Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

When you live in Fort Worth, TX it is very likely you rely on your air conditioner to get you through the hottest days of summer and frigid winter nights. This means your HVAC system is under a lot of stress all year long, and it has started to show signs of wear and tear. It’s possible it has started making weird noises or it has stopped cooling your home the way it should. Maybe you just want somebody to take a look at it so you can rest assured that everything is in good working order. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to have your air conditioner inspected and repaired, you will definitely want to find the perfect heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX for the job. The question then becomes: how can you be sure you have chosen the perfect heating and AC repair company for your needs?

Because this question comes up a lot, this article is dedicated to helping you learn everything you should know before hiring a heating and AC repair company. We will tell you how to start your search, and how you can find out about their qualifications and reputation. Additionally, we will give you a short list of important questions you should ask when you meet with the contractor, and what issues should alert you to the possibility of fraud. All of this will give you working knowledge on how to make sure you are hiring the best heating and AC repair company you can. So, without further ado, let’s talk about beginning your search.

How to Find a Great Heating and AC Repair Company

Finding a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX is quite simple, if you know where to look. But what should you do if you don’t know how to get started? Here are our best tips to help you look for the heating and AC repair company you need.

Ask Your Friends and Family

It is quite possible that somebody you know had their home’s air conditioner repaired not too long ago. If you do, the best thing you can do is ask them for a referral. They will be very happy to give you a full rundown on their experience. They will tell you all about the positive aspects of their experience, and they will also tell you the negative side of it. Because it is very possible that if somebody you know and trust is happy with the work of a certain heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, you will be satisfied too. This is why word of mouth is such a good marketing strategy, and one of the best ways for you to get a great recommendation about which heating and AC repair company will do the best job on your own HVAC system.

Let Your Keyboard Do the Searching

If you don’t know anybody who has required the services of a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX lately, another very good idea is to search online. There are several websites dedicated to providing their users with a comprehensive list of contractors that are dedicated to AC repair in your area. Websites such as the Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor will also provide reviews and ratings written by people who have previously required the services of a certain heating and AC repair company. It is also a good idea to take a look through each contractor’s business website in order to view everything they offer, which should let you know if they can repair or replace your air conditioner in the way that is best for you.

Social Media Is Also a Good Way to Find a Good Company

Using Facebook is a great way to help you find a good AC company, so is Google Business. Social media can be very valuable to potential customers like you because it allows other users to rate a company and write reviews about the service they received. This will give you a feel for what your own experience with them would be like. Keep in mind that social media and Google pages are public, so anybody can write whatever they want. In these cases, you shouldn’t just read the original review, but also any replies the company might have published. This will give you an idea of how they handle any problems they might have had, and whether they do it professionally and with care, or just ignore a customer’s issue. This will let you know how reputable a company really is, and whether they would be a good fit for your needs.

Things You Should Look for When Choosing an AC Repair Company

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are looking for a good company to fix your air conditioner is that not all heating and AC repair company services are the same. Some companies have a better reputation than their counterparts, others will charge more for their services, and yet others will offer a better warranty than the rest. When you are trying to select the best one for your needs, this is what you should take into account before making your final decision.

The Company’s Reputation

As you read a certain repair company’s reviews, ask yourself, “Does this company have a good reputation?” The answer to this question is pretty straightforward and should consider the star rating of the company in combination with the reviews written by their previous customers. Aside from this, you should also ask the company directly whether they have current licenses and insurance in case anything happens during the performance of the job. A great heating and AC repair company will value and maintain a good reputation at all times, so don’t hesitate to put a company with a good reputation on your list of possible choices.

Is the Company Qualified for the Job?

Another important consideration in your search should be the qualifications of the techs who will repair your HVAC system. A tech who is not properly qualified, certified or experienced in the repair of HVAC systems should raise a red flag that would indicate shoddy work. Always ask the company to provide the names and phone numbers of prior customers as a referral. Talking to others will give you a good idea as to the qualifications of the techs who will repair your AC unit.

The Lowest Price Doesn’t Always Produce the Best Results

It’s obvious that when you are shopping around for a good heating and AC repair company you will want to know the price of the work that will be done on your HVAC system, so make sure you ask for a cost estimate from every company on your list before settling on the one you will hire. Ask about any discounts for senior citizens or members of the armed forces. It is at this time when you should ask about the warranty the company offers on any work they do. While you may be tempted to simply choose the least expensive contractor, keep in mind that the lowest price may not always be the best option, so factor in the company’s reputation and qualifications before you make a decision.

Is the Company Available When You Need Them?

Living in Texas you have probably already noticed that most AC repair companies are extremely busy, especially during the summer and winter. Keep in mind that the company you select should be able to schedule your repairs within a reasonable timeframe. If this is not possible, you should look elsewhere in order to find a company that will be available when needed.

How Good Is the Company’s Customer Service?

The last thing to factor into your selection of a great heating and AC repair company is their customer service. If their employees are always polite and receptive to what you need, if they provide prompt answers to your questions, if they act professionally at all times, you will know the company is going to be invested in providing the best service you can ask for.

Questions to Ask an HVAC Repair Company Before Choosing

Now that you have the names and numbers of several AC repair companies, you should ask a number of important questions of each one. Their answers will give you a good sense of what you can expect of each heating and AC repair company. With that information, you will also be able to detect a potentially fraudulent contractor, which, if hired, might leave you paying more and more as the job progresses and producing horrible results at the end of it. Below, we will list the most critical questions you have to ask any AC repair company before you go ahead and hire them to fix your home’s HVAC system.

  • Can you show me your current license and up-to-date insurance policy?
  • How many years have you been operating in the field?
  • What area do you service?
  • Can you provide an estimated price range for the repairs I require?
  • Do you provide a warranty on any repairs you perform? Please tell me about it.
  • Do you have a policy for refunds? If so, can you please explain it?
  • Do you have any payment options or financing?
  • How quickly can I expect you to start to work on my HVAC system?
  • Can you please provide a few references and their phone numbers?
  • Do you have any discounts?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of whether you want to hire a specific company or not, and, if coupled with some research, as mentioned above, you are likely to find a heating and AC repair company you will be completely satisfied with.

Beware of the Red Flags

Unfortunately, not all AC repair companies are reputable and trustworthy, so keep an eye out for the following red flags, and if you find one, walk away and find somebody else to repair your HVAC system.

  • The company uses a P.O Box instead of a physical address
  • You can’t find a website for the company
  • No reviews of the company online
  • Too many negative reviews and a very low star rating
  • No license or insurance
  • No warranties
  • They want you to pay for cost estimates
  • You feel pressured into signing a contract even before providing an estimated cost
  • The estimate they provide is not detailed
  • They try to force you into purchasing something you don’t need or want

Finding a good and reputable heating and AC repair company that will provide the best results when repairing your home’s HVAC system can take a bit of work, but hiring just anybody can actually turn out to be more expensive than taking the time and putting in the effort to find the best contractor for the job.

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So, don’t hesitate, if you find your air conditioning system is starting to show signs of needing to be repaired or replaced, and you are looking to hire the foremost heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call and we will be happy to get you the help you need when you need it.

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