How To Keep Your AC In Top Shape With Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

How To Keep Your AC In Top Shape With Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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During hot summer months, people turn on their air conditioners to keep them feeling cool. But what do you do when your air conditioner suddenly stops working the time you need it most? You will need to hire an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to keep it running and make you comfortable.

Why is your air conditioner not giving you cool air? Below are some of the reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working and what you can do to avoid them. If you are having problems with your AC, call for a service right away so they can help you resolve the problem asap.

Dirty or Leaky Ductwork

Your ducts could be one of the reasons your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home. This happens when you fail to clean them regularly or you don’t hire a licensed technician to help you properly install your ductwork. Always call for a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to ensure proper installation of the entire service. Doing this would surely avoid costly repairs.

By cleaning the ducts, you can prevent debris or other dirt from clogging your system. If you do not know how to clean them, you can always call for an air conditioning service for assistance.

Dirty Filters

When you notice that you still feel hot or warm after turning on the air conditioner, check your air filters. When was the last time you cleaned them? There are air conditioners that will tell you it’s time to clean your filters. Take advantage of this and clean them immediately.

Filters prevent debris or other dirt from infiltrating your system and affecting its performance. When you fail to clean them, the dirt accumulates. As a result, your air conditioner will work harder. In the worst case scenario, it stops working. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your air filters.

Air Conditioner Isn’t Properly Installed

There is a reason why you should call a professional air conditioning service to help you install your AC. Licensed technicians know how to properly install air conditioners. Technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth have worked with different types of AC models and are competent at installing air conditioners. Call them at your most convenient time if you need help with installation.

When the AC isn’t properly installed, it could result in either low airflow or leaky ductwork. This doesn’t just lead to having to pay for costly repairs, you will also be wasting energy. That means higher utility bills. Always call for a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX not just for the installation but also for repairs.

Has Electrical Issues

When your AC isn’t working and you have checked your filters and ductwork, there could be an electrical problem. This is why you need to periodically check your air conditioner for any sign of wear and tear. Your fan controls and compressor will degrade eventually. They will need to be checked by a licensed technician. Call for an air conditioning service in your area if you need assistance with this. Never work with electricity by yourself as it could be dangerous.

Low Airflow

Having limited airflow is a result of dirty filters or leaky ductwork. Regularly check your AC, clean the filters and ductwork to prevent having low airflow in your homes. There could also be a problem with your evaporator coil. If you suspect this is a problem, call for a professional air conditioning service immediately.

Too Small

The size could be one of the reasons why your room is still hot and you are certain your air conditioner is working. Consult with a licensed technician if you are not sure of the AC size that is appropriate for your room. For an air conditioner to fully cool a room, it must be the correct size and it should have the right cooling capacity. If you have a large room and you have a tiny AC, chances are you will still feel warm.

Alternatives to Air Conditioner

Buying a high-efficient air conditioner lets you save energy at home. But not having to use one during the summer could even give you more savings. Below are a few things you can do for cooling your home without having to turn on the air conditioner.

  1. Consider opening all your windows to let the cool air inside. This is especially helpful in the evening when the air is cooler.
  2. Do not use your oven or your stove when cooking as it will only keep you warm or hot. You can reduce heat by cooking outdoors using your grill or other outdoor cooking devices.
  3. During the day, close all your blinds or use dark curtains for blocking out the sunlight. You can also stay on the first floor of the house. Heat usually goes up; stay downstairs especially during the day when it is a lot hotter.
  4. Use your fan. You can save more energy as you won’t have to also cool the other rooms especially when you have a centralized air conditioning system.
  5. Wear light-colored clothing — not black and other dark colors as they will only absorb heat. As much as possible, wear whites or pastel-colored clothing during the summer. Sipping on cold drinks also helps you cool down.
  6. Turn off other electronic devices in your home when you are not using them. Using any appliance generates heat and may warm up your home.
  7. Consider properly insulating doors or your windows as hot air from outside may enter your home. Seal air leaks as much as possible to let you control heat.

