How Professional Heating & AC Services Can Make Your Life Easy | Heating and AC in Fort Worth

How Professional Heating & AC Services Can Make Your Life Easy | Heating and AC in Fort Worth

DIY techniques are a great way to challenge your creativity with new things. Whether you are painting your study table or working on your garden design. DIY can make you self-reliant, develop a constructive hobby and be a source of tremendous satisfaction. Handy homeowners in Fort Worth pride themselves in the art of DIY, but HVAC repairs count as one of those things that you should never try to “Do It Yourself”.

Why Not To DIY

Heating & AC repairs are complex and any misadventure with them can cost you more than you expect them to. You should avoid repairing heating & AC systems on your own for the following reasons.

Lack of Knowledge

As stated before, HVAC systems are more complex than an average heater and need specialized training to master the most basic issues. Even the most experienced DIY people in Fort Worth need to be careful with this. A few tricks learned from the internet can never become a supplement for extensive training and experience.

Annulment of Warranties

Heating & AC systems are expensive and warranted items. Trying to fix them yourself or through any other unofficial channel violates the contract you have with the manufacturer and annuls any warranty claims.

Affecting Air Quality

Heating & AC systems are directly related to the indoor air quality of your homes. Improper installation of equipment can decrease heating & AC efficiency by up to 30% and become a health hazard. Unhealthy air can have lasting effects on the health of people and cause illnesses like respiratory infection and asthma.

Legal Complications

It may occur to you that the installation of a heating & AC system would not require certifications but the truth is far from it. The State of Texas requires anyone working with HVAC systems to have relevant licenses. So, trying to DIY yourself out of a heating & AC problem can land you in legal complications in Fort Worth.

It’s Dangerous

People assume that small household projects are not difficult, but heating & AC repairs are not to something to be trifled with. HVAC units contain high levels of electricity and are also containers of chemicals and refrigerants. Any mishandling of these agents can harm you or your family.


Why are HVAC Professionals Necessary?

HVAC professionals have to go through extensive training and gain practical insight into the anatomy and working of these machines. Having heating & AC repairs done by a professional is both safe and convenient. It can benefit you in the following ways.


Handy homeowners consider professional servicing to be time-taking and like to try their own hands instead. Without proper training and knowledge, even simple HVAC repairs can eat away your time. Whereas technicians have years of experience behind and can work out a solution in minimal time.


It may seem DIY is a cost-effective way to solve your problems but in the case of heating & AC repairs; costs tend to shoot up. The average homeowner neither has the expertise nor the experience to diagnose complex underlying issues. Trying to repair an HVAC without professional knowledge only increases the risk of making things worse. Such attempts ultimately cost more in the long-run as any damage is done will have to be repaired by a professional anyway.

The ideal way is to contact a professional right away and save yourself from the mental, physical and financial strain.


A damaged HVAC system poses several threats. As discussed before, poking into HVAC systems can increase risks several times over. For instance, a burning electrical smell indicates an issue with the wiring and motor; trying to fix this problem yourself can cause your system to catch fire and cause damage to your home.

The smell of rotten eggs from an HVAC system is a sign of gas leakage. Leakages can lead to gas accumulation and can suffocation or even a fire. The best course of action is to contact a professional as they have the proper equipment and relevant skill and knowledge to take care of these problems.


Maintenance of any machine is essential for its longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Timely identification of underlying problems in an HVAC system can prevent bigger problems from ever emerging.

Who Should You Call in Fort Worth?

So, who should you call when you want the best HVAC service available in Fort Worth? One Hour Heating & Air has been the service to rely on in Tarrant County since 1988.  They have everything covered for you from HVAC repairs to installment and replacement. The following attributes make One Hour Heating & Air the first choice for anyone living in Fort Worth.

NATE Certified Professionals

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the largest non-profit HVAC certifying organization in the country. It consists of a series of complex written exams that test a technician to their fullest. While the State of Texas already requires HVAC professionals to either have Class A or Class B licenses to be eligible for servicing. Top-rated HVAC contractors like One Hour Heating & Air handpick individuals that are NATE certified.

Emergency Service

Fort Worth weather can be a host to mild winters and humid summers. An unexpected breakdown during the Texan heat can be both unbearable and painstaking. The company offers quick response emergency services for all issues related to heating & AC repairs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction has been the company’s mantra for success in Fort Worth. We don’t consider a job done until our customers are fully content with about our performance.

No Hidden Charges

Some HVAC technicians tend to sneak up charges when you’re not looking. The company details its customers about the pricing and doesn’t start without their approval. So, you won’t be holding your head when you look at the bill.

Affordable Prices

Whether it is installing a geothermal heating system or repairing an out of order air conditioning unit; the company offers its services at affordable prices.

Special Offers

The company values its customers and ensures to build lasting bonds with them. The company issues special offers for their valued customers in Fort Worth. The offers are regularly updated and you can avail them through their website.


One Hour Heating & Air prides itself in its years of experience, quality service and 100% customer satisfaction; it is the best heating & AC professional service you can find in Fort Worth.