Myths You Need To Know About Heating And AC Repair | Azle, TX

Myths You Need To Know About Heating And AC Repair | Azle, TX

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When it comes to your heating and AC system you probably figure you know enough, right? You don’t need to know too much about it because you have a professional who can take care of things for you. While that professional can help you with heating and AC repair, you’re still going to want to know a few things about your system for yourself. These could help you save some time and money on your Azle, TX home.

I Should Close Off Vents to Rooms I Don’t Use

Your HVAC system runs exactly the same way no matter how many rooms you’re heating and cooling. That’s why it’s so important to get the right size system. If you close off some of the rooms in your house but your HVAC is still running in the same way you could end up with air pressure problems in the house. This is going to cause you a whole lot more damage and you may end up with heating and AC repair needs that are far more serious than you even thought.

Set Your AC Temperature Lower to Cool Down Faster

The AC is only able to do so much, and no matter what temperature you set it to it’s going to work just as hard. So, if you set the temperature far lower than you want you’re not going to get there any faster. If it takes 10 minutes to drop by 1 degree and you set it to drop 10 degrees it’s going to take that full 100 minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you tell it to drop by a lot or a little, each degree takes the same amount of time. If not you may need heating and AC repair.

Portable Heaters Are Cheaper

This is a little more difficult one to answer because the truth is that they can be cheaper. But whether they’re going to be cheaper for you is an entirely different story. If you use a portable heater instead of your regular, whole-house heater, you’re going to save money. You’re also going to save on some heating and AC repair. But if you use a portable heater alongside a whole-house heater then you’re going to end up spending more money than you would have otherwise and you’re going to have the same amount of wear.

The Air Filters Are Fine

You should be checking the air filters on your unit routinely to make sure that they are clean and capable of filtering out any of the debris that gets into your ducts. You don’t want that debris getting clogged in the filter or finding it’s way through the system. Checking these filters and changing them when they get dirty or having a heating and AC repair professional assist is the most important thing and it’s going to help you keep your house safer and more comfortable for your entire family.

I Can Figure Out My HVAC Size By Knowing the Square Footage of My Home

If you know the square footage of your Azle, TX home you know one of the components of what your HVAC system needs but you don’t necessarily have all of the facts. It’s important to look at things like windows, orientation and leakage. You should also know about your current insulation, the ductwork in your home and even ventilation. All of these are things that a heating and AC repair professional can help you with and will allow you to choose the right system.

AC Is Just For Cooling

Actually, your air conditioning unit is good for more than just cooling. It’s also good for getting rid of some of the humidity in the air. When your home gets too warm and then you put cool air into it you could end up with too much humidity. This could end up causing you more serious problems overall and you end up spending a lot of money on heating and AC repair. But the AC system will actually help to remove some of that humidity so the room stays more comfortable.

Energy Efficiency Doesn’t Affect Home Value

Actually, that’s not true at all. Energy efficiency is absolutely something that people look for and it’s actually one of the most important factors for them. After all, an energy efficient home is going to cost a whole lot less to operate. People want to know that when they buy a house it’s going to be as inexpensive as possible. They don’t want to know that they will immediately have to fix something else or take care of other problems within the house.

I Only Need A Professional If There’s a Problem

You should be scheduling routine heating and AC repair to make sure the system is working the way that it should. You don’t want to find yourself with a serious problem and no way to get it taken care of immediately. By having routine work done you’re going to have a much better chance of keeping the system running right. Not only that but you’re going to have a better relationship with the team that you’re bringing in so they know how to help you.

Energy Efficient Heating and AC Won’t Save Much

This is another area where you can save far more than you might think. Upgrading your systems to get energy efficient options can make sure that you’re spending less money every single month. Even though you’ll have to spend more to get these systems installed initially, you’re going to end up coming out ahead over time because you pay less to run them. You won’t need to run them as often and when they do run they’re going to do a much better job about getting rid of the problem that you’re experiencing and as such you should need less heating and AC repair.

