How Important Is It To Have An Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service Contractor? | Fort Worth, TX

How Important Is It To Have An Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service Contractor? | Fort Worth, TX

Living in Fort Worth, TX, it is highly likely you know how valuable a good HVAC system is. With temperatures getting higher each summer, and the possibility of severe winter storms, you know how important it is to keep your HVAC system working appropriately all year round, in order to stay comfortable whenever the temperature gets out of hand. But, what happens when your air conditioner starts acting up or breaks down in the middle of the night during the hottest day of the year on a holiday weekend? Do you know who to call? As daytime approaches, temperatures will start rising and if you don’t get help quickly, you might end up with a very dangerous situation on your hands.

Extreme heat or cold can be the cause of numerous health problems, especially in very young children, the elderly, and the infirm, which is why it is imperative you always have the contact information for an emergency heating and AC repair service in Fort Worth, TX. With over three decades of experience under our belts, at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we know exactly what to do to get your house at a comfortable temperature right away, and we do it in a friendly and professional manner. So, let’s take a look at what you should consider an emergency so you will know when to call us for emergency heating and AC repair service.

Should Your HVAC’s Problem Be Considered an Emergency?

Oftentimes, residents of Fort Worth, TX have trouble deciding whether their HVAC problems constitute an emergency, and may hesitate to call an emergency heating and AC repair service. To give you a good idea of when an emergency call is due, we have made a list of all the HVAC problems that should be considered urgent, so you can call for emergency heating and AC repair service right away. Let’s take a look.

  • Your air conditioner or furnace has stopped working
  • You hear weird sounds coming from your unit
  • The air coming out of your vents is not cold or warm enough
  • You perceive a strange or burning smell coming from your vents
  • Your unit is leaking refrigerant
  • Your HVAC short cycles or trips your breaker constantly

When your HVAC system decides to go on the fritz, the last thing you should do is wait until normal business hours to call somebody to fix it. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we will gladly provide emergency heating and AC repair service to the entire DFW area so, don’t hesitate to give us a call 24/7 for fast and efficient help.

What Are the Benefits of Calling an Emergency Repair Service?

Being able to call an emergency heating and AC repair service at any time is not only a guarantee that your Fort Worth, TX, home’s temperature will be restored as quickly as possible. There are many other benefits from doing so. Read on to find out how calling One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth can benefit you when your HVAC system starts causing trouble.

1. You Won’t Have To Wait For Normal Business Hours

Nobody wants to spend more time than is absolutely necessary in a house that feels like a giant oven or freezer, but HVACs have the nasty habit of breaking down at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments. Because of this, being able to call an emergency heating and AC repair service is one of the best ways to get your HVAC system in good working order as fast as possible, even in the middle of a Saturday night, when every other company will no longer be taking calls until the following week.

Not mentioning the horrible discomfort, spending too much time in an overwhelmingly hot or excessively cold house can have serious effects on your family’s health, which is why you should never wait to call an emergency heating and AC repair service to get the help you need as quickly as possible. Your family’s comfort is nothing to play with, so having somebody to call during an emergency can stop the situation from becoming completely unbearable.

2. You Can Keep Your Family Safe

Children and pets love touching things they know they shouldn’t, and this could lead to electrical problems with your HVAC unit. When this happens you have to find a way to solve the issue as quickly as possible before any worse accidents happen.

An emergency heating and AC repair service can help you repair this urgent issue while increasing your family’s safety. This is especially true when your family is dealing with gas leaks, a burning smell throughout your house to which you can’t find a source, abnormal knocking or hissing sounds, and leaky hoses and more. All of these situations can put your property and family at risk for poisoning, fires, injury, and even death, which will lead to costly repairs, hospital bills, and the loss of a loved one. Calling an emergency heating and AC repair service will ensure these issues are taken care of promptly, which will, in turn, ensure your family’s safety and well-being.

3. Your Schedule And Family Activities Will Never Be Interrupted

One of the greatest benefits of being able to count on an emergency heating and AC repair service is that your regular activities will never be interrupted. The large majority of AC repair companies will only work during normal business hours. This means you would have to leave your job or skip dinner at your favorite restaurant to open the door for the technician. These situations could cause you to have problems with your boss and even lose part of your wages.

