How Often Should I Have My AC Serviced? | Tips from Your Trusted Azle, TX Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

How Often Should I Have My AC Serviced? | Tips from Your Trusted Azle, TX Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

Air conditioning is a critical modern-day amenity. However, not many people think much about their air conditioner until the summer heat comes and they need to cool off. However, calling in heating and AC repair service in Azle, TX to regularly check your unit can help to prevent problems. But, how often should you service your AC?

Contingent upon how old your AC unit is and whether it has any issues, you should have it serviced at certain times. That is necessary in order to avoid possible issues in the future and for it to be completely operational throughout summer.

As air conditioning units age, they lose their original productivity, which implies they require extra energy to work effectively. By consistently servicing it, minimal issues will be combated early to protect the proficiency and result in conceivably lower power bills.

How Often Should I Service My AC?

The AC system has different parts which need servicing at varying rates, but specialists prescribe at least one check-up per year. Such a schedule is fundamental for ideal performance. The parts that should be dealt with are coils, coil fins, air filters and compressors.

  1. Air Filter

To counteract a drop in the energy efficiency, your filters ought to be cleaned properly every two weeks. Filters come in many different types, and the measure of accumulated clogs relies upon the utilization. Some of the filters can be washed and reused, but others should be replaced with new ones. Given that it’s not possible to clean them every two weeks, then a minimum of one time per month is prescribed.

  1. Coils

The AC unit comprises of two coils: evaporator coil and condenser coil. Such coils can overheat if too much dirt gathers over time. Thus, they require servicing once every year. Failing to do that can distort the general proficiency of the air conditioner.

  1. Coil Fins

Coils are secured with aluminum fins that are extremely delicate and can break. They can easily bend and block the air flow. Thus, you need regular servicing to make the coil fins remain in their proper shape.

  1. Compressors

At the point when a compressor overheats, it can lead to risky consequences and costly heating and AC repair jobs. That is another problem that can be avoided with regular upkeep.

Why Regular Air Conditioner Inspections are Essential

Regular checkups and upkeep routines for your AC by heating and AC repair service in Azle, TX come with many advantages. With a proficient A/C service like One Hour Heating and Air, you can save plenty of time and money with regular inspections. The fundamental advantage of working with such an organization is that you’ll figure out how to plan maintenance undertakings during off seasons.

  1. Peace of Mind

Since you’ll have worked with the heating and AC repair service again and again, you’ll know when to exploit their offers. Likewise, you’ll form relationships with the specialists, whom you’ll have the ability to trust with handling your AC needs expertly and proficiently.

  1. A Longer Lifespan

Overall, the life expectancy of an AC unit is about 10 to 20 years, but some can last as long as 30 years. The general life expectancy of your system will largely rely upon how well you look after it. Units that are hardly taken care of probably won’t attain ten years before a replacement is mandatory.

  1. Lower Heating and AC repair Expenses

With regular maintenance, anything that might cause a breakdown or malfunction will be spotted early and fixed by your service expert. That can save you a great deal in repair bills in the future.

  1. Fewer Energy Costs

Regular servicing guarantees the air conditioner operates more effectively. That effectively brings about lower power bills.

  1. Comfortable House

A functional AC unit will be valuable in keeping the indoor temperature comfortable for all occupants. That can only be accomplished through regular upkeep.

What I Can Do to Keep My AC Unit Optimally Functional Between Maintenance Visits?

You can do several things to make sure your AC systems stays operational before your next yearly maintenance service.

  1. Inspect the Outdoor Unit

It’s critical to assess the outside unit occasionally for any type of damage. You should also get rid of any weeds, dust, leaves, twigs or dirt around the system.

  1. Check the Interior Vents

You need to ensure that the interior air vent for your air conditioner is free of dust, hair, and pet dander and obstructions.

  1. Turn up Your Thermostat While You’re Not At Home

That helps to ensure the load on your unit is fundamentally diminished when you’ve gone for holiday or running errands. Along these lines, your unit will last longer and you’ll require less heating and AC repairs.

  1. Contact your Service Provider

Sometimes you might notice leaks, unusual noises, lopsided cooling, increasing energy costs, or air temperatures that don’t coordinate with the thermostat. If that’s the case, call in heating and AC repair and maintenance experts in Azle, TX right away.

Evaluating the Performance of your AC System

After you’ve confirmed that the outdoor and indoor areas of your unit are okay, you can now assess the entire system’s performance. If possible, you can wrench it up and study how it fares. Observe whether your home is becoming cooler, if the system emits any unusual sounds, and if its performance is standard.

Remember that the first instance you switch on your AC unit, you are probably going to sense a specific smell. That is basically how the AC gets out the residue that may have settled since the time you last utilized it. You shouldn’t worry, because it will go away after some time.

Leave Your Heating and AC repair and Maintenance to the Experts in Azle, TX

If you notice that your air conditioning system needs repair or substitution, it’s ideal to leave the work to experts. Knowing that you should service your AC at least once per annum, working with specialists will make the procedures simpler for you. All you will just need to do is set up a meeting with the experts for the period of service.

Keeping a client’s AC unit completely functional is the top priority of the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Azle, TX. Our heating and AC repair and maintenance technicians will ensure the services are extensive and comprehensive. If you’re looking for a reputable company to help with your HVAC repair and upkeep, don’t hesitate to call us.