Our Duct Cleaning Service Improves Air Quality and Keeps Dust Bunnies from Multiplying | Azle, TX

Our Duct Cleaning Service Improves Air Quality and Keeps Dust Bunnies from Multiplying | Azle, TX

Keeping a clean house can be a challenge, with all the dusting and polishing and washing. You might wonder, where does all the dust and dirt come from? There are some pretty eye-opening articles and videos available that speak about natural processes such as skin flakes and pet dander, and that’s only part of the great cloud of material that lingers in your home’s air. Duct cleaning service removes the residue from chemical fumes, airborne grease from the kitchen, all sorts of materials that gather and cling together in your home’s HVAC duct system, breaking free from time to time and circulating in your home. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we have some great indoor air quality solutions in Azle, TX that pull even sub-micro particles from the air with HEPA filters, and do much more for your air. Did you know that indoor air can be as much as five times as dirty as outdoors? It keeps going around, and around, but with our duct cleaning service and indoor air quality services, we can stop the cycle, improve the air you breathe, and even reduce the amount of dusting that you have to do. Let’s talk about clearer air and ducts in your home!

What Gets Into Your Ducts and Stays There?

Anything that gets airborne in your home can wind up gathering in your ducts. There’s the usual dust, pet dander, even hair, and flaked-off skin, but also airborne chemicals, grease from cooking, pathogens from coughing and sneezing, mold spores, and much more. The material tends to cling together and form a felt-like liner if left long enough in your ducts. Our duct cleaning service removes the accumulated mess carefully and professionally, from deep down to the dust you see gathering around your air intakes and vents. After all, a lot of the material isn’t that healthy for you to breathe or touch, so it needs to be carefully bagged and removed as part of the professional duct cleaning service. Our experts will protect themselves as they perform the process, which is one of the reasons it’s best left to professionals. Other reasons include our specially-designed equipment to reach deep in, our knowledge of your duct system and the cleaning processes different types of ducts need, and of course our ability to recognize problems in your ducts that may require our Azle, TX HVAC team to repair or reseal the ducts for better heating and cooling. Most of all, though, our team is there to make sure you don’t get exposed in bulk to the contents of your ducts, which in some cases may have grown and multiplied. You are likely to feel better and breathe easier once the work is done!

How We Clean Your Ducts

Deep cleaning has many stages and precautions to protect your ducts and your home. The basic process involves loosening material in your ducts and pulling it away from the metal duct material, followed by vacuum removal of the debris, ensuring as much as possible that it doesn’t get airborne in the process. Ducts may run in many inaccessible areas of your home such as ceilings and attics, floors and walls, and our duct cleaning service may use extended reaching capabilities to thoroughly clean and inspect them. Ducts may contain damper doors and other mechanisms to control airflow remotely, and they can present a challenge for duct cleaners trying to clean beyond them. On the other hand, when these devices are located in remote places like your attic, they may not get checked for proper operation very often, and our duct cleaning service may note if there are problems with them. If you’ve found that certain rooms of your Azle, TX home don’t get as cool, a damper door problem may be the cause of insufficient cool airflow. In some cases, cleaned ducts still harbor an odor that needs to be addressed, and our team has special techniques for further cleaning. The problem may also originate in your evaporator system, which we can have checked by our HVAC team.

Inspection Benefits and Repair Opportunities

When you have a professional air conditioning and heating company cleaning your ducts, you have the benefit of being connected with HVAC professionals who can inspect and address any duct problems that are found. There may be dents or slipped connections that produce a gap between ducts, or sealing that has broken and allows cool or warm air under pressure to escape. As mentioned, damper doors can also be stuck or fail to respond to your system’s control signals. When air pressure is blocked, leaked, or diverted, it can appear as an HVAC system performance problem, even seeming like the unit needs replacing due to ineffective heating and cooling. Our HVAC experts are thorough in their diagnosis, so we locate problems like these and address them first. Our duct cleaning service visits are also an opportunity to catch problems before you call for a diagnostic visit. After the duct cleaning service is completed, you may arrange for duct repairs where needed and find that your system works a lot better both because it’s cleaner and more open, and because the airflow is better and more balanced. In fact, in some cases where ducts have not been cleaned for a decade or more, they can become significantly narrower from accumulated debris, and affect airflow enough to really change your system’s performance.