It Doesn’t Matter Where I Put the Thermostat

You should put your thermostat as close to the center of your home as possible. You want to make sure that it’s away from doors, windows, breezes, drafts, sunlight and anything else that could artificially adjust the temperature that it registers. It needs to be on an inside wall as well and it needs to be away from large objects that could block the sensor. Your thermostat needs to be able to get an accurate reading of the temperature in your house because if it can’t it’s going to kick on your heat or AC more than it should. And that type of overworking could lead to more heating and AC repair.

Turning Off the AC Cuts Energy Costs

We mentioned that the idea of leaving your temperature settings at one temperature all the time to save money was false, but this is one area where you’re going to have a bit of a different answer. If you decide to turn off your AC entirely when you’re not in your Azle, TX home you’re actually going to cause yourself even more problems. The temperature that your home is going to get in this situation is much hotter than if you set the temperature to a little higher one as we mentioned above. Then it really will cost you a lot more to cool the room down when you return. Setting a balanced temperature for when you are home and one for when you’re not is a good way to go and may decrease your need for heating and AC repair.

Fans Are Enough to Cool My Home

Actually, fans aren’t designed to cool your home down. What they’re designed to do is help you feel cooler in your home. So, if you use fans, including ceiling fans, they will help you to feel a little cooler, but they’re not actually going to cool down the space. You need an AC unit to do that. A fan will just blow a bit of a breeze over you, which will remove some of the sweat off your skin, helping you feel cooler. If you look at the temperature in your home, however, the fan isn’t actually going to make any difference. 

It’s Better to Leave the Thermostat at One Temperature

The truth is that it’s best to use your heat or air conditioning only when you need it rather than leaving things at single, set temperature. The idea behind this one is that it’s going to take more energy for you to heat up a room that’s already cold than it will just to maintain the temperature in the room all the time. But the truth is that this can wear out your system and lead to even more heating and AC repair needs. Not only that, but you could end up spending a whole lot more on your energy.

Bigger Air Conditioners Are Better

Bigger does not always equal better when it comes to cooling your home. They’re not necessarily going to be more efficient and they could actually cause problems for your home. They will cycle on and off more frequently which could mean you pay more for heating and AC repair than you would otherwise. Of course, a smaller system isn’t going to be a good idea either. Those can actually run constantly, meaning even more heating and AC repair yet and a whole lot shorter lifespan. So getting something properly sized is the best way to go.

Duct Tape Will Seal My Ductwork

This is a common misconception and it’s one that definitely makes sense. After all, why wouldn’t you think that something called duct tape would work for ducts? But the truth of it is that this tape is definitely not going to do a good job. When you put it on the ductwork it can stick for a little while but it will start to lose it’s adhesive over time and before you know it it’s not actually holding anything together. Then you end up with a big mess and the same problem as when you started and you will have to call for heating and AC repair.

Finding Air Leaks Is Easy

Actually, you may need a heating and AC repair person to come out to your home in order to find air leaks. That’s because these leaks are actually difficult in many cases. Some are going to be easy enough, like those around your doors or windows that aren’t sealed properly. But others are going to be better hidden and you may not be able to find them at all without getting much further into your home than you think. You’ll need a professional that is able to come in and take a closer look at everything.

Most of Your Temperature Loss Is Through the Window

Actually, heat tends to rise, which means that you’re going to lose most of the heat through the roof of your home. The air conditioning that you’re using actually gets out that way too. Windows, especially older windows, can definitely leak some air and they could cause you to spend a lot more on heating and AC repair as well, but they’re generally not the worst offender. Of course, if you have poorly sealed, single pane windows that may not be the case, however.

If My Room Is Too Hot I Should Use a Window AC

If you do this you may be able to cool down the room, which will make you feel more comfortable, but it’s not necessarily going to take care of the problem that you’re experiencing. It could be that you have some problem with your airflow and that’s what’s causing your room to get so warm. This is even more important if the space seems humid as well. Adding an AC unit could actually make things worse instead of better. So you want to hire a heating and AC repair person to help you.

When it comes time to hire someone for heating and AC problems make sure you’re calling the right team. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is the right place to go to get any of your heating and AC repair needs taken care of. Our team can come right out to your Azle, TX home and make sure that your system is going to be ready for anything. You just have to let us know what’s going on and what you’re looking for.