One Hour Is the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

One Hour Is the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

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Air conditioning and heating units are no longer a luxury for most people. These machines that manipulate the atmosphere to fit the needs and whims of human beings inside their home are readily available and installed in almost every home. And at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX, you get the best of it all.

It gets really hot in the summer months in Azle, TX, the warmest being the month of July. According to the meteorological data, the temperatures are an average of 93.5 F during the month. Similarly, the data also shows that it can get incredibly cold in the city, with an average temperature of 16.4 F during the month of January.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX is not only aware of this fact; they’ve actively prepared for it and are waiting for your phone call. For them, the one hour slogan is not just that, it is a promise that they intend to keep with every customer.

They realize your time is extremely valuable to you and they don’t intend to waste a minute of it. That’s why they put their money where their mouth is and declare your service call free at any time and any day if their workers are late.

The Best Services

The professionals that work at One Hour’s are highly trained and excel at their field. They are aware of the details and the particulars for every situation and take into account multiple variables before they make a decision. That ensures that each individual house and each individual person is taken care of with the respect that they deserve.

The trained professionals at  One HourHeating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX, not only offer you the best services, but they also guide you through the options available that fit your particular situation. This ensures that you can make informed decisions yourself.

The One Hour promise is bolstered by the fact that they have trucks ready to go which are filled to the brim with specialized materials and parts that are tailored to every situation. This can include an installation, a repair job, a tune up, the replacement of critical components or a complete overhaul of the home to install a residential heating and cooling system.


A near universal solution to control the temperature of your home, the thermostat allows you to keep the entire home at the same temperature. This is a much more elegant and complete solution to your temperature woes than simply installing one air conditioning unit in one room of the house.

The thermostat automatically controls the heating and cooling devices in your home to maintain the temperature you have set. That’s why, in heat or in cold, you can be sure that you’re comfortable.

As far as state-of-the-art technology is concerned,One Hour’s Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX, has a talking thermostat. How incredible is that? It’s on the cutting edge and features a lot of programmable options and because of its popularity, it is now the clear choice for heating and cooling needs in the US.

Not only that, the thermostat functions to take care of itself. It’ll let you know when the system vents need to be cleaned and it’ll warn you if the system needs any maintenance.

At One Hour’s Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX, they also take care of the placement of the thermostat. It won’t be placed near the main source of the heat and cold, instead it’ll be placed in an open hallways or a multiple zoned system that receives heat and cold from various orifices. This way it’ll be best able to account for the temperature in the entire house.

Indoor Air Quality

Along with indoor Heating and AC repair in Azle, TX, One Hour is also concerned about the air quality in your home. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a top priority because it directly influences the health and quality of life of the residents.

The Environmental Protection Agency backs up the claim that the air quality in the home is a major factor in a person’s health. According to that research, the indoor air can be as much as a hundred times more polluted than the air outdoors. This has been corroborated by the American Lung Association.

This has become a major concern in recent years due to the architecture of modern homes. Since the 1970s, American homes have been built tighter so that they can conserve energy and save on bills. However, this has had an unintended side effect; bacteria, dust and mildew can no longer get out of the home as easily as before.

A good ventilation system installed by One Hour’s Heating and AC repair in Azle, TX, will ensure that your home stays free of any such pollutants so you can breathe easy.


Exclusively for heating, One Hour’s Heating and AC repair in Azle, TX,provides you with furnaces and heat pumps that can get rid of the most savage cold that hits your town. A furnace is a permanent installation and you don’t get rid of it on a whim. This is why One Hour understands how important it is to repair it with care.

Heat pumps are a different matter entirely because they can heat and cool your home through mechanical means. This works differently from a furnace as it simply moves heat rather than producing it from a fuel such as natural gas. The pumps can either be air sourced which can work great in warm climates, or they can be ground sourced which take advantage of the heat locked in the ground and improve upon operational efficiency.

If you’re looking for great Heating and AC repair in Azle, TX, look no further than One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. They promise quick service and great products and they deliver what they promise.