HVAC Air Pressure and Balancing is Essential for Your Comfort

Your heating and cooling system pulls air into the system to be circulated, filtering it with a basic filtration device that should be replaced frequently. The material that’s removed by that filter would otherwise wind up going through your system and gathering in places along the way that could include areas of your furnace heat exchanger, your AC evaporator coils, and more. The system then pushes air out through your ducts, and if they are not as designed due to leaks, damage, or blockages, the airflow will be unbalanced, going more where the easier passage is, and less where the blockages are. Even blockages at your vents such as a pile of laundry on a floor vent can limit airflow to that room, and increase airflow somewhere else. You’ll wind up with rooms that are colder than expected where cold air has been increased, and rooms that are warmer where the blockage is limiting cool air output. Blockage of intakes will act much like a clogged air filter and slow the intake of air. When incoming air is limited, your system’s internal airflow will also be limited, causing wear on fan motors and belts, and even icing of the evaporator coils when AC is in use. Icing occurs because the coils are not receiving enough incoming warm air to keep the moisture they’re condensing from the air as part of the process from freezing on the coils. So, in addition to duct cleaning service, keeping your vents, intakes, and air filters clean is important for proper air circulation, your health, and your HVAC system’s health as well.

Duct Insulation Is Important for Efficiency

The places where your ducts travel sometimes put our duct cleaning service to the test, and also expose your circulating cool air to attic heat, or run warm air through cold basement areas. As our duct cleaning service proceeds, they can note any places where your ducts are missing insulation, or where insulating them might be a good idea. Our Azle, TX HVAC team can follow up and insulate them, even using infrared scanners to show you how much heat or cooling is being lost in uninsulated areas. Careful duct maintenance including duct cleaning service every few years plays an important role in getting the most from your energy budget.

Zoned Duct Systems and Duct Cleaning Service

In many modern homes and older homes that have been converted from a single-duct system, zoned duct systems carry heat and cooling independently to several different areas of the house, with separate thermostat control. This allows homeowners to better manage their energy use and the operation of their heating and cooling systems to reduce costs and wear on their HVAC systems. Our Azle, TX HVAC company can make the changes for you, and a duct cleaning service visit is a great time to talk with us about your options for a zoned system. Duct cleaning service for a zoned system is similar to that for a whole-house single duct system, except that the runs from the central unit will be less complex, and because of the separately managed zones, some areas may need more cleaning than others. It’s wise to have a duct cleaning service every few years. This limits accumulated material and also bacteria and mold growth possibilities. It also provides a chance to check your home’s full duct runs for any leaks or other issues.

Changing Your Air Filter Helps in Many Ways

Your home’s furnace air filter or other main air intake filter gets dirty quickly, usually in a month or less. When it gets clogged, airflow problems cause long-term damage and even short-term repair needs such as icing, as we mentioned. It also affects the ability of your system to pump out great warm or cool air effectively, resulting in concerns that your HVAC equipment may need service. In many cases, a fresh air filter will allow your system to reach thermostat settings faster, a great solution! Our duct cleaning service can also check your filter to make sure your airflow is tested at full volume, and our HVAC team has equipment that can measure actual airflow rates and compare them over the system to identify any undiscovered blockages or pressure loss problems. In some ways, duct cleaning service is a lot like having your home’s drains cleaned from top to bottom, everything flows a lot better and you can avoid problems in the future that might arise as airflow gets compromised. One thing your home’s air filter doesn’t do, however, is catch the smaller particles and material in the air. It’s designed to protect the components of your HVAC system from gathering dust, hair, and debris. To limit dust in your home’s air and other material you might otherwise breathe in, we have indoor air quality options available including HEPA filters, air purifiers, humidity control, and germicidal UV lamps.

Additional Air Filtration and Purification

The fact that your ducts build up so much debris over time shows what’s in the air in your home. Typically, homes have up to five times the air quality problems that outdoor air does, circulating endlessly. We can install a HEPA filter much like the single-room units many people use for respiratory care but serving your entire home. We also have humidifiers and dehumidifiers controlled by your thermostat system, air purifiers that electrostatically remove contaminants from the air, and germicidal UV lamps that neutralize bacteria, viruses, and mold spores to prevent their reproduction and spread. Many of these kinds of features are common in commercial buildings, and they are also available to make your home a comfortable place to live and breathe, with controlled humidity and purer air you’ll enjoy. Central humidity management is also good for your skin, plants, books, wood, and other moisture-sensitive items around your home.

Your Duct Cleaning Service and General HVAC Care Company in Azle, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is here to provide all aspects of care for your Azle, TX home’s heating and cooling equipment, including your ducts. Our HVAC experts look at the system as a whole to ensure good airflow and comfort performance, and they are detail-oriented when they check, maintain, and repair your central AC, heat pump, furnace, and other equipment. We also provide replacement units carefully selected to serve your home and family well for years. For all your HVAC needs including indoor air quality, give us a call today!

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