How to Save On Utilities with These Heating and AC Maintenance Tips | Azle, TX

How to Save On Utilities with These Heating and AC Maintenance Tips | Azle, TX

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For Azle, TX, residents, the summer is a time for block parties and fireworks. All the time you spend indoors however, would be better enjoyed if you didn’t have to worry about the power bill being so high, or about having to keep the thermostat too high even though you’re roasting. In 2019, the US Energy information administration reported that nearly 30% of a household’s power consumption was spent on space heating and cooling. Even though a high power bill in the summer is hard to get around, just like a high gas bill in the winter, there are several easy maintenance routines you can practice to get the money you spend on heating and ac under control.

Insulation: Keep the Sun Out or Keep the Heat in

Older homes in Azle, TX may not have the insulation needed to keep hot, or cold air in, letting out hundreds of dollars in an overworked heating and ac system. Weather stripping around thresholds and sealing the cracks in window sills seems like a good place to start, as these are the most likely culprits in the event off a draft. If you think there’s a draft in your home, but you can’t find it, you can use a candle to find the source of the draft. Simply wait for it to get dark and hold the candle flame up to any crack in a door or wall that you think might be creating a draft, and you’ll be able to see the flame move if there is one.

Next, install tinted windows or window blinds to prevent any ambient, warm light into your home to lower the internal temperature. On the other hand, if it’s the winter, you may be surprised to know that the window is actually a similar insulating hazard, as windows lack the insulating material to keep heat in, even in direct sunlight it can result in a net heat loss. To combat this you can purchase window insulating tape that you stick to the window in the fall, and remove when spring time comes around. You can also install thermal blinds to perform a similar job to normal blinds, keep the heat in your house, and keep the heating and ac bill low.

Maintenance Routines:

Although you should periodically maintain your heating and ac regardless, performing these maintenance routines can help reduce your utilities by a significant margin. Changing your air filters is a must, increasing ventilation and allowing your ac to put out cold air is quick, easy, and shows immediate results. Cleaning the coils in your ac/heating unit can make it so they aren’t using more power than they have to. Checking your vents and ducts periodically for buzzing noises can help you to locate leaks in the system and prevent inefficient heating or cooling. Finally, scheduling periodic maintenance checks by an HVAC professional can reduce your utilities bill in the long run when they determine if there are any parts or errors that are holding the rest of your system back.

Appliances and When to Use Them:

The average Azle, TX, home owner may think their lightbulbs, their coffee machine, their dryer, and their heater and ac have nothing to do with each other. Surprisingly enough, using certain appliances in conjunction with each other can cause the ambient temperature of your home to sky rocket, increasing your heating and ac bill for seemingly no reason. For example, Washer/dryer sets together can be huge heat generators as they operate, so using them in the cooler hours of the day, or before you go to sleep may be better for your overworked air conditioner.

Your light bulbs similarly can give off a lot of heat if they’re an older, cheaper model. Newer led light bulbs on the other hand, don’t waste heat, last longer, and are more energy efficient in the long run. Finally, hot appliances such as coffee makers or lamps in close proximity to your thermostats’ sensor can increase it’s ambient temperature, making the home colder than it has to be, move these appliances to stop your thermostat from fooling itself.

High Tech Solutions:

Investing in the following features that make your home more energy efficient may cost more up front than you’re initially willing to pay, but the money you save on your heating and ac bill would make up for the initial price in the long run. A programmable thermostat can go a long way toward increasing the efficiency of your heating and ac unit. Using it to raise or lower the temperature when you’re not at home or you’re asleep not only makes it so that you’re using less power/gas, you’re also putting less strain on the system itself so you don’t have to spend as much time and money on maintenance. Installing a similar thermostat on your water heater so it doesn’t operate when you don’t need it to can also save you a lot of money on your gas bill, and make your water heater last longer.

Installing automatic sensors in your heating and ac units can make it so that you know when to change your filters more promptly. Azle, TX, home owners may be surprised to know that dirty air filters lead to a lack of ventilation in the home, then leading to a harder time spent trying to heat or cool your home.

In Summary:

A well lived in home is the sign of a happy home, for many Azle, TX, residents. Just because your home is well lived in, however, doesn’t mean you can neglect routines that make it so you don’t spend more money than you have to on your heating and ac system.