How to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home with Air Balancing | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

How to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home with Air Balancing | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Did you know that air balancing is known to enhance the overall proficiency of your heating and air conditioning system? It does so by increasing your HVAC system’s overall performance and improving your home’s air circulation.

For every homeowner, air balancing signifies delivering the right amounts of cold and hot air to every room. By doing so, every room in the home is made more comfortable and every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is advising homeowners to get the air balancing in their home right.

What is Air Balancing?

Simply put, air balancing signifies the process of modifying the existing HVAC system so that it distributes air evenly throughout the home. All zones that have different temperatures will be corrected to transfer equal outputs throughout the home.

As defined by every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, air balancing is the process of inspecting, testing and making adjustments to HVAC systems with the help of specialist skills and tools. The experts from these services have a look at the individual input of your home and adjust the output of air conditioning and heating systems accordingly.

Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX have defined air balancing as one of the most important steps to implement in order to have HVAC systems operating efficiently and producing optimal comfort. In this article, we’ll be enlightening you with the many ways these professionals adjust air flow in order to create comfort for homeowners.

Air Balancing Done Right According to Air Conditioning Services in Fort Worth, TX

1.   Open or Close the Registers of Your HVAC System

This step is very simple and quite effective. HVAC systems are installed in such a manner by every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX so that homeowners have the ability to adjust the damper blade. By doing so, they will be able to adjust the amount of airflow into every room of the home.

It’s important to mention here that you shouldn’t close the vents completely as this can be dangerous for the HVAC system. During warmer temperatures, you can go about opening the registers of the upper floor in your home and partially closing the registers of the first floor or even the basement. During the colder temperatures, the exact opposite may be done.

Other than this, our air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX out together the following handy guide to balance your air conditioner for every season.

Step 1

Set the thermostat of the HVAC system at anywhere between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because this range has the perfect temperature to conduct air balance testing.

Step 2

Once the temperature has been set, you will have to leave the thermostat alone for a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 3

In the areas of the home that are too cool, you will have to adjust the registers and vents so that they allow less air flow.

Step 4

Make small adjustments in order to determine what setting works best for your comfort.

Step 5

After experiencing the first 24 hours of this setting, you make some more adjustments according to what you experienced in terms of comfort.

Step 6

Keep making adjustments until you reach the optimal level of comfort in your home.

Naturally, getting the perfect adjustment for your registers requires a lot of time and effort. So why not heed the advice of an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX while you’re at it?

2.   Try 2 Degree Offsets

If you live in a 2 story home, you will naturally have 2 thermostats. If this is the case, then set 2-degree off-sets for both. Most of the experts for every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX advise homeowners to set 2-degree differences between the floors. Doing so helps even out the difference of temperatures due to the height of the structure.

3.   Check Your HVAC Filters for Cleanliness

According to most air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, keeping your HVAC system’s air filters clean will:

Improve the Overall Air Quality

Cleaning buildups of debris on air filters helps aid the flow of air throughout your home.

Increase the Efficiency of Furnaces

When the air flow of heating and cooling systems are reduced, the HVAC is made to shut down more quickly than it is supposed to. This is because the system gets overheated more quickly than it was meant to. So if the filters are cleaned, the overall efficiency of your system will have been aided.

Extends the Life of Your HVAC System

Would you believe if we told you that the most common reason why HVAC systems break down is because of dirty filters? Yes, it true. Air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX have found that dirty air filters make the HVAC system work harder than they are supposed to – hence causing them to overheat more quickly.

Lowers the Overall Cost of Energy

Have you noticed that heating your home is much more expensive than what your friends and colleagues say? This is because heating makes about 42% of the entire utility bill, and inefficient air filters are making your comfort needs more expensive.

We’ve already told you that dirty air filters make your HVAC system work harder and cleaning them will make sure your system runs more efficiently. It has been found by most air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, that changing your air filters regularly will help you save as much as 5% to 15% from your utility bills!

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