immediately or you will hesitate and make assumptions that the problem is not that complicated? My expectation is that you will immediately call for help. This should not be taken lightly but with seriousness it deserves.

Are You Familiar with the Functioning of your AC?

There are times when you experience a spike in your electricity bills? This should not happen if you take early precautions. We are not going to compel you to cease from using your air conditioner. Our duty as professionals from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is to make sure we improve a notch higher the quality of your air conditioner so that it becomes cost friendly and minimize the monthly expenses.

For starters, merging a ceiling fan and your air conditioner will help you reduce the energy cost. As a result the compressor won’t operate for a longer time than it should.

In addition, having an automatic working thermostat helps in creating a system modified for the purpose of cooling that works with your house’s plan. Why not call our company and see this in practice?

Seek for Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Services from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

If not for the case where your air conditioner has a mechanical failure that cannot be repaired, then do not hesitate seeking assistance from our company for replacement.

However, if the systems are frequently examined, an abrupt breakdown will be rare. That is why we advise our clients to carry out maintenance services at least once per year. Remember, AC is one of those few areas that need frequent maintenance for efficiency and that is the reason why we’ve made it our life’s mission to help you with the undertaking.

We Are Flexible when Called Upon.

Are you wondering how One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is able to offer its services 24/7/? We are a committed company with a team of professional experts offering Heating and AC Services with diligence. We respond immediately when called upon and arrive at your place on time regardless of the distance or time of day.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we believe the right way to do a job is the right way. We have helped many residents of Azle, TX with their heating and AC related activities. More importantly we use a personalized touch with our clients.

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