On the Border: What Azle, TX Can Expect in Air Conditioning Service

On the Border: What Azle, TX Can Expect in Air Conditioning Service

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Air conditioning service and repair is not unique to the residents of Azle, TX, and there are certainly more than the fair share of brutal summers that can prove it. In fact, Texas itself resides in the confines of the deep south, which can make it especially vulnerable to drastic changes that occur mainly to states that border our oceans.

We all know what happens when our AC units go on the brink of failure: the growing formation of water along the bottom, that quintessentially worrisome smoky smell that is emitted from a faulty motor that’s dying, and the unexplained noises that come out once the unit is turned on. Plus, you can imagine that feeling of utter discomfort when you try to turn it on, only to find that warm air is coming out in spite of your futile attempts to adjust it to the lowest possible temperature setting. Who knows, you may even hear it click on and off intermittently and without much warning. Whatever the symptoms are, there is no need to fret. The good professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Azle, TX are here to serve you, and that definitely means that they can work hard to get your air conditioning service up and running in practically no time.

Air conditioning service should be relaxing and easy for the customer, and that includes service that comes with quality and at a price that is affordable to you, the customer. Those living in the Azle, TX area know that they can call on One Hour of Fort Worth for all of their AC service needs.

Air conditioning service is highly critical for a myriad of reasons: from personal health and safety to your peace of mind. In fact, if you try to live without air conditioning right in the middle of the summer’s intense heat, you could be in for a nightmare. Loss of cool air results in massive amounts of perspiration that can make you sick by virtue of dehydration. Plus, if your temperature rises in your home, you may experience insomnia as your body’s defense system tries to fight it on its own. Additionally, you may feel irritable and fatigued as the result of heat-related sleep loss, and that could lead to other health and safety problems down the road. And with the rise in heatstroke, good quality air conditioning service is now a basic need.

One Hour now offers twenty-four-hour air conditioning service, which means that they are willing to work nights and weekends. Each repair technician is NATE certified and is held to the utmost standard when it comes to servicing your personal needs. Air conditioning repair experts are different form technicians in that they are specifically trained to handle fixing your air conditioning unit or replacing it with a brand new one.

Keeping your home sufficiently cool is the ultimate goal in your air conditioning needs, and the HVAC technicians can help. They will arrive at your home in a timely manner, inspect your unit, and even check your thermostat prior to determining the need for specific services.

Sometimes, it pays to check your thermostat to see if it is making an accurate reading before making too many quick decisions. You may wish to check to see if it registers any type of a reading, or you may need to see if the reading present is accurate. Sometimes, dirt, soot, and other particles can accumulate, thus settling on the wires and preventing the thermostat from measuring the room’s real temperature. It is also important to consider that your thermostat may be old and in need of replacement, and for that, you will definitely need to call on a licensed professional.

Air conditioning repair does include the installation of a brand new unit as needed. Prior to considering this alternative, you should ask yourself the following: How old is your unit? If it happens to be ten years or older, a replacement is definitely in your best interest. Also, other points to consider are the amount of times your unit has broken down within the last year, the total costs involved, and whether or not those costs have exceeded the monetary value of your AC unit or system. If any of the above are true, then it’s time to call the air conditioning service professionals at One Hour.

There are many options from which you can choose when it comes to the installation of a new unit. Wireless integration systems are specifically designed to work with wireless thermostats so that you can maximize your comfort while minimizing your utility costs from a preset wireless thermometer. You can even observe and improve your humidity levels with ease and can get a good glimpse into the state of your filter to see if it’s okay or if it needs to be changed.

Air conditioners that have remote access features can allow homeowners and businesses to set and monitor the settings on room temperature from home or from afar. This is allowed through the use of a smart thermometer, which requires WIFI or a smartphone to adjust the settings. You can also do this from your tablet, laptop, or home computer, whether its in the same room or at another location.

Other options include a two-stage compression system, which allows your air conditioner to cool down your home without having to worry about too much or too little humidity. It actually allows you to turn off your unit, but it can still dehumidify your home regardless of how much or how little you use your AC. Air conditioners that have an ultra-quiet operation feature can cool your home quietly and without noise, while those that have high efficiency levels can typically boast a minimum SEER rating of 20, which can slice your monthly electric bill and put more money in your wallet.

