Heating and Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

Heating and Air Conditioning Service | Azle, TX

Extreme conditions of temperature in our surroundings make us feel quite uncomfortable. When it is very hot or cold, you’ll be inactive. Staying in a hot room with so many people packed in can be the most uncomfortable experience in your life. This is because the human body produces a lot of heat and when people are packed together, there will be no airflow. Temperature and humidity will rise and you may find yourself gasping for breath.

The way out is to install an air conditioner to remove this hot air from the room and also to remove dust and dirt particles. This is in contrast to a case in which you find yourself in a very cold room. In that condition, you will need a heating system to keep your body warm.

Both the heating and air conditioning service offered by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating located in the Azle, TX area. With us around, you no longer need to suffer in silence. Just give us a call and we will avail ourselves at your disposal.

We have been serving the residents of Azle, TX for many years, so it won’t take us long to locate where you are and save the situation. It doesn’t matter whether it is day time or night time. We offer our services 24/7 and our technicians will be available to attend to your needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Commercial and residential Rooftop Units
  • Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Products
  • Extended Service Agreements
  • Warehouse Unit Heaters
  • Installation and Replacements
  • Filter Changes and Routine Maintenance
  • Chillers & Water-sourced Heat Pumps
  • Equipment Retrofit and Replacement
  • Emergency Services
  • Service All Makes and Models
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is known for outstanding air conditioning service. We pride ourselves on values that have kept us going over the years. These values include honesty, integrity, efficiency, and fast service. With our stringent recruitment process, nothing is left to chance- we ensure we pick the best.

We conduct continuous training to our technicians to ensure they are up to date with modern technology and tools. Whenever you give us a call, we’ll ask you to give us a brief description of your problem and that will be enough to tell us what kind of tools and equipment to bring along to perform air conditioning service.

On all occasions, our technicians have succeeded in carrying the right tools and equipment and have never wasted time moving back and forth from one hardware to another looking for the items to fix our customers’ problems.

That’s not all, many other reasons put as ahead of our competitors. These include:

Registered and Insured Company

Our company is duly registered by the government, meaning when dealing with us, you can rest assured that we are properly regulated to offer standard high-quality air conditioning service. We continue to educate our technicians to ensure that they are always conversant with the government standards and they can effectively apply them during air conditioning service.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is a member of many national and recognized trade associations, allowing us to interact with some of the of the leading cooling and heating contractors in Azle, TX. we are also insured, meaning, if anything goes wrong during our operations, you’ll get full compensation. However, in all our years of work, we’ve never experienced any mishap.

Educated, Knowledge, and Friendly Staff

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating staff are educated, knowledgeable, and friendly. We have to insist on these three qualities to ensure our customers get the best air conditioning service. Our technicians have both academic and practical knowledge in handling heating and AC problems. Of all the companies offering air conditioning service, our company stands out in terms of customer service.

Certified Technicians

All our technicians are certified to deal with all the heating and air conditioning service issues meaning they have a track record of providing high-quality work and are also highly qualified for their jobs. Dealing with certified staff can give you the confidence that your project will be handled professionally and to your satisfaction.

Long-term Relationships

We understand that Heating and AC problems occur once in a while. That’s why when solving your problem, we strive to provide the best service so we foster a long-term relationship with you. This is necessary for us because we know you can refer someone to us. This can only happen when we provide you with the best service.

Straightforward and Transparent Payment Method

Our payment method is straight forward and transparent. You will only pay according to the services offered. We do the costing during our assessment and include everything in our quotation. Meaning there will not be any extra charge once we embark on air conditioning service.


We are a local company and we’ve been in business in Azle, TX for several years. This means we understand the cooling and heating need of the people in this area. Being that we are consistent in our work, we have exceptional customer retention and amazing customer reviews.


When you are faced with a heating and AC problem and you are in Azle, TX area or its surroundings, just pick up the phone and give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. You’ll be surprised at how fast our technicians will arrive at your premises.

We have many technicians, meaning we can serve people in the area adequately. You’ll not have to wait until the following day for your problem to be sorted out. We treat all cases as emergency cases because we understand how important the AC system is in a home.

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will get down to work immediately, and in case your system is beyond repair, they will advise you on the best heating and AC unit to install. Once you purchase the system, they will install it for you as fast as possible.