How to Fix Common Heating and AC Problems | Fort Worth, TX

How to Fix Common Heating and AC Problems | Fort Worth, TX

When your heating and air conditioning systems are running, you may notice some problems that may occur. It is always wise to call an expert for diagnosis and to offer heating and AC repair services.

However, it is much better if you diagnose the issue first on your own as you may be able to solve it at now costs.

The Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems and How to Solve Them

Below are some of the problems that you may encounter when your heating and AC systems are running and the possible solutions. Before you call upon a HVAC repair specialist, you can try to identify and fix these problems.

1.  Heater Blowing Cold Air

At some point, you may experience that your heater is blowing cold air instead of warm air. Your first option should be to check on the thermostat temperature settings. You can increase the set temperature to see if there will be any changes.

If there is no noticeable difference, you can look into the following;

  • Dirty Air Filter

Debris in the air filter may result in the production of cold air. The air filter needs frequent cleaning. You can try cleaning or replacing the current problem and check whether it solves the issue.

  • Leaks in the Ductwork

You cannot notice leakage in the ductwork virtually. You, therefore, need to inspect the ductwork by feeling.

You can also detect leakage in the ductwork by using incense. You should hold the incense near the ducts and watch out for a smoke. If it starts to move, this is a sign that there are leaks in the ductwork.

You can solve ductwork leakage by proper insulation of the ductwork and sealing the leak holes.

  • Issues of the Pilot Light

If you are using a gas heart boiler, you have to look at the pilot light. Make sure that the pilot light is lighting up. In case it does not, you can try making gas flow into the pilot light and confirm that the gas valve is on.

  • Inadequate Fuel

All heating systems require fuel to heat water and produce steam. If there is low fuel in your system, the heating may not work well and, in turn, produce cold air.

You can quickly solve this by topping up oil and gas to your system, depending on the kind of fuel it uses. However, if your heater requires electricity, you should ensure that there is enough electric current flowing into the furnace.

If you try all these and still are unable to mitigate the problem, you should consider seeking help from a certified heating and AC repair professional. If you reside in Fort Worth TX, you should consider calling upon One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating experts.

2.  Heater Fails to Light

The heater may fail to light if the sensors are not working. You can try to solve the issue by replacing the sensors. Sometimes, they are just dirty and need cleaning. You should call for a heating and air conditioning repair expert from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning if you stay in Fort Worth TX if you do not manage to solve the issue.

3.  Heater Fails to Shut Down

When getting your home warmed, sometimes the temperature required is reached, but the heater continues to blow hot air. Failure of the heater to shut down is as a result of two things;

  • A wrongly wired or broken thermostat
  • Defective furnace blower

The thermostat triggers the heater to start and to turn off. Therefore the very first thing to check should be the settings of the thermostat and set it to auto mode. Inspect the thermostat’s wires and make sure everything is in order, then reset it to default mode and rerun your system.

If it still fails to shut down, try replacing the thermostat. If you run the system with the new thermostat and even the heater fails to shut down, the cause is as a result of a defective furnace blower.

At this point, you should call your heating and AC repair specialist for the right diagnosis and repair.

4.  Uneven Distribution of Heat

You can attribute the unequal distribution of heat at your home to two things;

  • Dirty air filters
  • Inadequate ductwork

Check for debris in the air filters. You should consider cleaning or replacing the air filters and try rerunning the system.

In the case that the replacement or the cleaning of the air filters does not mitigate the problem, you should check on the ductwork for leakage.

If you establish that the problem does not arise from air filters or ductwork, you need to call in for a professional. The Fort Worth TX-based: One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating will provide you with an expert in the field of heating and AC repair.

5.  Defective Controls

If you are unable to control your heater, the best place to look in would be the thermostat.

Ensure that your thermostat reads the desired temperature at your home, replace the batteries, and reset it to default. It would be best if you also inspected the wiring to make sure that it is correct.

Check to see if that resolves the issue, if it does not, you should consider getting a replacement for your thermostat. You should also consider seeking advice from a heating and AC repair expert.

6.  The Fan Is Not Working

If your fan is not working, confirm the temperature settings of your thermostat and make sure it is at the desired setting.

Confirm the condition of the air filter. Dirty air filters significantly affect the working of the fan. Clean or replace dirty air filters and try the system again.

Check on your circuit breakers and turn them on if they are off. It is essential that you turn on the switches once as turning them off and on repeatedly could result in a fire.

Once you do all this and still your fan does not work, you should consider getting a heating and AC repair.

7.  Short Cycling Furnace

This is when the furnace goes on and off simultaneously. This can cause uneven distribution of warm or cold air into your home.

Short cycling occurs due to;

  • A dirty filter- clean or replace the air filter.
  • An oversized unit
  • A wrongly placed or faulty thermostat- confirm the temperature settings on the thermostat and set to the desired one, check on the wiring, and reset the thermostat. If all this fails, replace the thermostat then retry the system. If everything fails, consider calling a HVAC repair specialist in the Fort Worth, TX area.


The heating and AC system, like other systems, may break down and require fixing. It is essential that you inspect the issue beforehand and try troubleshooting. If everything fails, it is crucial to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX to get a heating and AC repair for your system.