Good air conditioning service not only needs to include the ability to maximize your comfort in the midst of summer, but should also consider other factors, such as the quality of the air that you breathe inside your home. Pollution no longer waits outdoors, but can also become an unwanted guest inside your home, causing all kinds of havoc than can and should be avoided.

Sometimes, your in-home pollution problems can be traced to something as simple as a dirty filter. A dirty filter can result in breathing problems, and does require immediate attention from a qualified professional in air conditioning service. The main purpose of your AC’s air filter is to filter out the pollutants we get from common toxins such as cigarette smoke, smog, or mold. In-home air quality testing can be done as part of your air conditioning service by an HVAC technician upon your request.

If your in-home air appears to be stale, or you’re having trouble breathing, you know its time to get it tested and fixed. Plus, as you may know, poor air quality can affect the temperatures in your home, leaving some rooms to be much hotter or colder than others. You may even be able to smell emissions from cars or factory smoke, all of which can have an impact on your ability to breathe safely and with ease.

Your air conditioning service can include the use of professionally installed humidifiers, an air cleaner or purifier. You can also order dehumidifiers and have your ventilation system cleaned or replaced. With good, quality clean air free of toxins, you can breathe easier and get a bigger blast of that cool air.

Air conditioning service can also involve the use of geothermal technologies, which are designed to tap into the earth’s natural geothermal energy to work within your home. In fact, a geothermal system can measure the temperature below the earth’s surface, which resides at around 55 degrees in Azle, TX. If anything, it can keep your home even cooler without the hassle of a high utility bill. It is comprised of a heat sink, which remains in touch with the temperature beneath the earth’s surface and are made up of either metal or plastic pipes placed inside the earth. The heat pump simply removes the heat from your home and brings it down into the heat sink while cooling your home. The third component, the geothermal distribution system, simply distributes the cooling throughout your home.

As part of air conditioning service, quality cooling is key to maintaining a good, comfortable home in the midst of the summer’s heat. Another key ingredient to maintaining quality air conditioning is to ensure that your thermostat is in good, working order. As part of preventative maintenance, you can have a technician check your thermostat to see if it needs to be reset or replaced entirely. At One Hour, the professionals can replace your old system and install a brand-new thermometer of your own choosing. In fact, there are many thermometers from which to choose: programmable and non-programmable types, plus wireless smart thermometers which can be preset from any device at any location by using a WIFI system. The latter may be the most expensive option, but it can prove the most profitable investment when it comes to putting more money in your wallet when you save on your monthly energy bills.

The professionals at On Hour Air Conditioning and Heating understand that keeping cool is a top priority. Hence the reason for twenty-four-hour emergency service. Cool and comfortable are interchangeably synonymous with one another, and, if anything, comfortable cannot exist in summer without the presence of cool.

Those with common sense understand the importance of being prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable with air conditioning service. Each professional comes with the right equipment, and being state of the art in the latest technology is helpful when running even the simplest diagnostics.

But preventative maintenance is key, and has been an integral part of good, quality, and affordable air conditioning service. Technicians can present you, the customer, with a written service agreement that includes the ability to participate in seasonal inspection, receive regular tune-ups on your air conditioning unit, and even perform predictive maintenance that can help detect and diagnose any and all early warning signs that could lead to the potential for future problems and possible mechanical failure.

Maintaining your AC unit in the utmost working condition is key to keeping your cool within the scorching heat of a typical Texas summer.

But if you are a new customer, you may not be quite ready to sign a service agreement, and that’s okay. The friendly service technicians of One Hour Air Conditioning understand that it does take a long time for some to build relations with the professionals designed to serve them. Even long-term customers are under no obligation to sign that piece of paper, and that’s also okay. The team can perform one on one service at your request. Whether it’s a home performance evaluation, or a routine tune-up on your air conditioning unit, it doesn’t matter.

Home evaluations are central to ensuring that your home’s AC system is up and running properly and smoothly. In fact, they are now a fast-growing necessity when it comes to assessing the interior needs of your living space. These are services that are approved by the government’s ENERGY STAR program and can include overall energy evaluations, as well as locating the maintenance needed to keep your costs down at the lowest possible level while delivering the maximum results for your time and investment.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is dedicated to your needs as a customer, and as such, they are always equipped to deliver just what you need. Ongoing training is part of a continuous goal in keeping you satisfied and keeping you on board as a customer. Whatever your air conditioning service needs are, you can call or visit them online to schedule an appointment today.