Sometimes it’s not always necessary to turn on the air conditioning, the fan would suffice on most days. Switching them off can help you reduce your electricity bill and also lessen your carbon footprint. It’s beneficial for the home and also for the environment. Using the air conditioning every single day also isn’t advisable as they may cause some health issues especially for dirty air conditioners.

Always hire a professional air conditioning service to help you properly clean and maintain your AC.

AC Maintenance

Scheduling an air conditioning service with a licensed technician for maintenance will help with your AC’s performance. Below are some of the things the technician would check during scheduled maintenance.

Filters and coils – filters need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Technicians will also be cleaning the coils as they also collect debris and dirt.

Drains – Just like the drains in your showers and sinks, the AC’s drains need to be checked by a licensed technician too. Clogs could mean there is moisture and that will only give you discolored walls.

Some homeowners may do regular maintenance themselves but we would recommend for you to hire a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX so they can check the entire system.

What features should you look for when buying an AC?

It’s important that you have the right AC model for your home. If you are not sure what to get, consult with a technician at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. They can give you the best solution and also properly install your air conditioner.

Programmable settings – With this, you are able to set the right temperature that you want and also schedule when to turn on or turn off your air conditioner.

AC size – It’s important to have just the right air conditioner size and AC capacity for your home. A really small unit will not be able to cool a very large space. You can talk to a licensed technician about this. Make sure you also hire a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to ensure proper installation of your air conditioner.

Energy-saving setting – This feature means that your air conditioner will automatically shut off when your space is cool enough. Having this feature helps you save more energy in your home. Also, your AC will not be working hard as it will not be always in use.

Energy Star Unit – Appliances with an Energy Star certification means that they have met and maybe even exceeded the standards set for higher efficiency appliances. These units also have a longer lifespan and are more durable than other units. You won’t likely call for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX with this type of AC. In addition, do make sure to look at the Energy Efficiency Rating and the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Higher scores mean that you can save more energy.

Wifi – This isn’t a necessity but some homeowners may prefer to have a wifi-enabled air conditioner so they can also install other devices like Google or Alexa. With this feature though, you are able to adjust your ACs setting using just your smartphone.

Remember to always choose a high-quality air conditioner to prevent having to call an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for repairs.

Other Tips for your Air Conditioner to Keep it Running Efficiently

1. Reduce strain on your AC

Read our other tips for cooling your homes so you won’t have to use your AC every single time.

2. Fix AC leaks

Just like your plumbing, you will need to call for an air conditioning service immediately if you suspect leaks in your ductwork. Although you can use toil tape for leaks, professional help is always better as they can provide the best solutions for fixing it.

3. Clean the outdoor unit

Dirt and other debris may build up in the outside unit and also reduce the airflow. Clean this regularly. A professional air conditioning service is better as a licensed technician who knows how to properly clean your air conditioning unit.

4. Check ACs components such as wiring

While it’s important to clean filters and ductwork, it’s also just as important to check the wiring as they are crucial to the performance of your AC. Defective wiring could shut off and even damage your air conditioning unit. You may have to hire a costly air conditioning service for this.

Just check the outdoor wiring and check whether it overheats. If you are not comfortable checking the electrical components, you can always hire a professional technician for assistance.

5. Checking the AC fan

Your ACs fan blades also affect your cooling so they need to be constantly checked. Turn off your appliance and check the fan on the outside of the air conditioner. You may need to replace them when they are in poor shape or if they have visible cracks. Check with your technician on what to do. Also, always hire a professional air conditioning service if you need to replace your ACs fan blades. If you have regular maintenance with a technician, they will also be including this in their inspection to make sure your AC is properly working well.

You may also consider getting an upgrade if your AC is so old. Older units may likely break and that would cost you even more for an air conditioning service repair. When you upgrade, always opt for a high-efficiency air conditioner especially if you want to save energy and also help the environment.

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