How to Choose the Right Heating and AC System for Your Home | Plano, TX

How to Choose the Right Heating and AC System for Your Home | Plano, TX

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Both the winters and summers in Plano, TX, can be brutal, and without a heating and ACsystem, you might find yourself having a rough time. To make sure you’re all set for when those times of year come around, you might have started thinking about getting an AC system for your home.

Many people in your position find the utter variety out there to not be exciting, but actually quite intimidating. There’s lots of models out there, and not every one of them will give you the comfort you’re looking for. Let’s figure out which one’s the best fit for your home.


Heating and AC systems seem to have embraced the concept of diversity, and you’ll find them in wildly varying shapes and sizes. The prices aren’t exactly what we’d describe as uniform either. Still, they can be broken down into some pretty straightforward categories. Here they are:

Central Units 

With a central heating and AC system, the air is pumped from a single unit to your entire home through ductwork. This is the most expensive type, but that comes with a big justification. Pound for pound – or square cubic meter of air for square cubic meter of air – it’s the best bang for your bang. The value’s unmissable.

It also saves you in efficiency when compared to other types, as central units generally tend to be the most energy-efficient. You’ll find this type in many new homes, which probably speaks to how effective it is.

Window Units

Not everyone can get a central unit, and apartment-dwellers are familiar with why that’s the case. Not to worry, though, because window units can certainly get the job done and shield you from that blistering Plano, TX heat.

These types of heating and AC systems work by pumping cold air in while pumping hot air out. They are considerably less expensive than central AC systems. Part of that is because they don’t quite have the same efficiency. If you’re looking to keep singular rooms cool, however, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll even find some that overdeliver and pleasantly surprise.

Portable Units

Portable units are a great option, too. They are less expensive than the other types by a long mile, and for minimal needs, they surely satisfy. They usually require a duct, since that’s how they are able to pump hot air outside. Now, it comes as no surprise that they won’t be as efficient as other heating and AC systems like central units and window units. Well, you do get to save a little.

An edge they have over the other types is that they are way more space-efficient. If you are tied for space, they won’t demand too much room in your home. You can, as the name suggests, move them from room to room.

For situations where you don’t really need to cool the whole house, they’re a great option. You can just grab them to whatever room you’re going to spend time in. If you care about your decor, their usually unobtrusive designs don’t take away from it, so you’ll be fine on that front.

Apart from the types, there’s more to consider.


The size of your heating and AC system really matters, and it’s largely defined by the size of your home. The experts did their calculations and realized that you get maximum efficiency when you add a ton for every 600 square meters of your home.

If you’re getting a central heating system, it won’t be too difficult to work out the dimensions of your entire home. Likewise, you can work out the dimensions of single rooms if you’re getting window units or even a portable unit. If you can’t be bothered to make the measurements and do the calculations yourself, we offer a heating and AC service that does that for you, so make sure to call us.


You’ll also need to consider efficiency. The U.S Department of Energy gives every heating and AC system something called a SEER rating. Older systems used to have SEER ratings as low as six. For context, every system is required to have a rating of at least 13 since 2013.

You can choose to abide by that law to the bare minimum and just get one that has a rating of 13. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more on systems with ratings between 15 and 17, you’ll some that money come flying back to your pocket with interest through energy cost savings. Spend now, save later isn’t a bad strategy at all. We can explain more about this and give you more information on the best system for your needs if you’re in Plano, TX.

There’s another consideration you’ll need to make, and this one is important for your experience.


When you’ve thought about all those other things, it’s time to put your experience with the heating and AC system first. There are plenty of features you’ll find on the new systems, but these are some of the most important.

You can spend a little and get one with a smart thermostat. That means it will be able to learn your habits and only cool the home when you’re around or about to arrive. It can also set the right temperature and you get the added convenience of controlling it from your phone while you relax on the sofa.

Fan only options are available, and they’re great if you’re only after the cooling but not the heat. You’ll save the heating functionality but there’s no harm in that if you won’t really need it. You’ll save a little, too.

Auto delay switches have gotten pretty common these days. They push cool air out when you switch the system off. Old systems would just let it dissipate. In doing this, the auto delay switch is actually giving you savings on your next bill.

That’s pretty much all you’ll need to consider when you’re deciding what kind of heating and AC system you need to get. If you’re in Plano, TX, call us and we’ll advise you some more.