Maintenance of your Air Conditioning Unit in Fort Worth, TX

Maintenance of your Air Conditioning Unit in Fort Worth, TX

If you are residing in Fort Worth, TX and have an air conditioner in your home then, you should know everything regarding its maintenance too. An air conditioner requires regular maintenance or else it will start malfunctioning. If you want to save money on energy and also want to prolong the life of your air conditioner, you must give special attention to its maintenance and cleaning. Also, proper care of the air conditioning unit will increase its efficiency. You can contact a reputed air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for the maintenance of your air conditioner.

Following are the steps that must be carried out for the maintenance of your air conditioning system:

Cleaning the Filter

The most important part in the maintenance of your air conditioner is the cleaning and replacement of the air filter. It is a very simple task which can be carried out easily. In most of the cases, you can clean and reuse the filter. If the filter needs to be replaced, you should change it without any delay because clogged and dirty filter blocks the air flow and reduces the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. You must clean the filter every month and replace it after every three to four months. Filter is usually mounted next to the grill of the air conditioner. Filters are available in number of types, from the manufacturer’s guide you can determine the type of filter your unit uses. If you don’t have time to change the filter, you can always contact air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for changing or replacing the filter.

Coil Inspection

You should also clean the coils of your air conditioner on a regular basis. You can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean them. It is recommended to clean the coils in the beginning and at the end of the summer season. If you want to carry out a thorough cleaning, you can detach the unit from its casing and then clean it. The dirt saturated on the coil reduces the air flow and reduces its ability to absorb heat. If the dirt is collecting on the fins of the coil, clean it as soon as possible. After cleaning the coil, you can see an increase in the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner. An air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can carry out full maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

Cleaning the Fins

Cleaning the fins is also important because the dirty fins block the airflow through the coil. The aluminum fins of the air conditioner coil should be cleaned very gently with a fin cleaning spray. The fins are easily bent, that’s why it is necessary to comb these fins back to their original condition using a fin comb. Don’t use any pressure washer to wash the fins because it will damage them. Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX must be contacted for a yearly checkup of your air conditioner.

Dusting the Vents

Vents are also need to be cleaned several times a year. If It is difficult for you to clean the vents yourself; you can call air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to provide a thorough cleaning to the air ducts and vents.

Checking the Condenser Fan

The fan mounted outside the consider unit needs to be checked too. Make sure that it is working properly and is in good condition. Also, no chips or cracks must be present on its blades. Clean the fan thoroughly and if it’s not in a good condition, replace it. Sometimes, the fan motor bearings need to be oiled too. If you want a new fan, you can get it from an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Examining the Thermostat

You must check the thermostat to ensure that it is working properly and maintaining the right temperature. If your air conditioner has a mechanical thermostat, upgrade it to a programmable one. A programmable thermostat makes it easier for you to set the right temperature. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, contact a reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX and get it fixed.

 Checking the Wiring and Other Components

Before you start cleaning your air conditioner, make sure that the power is turned off. Check the wires for any signs of overheating or melted insulation. If the wires are blackened or burned-looking, you must call heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX and get them fixed. Also, check all the electrical connections, switches and plugs to see if they are tight or not.

Checking of Window Seal

The seal between the window frame and air conditioner must be checked to ensure that the unit’s case is in contact with the window. If there is a gap in between, get it fixed because it will cause the cooling to escape outside the room.

Cleaning the Area around the Air Conditioning Unit

After cleaning your air conditioner you should also clean the area around the conditioner unit. If any debris or fallen leaves are present there, remove them to ensure the proper airflow.  Make sure that there is no dirt or vegetation present at least 2 feet around the unit. During winter, you can cover the outer unit with plastic to prevent it from the dust present in the environment. Remove the cover when you need to operate the unit.

Cleaning the Evaporator Drain

The humidity present in the air is turned into water during the condensation process that carries out on the surface of the evaporator coil. This water drips into a pan below and then it flows into a drain tube, which is routed into a drain. If the water is not flowing into the drain, it means that the drain might be clogged.  A plugged drain can cause a lot of damage that’s why it should be unplugged as soon as possible.

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