On the other hand, when you contact an emergency heating and AC repair service you are not limited to certain schedules. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we will adjust to your schedule, instead of the other way around. This means our technicians can visit your Fort Worth, TX, home at your leisure when you are able to attend them without missing out on work or family activities, at any time of the day or night, during the weekends, and even during holidays. Allowing you to carry out your own business with the peace of mind you will get from knowing everything will be alright.

4. The Sooner Your HVAC System Is Repaired, the Faster Your Discomfort Will Disappear

Having to sit in a sweltering house for an entire day, or using every single blanket you own to get through a freezing night, without being able to warm up, is something nobody wants to have to live through. The problem is compounded if you have very young children, elderly family members or somebody who is sick living in your home. Trying to force them to spend hours under these conditions can result in a very unpleasant situation for all those involved.

An emergency heating and AC repair service will help you get out of this type of situation quickly by repairing the problem with your HVAC system as fast as possible, allowing your family to be comfortable once more. An emergency heating and AC service is normally dispatched as soon as you call, and the technician that visits your Fort Worth, TX, home will have all of the tools and equipment they will require to solve the problem.

5. It Can Actually Save You Money

At first it may seem as if calling an emergency heating and AC repair service can be more expensive than waiting for one that only works during normal business hours. However, if you consider everything that could go wrong while you wait, you will notice that it can actually save you from spending much more.

Think about it this way, under extreme temperatures, regardless of heat or cold, all the vulnerable people in your home, including your children, elderly relatives, those who are sick, and even your pets, can get sick, or suffer a worsening of their existing medical conditions if they remain in these adverse conditions for too long. It may seem that open windows could help relieve the problem, but it won’t do so for very long because together with the outdoor air, your house will also be filled with dust and other pollutants that could then be the cause of severe allergies. All of this could translate into medical expenses and hospital stays that could have been avoided by calling an emergency heating and AC repair service.

The previous scenario does not include hotel rooms you would have to pay for if you choose to wait through an entire weekend for a regular repair service. Or worse, inconveniencing other family members or friends by staying at their house, just to keep your family comfortable. In the end, the cost of not calling an emergency heating and AC repair service will be much higher than calling them from the start.

6. Avoid Expensive Repairs

Ignoring an emergency in your HVAC system and not calling an emergency service right away could result in your entire unit being severely affected. HVAC emergencies tend to worsen very quickly, creating bigger problems and even the loss of your entire unit, especially if you continue to keep your air conditioner running even in spite of the emergency.

By calling an emergency repair service as soon as you notice a problem with your HVAC system, especially when it involves one of the emergency situations we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you will ensure your unit can be repaired successfully. Otherwise, your air conditioner may be completely lost, resulting in having to find and incur in a costly and unplanned replacement.

To make matters worse, a malfunctioning HVAC system could put your family and property in harm’s way if not taken care of right away by an emergency heating and AC repair service. It could also start a fire in your home and even burn out your entire power installation and other appliances. An emergency technician will make sure to double-check whether your system is working correctly after performing any necessary repairs, in order to ensure the problem has been solved to your complete satisfaction.

7. High-Quality Work

An emergency HVAC technician has seen it all. From a simple leaky hose to an HVAC unit that’s ready to burst into flames, an emergency repair service can fix almost anything that could be wrong with your home’s HVAC system in the most professional and efficient way, always looking out for your family’s comfort and well-being under the most extreme temperatures.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we take pride in our highly qualified emergency technicians. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide the high-quality service you have come to expect. So, when your HVAC system requires an emergency repair, simply give us a call, and we will head your way as quickly as we can.

8. There When You Need Us

One of the biggest misconceptions about HVAC systems is that even when you have a solid maintenance schedule and your system is practically new, it is bound to break down when temperatures get so high or go so low that the stress placed on your system is multiplied, causing it to stop working correctly. Additionally, it is impossible to predict major power outages or short circuits that could cause your system to malfunction. Because of this, and the unpredictability of HVAC systems in general, it is always a great idea to keep the number to an experienced emergency repair company handy.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we will always be happy to lend a helping hand when you are in need of a reliable emergency heating and AC repair service. No matter what time of day or night your HVAC system decides to give you grief, we will always answer your call and send over one of our best emergency heating and AC repair service technicians to get you on your way to comfort once more. So, remember, when you live in the Fort Worth, TX, area and your home’s HVAC system starts acting up, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call for the best service in the metro area.

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