Our Speciality Is Providing Exceptional AC Repair That’s Done Right The First Time | Arlington, TX

Our Speciality Is Providing Exceptional AC Repair That’s Done Right The First Time | Arlington, TX

Spending summer in Arlington, TX can be uncomfortable if you’re not prepared to deal with the sweltering heat. Temperatures rise to an average of 95 degrees during July and August with only a few days of rain for natural relief. Many homes and businesses alike depend upon air conditioning to keep people cool and safe, but what happens if your unit begins to malfunction and you need an AC repair?

Putting off an air conditioning service to save money is like putting duct tape on a flat tire. It just doesn’t work. Driving a car with a taped-up flat tire will lead to a damaged wheel and maybe an accident. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit isn’t going to rectify itself. The longer you ignore the problem the more expensive it will be to fix.

One-Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is different from any other AC repair company. We’re different because we believe everyone deserves to be comfortable no matter what the weather is doing. Our commitment to the community is demonstrated every time we do our job.

NATE-Certified, Experienced Technicians

Our reputation is made one AC repair at a time. Each of our technicians is an expert with the training and experience to provide the gold standard of customer service and efficient AC repair. We offer team members extremely attractive wages, a supportive work environment, on-the-job training, room for advancement, and a range of benefits.

The One-Hour Air Conditioning & Heating recruits the best and brightest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professionals. Our collective team represents decades of experience and innovation. HVAC technicians undergo years of education, and apprenticeship, and must receive NATE-Certification. We are fully insured and offer a satisfaction guarantee. It is our job to make sure you’re comfortable, and we make sure that happens during every AC repair!

Symptoms Your Air Conditioner Needs One-Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

There are a lot of air conditioner manufacturers out there and people use the technology differently. These circumstances make every AC repair different. That’s the tricky part because HVAC experts have to be able to adapt to the problem to fix it. Our team knows air conditioners and they know how to resolve both small and big issues, no matter how unusual.

There are a few red flags that are commonly found when an AC repair is necessary. By no means is this a comprehensive account, but it will give you a basic understanding of knowing when to call for professional help.

Frozen evaporator coils – the evaporator coils in your unit are such an important component. If something happens to the coils, then the AC cannot do its job. Warm air from inside your home or business is supposed to flow over the evaporator coils. If there isn’t enough warm air then the coolant freezes the coils.

The good news is that evaporator coils can be defrosted, the bad news is that it takes a full 24 hours. Waiting for an entire day to pass during a heatwave will make you sweat. That’s why we recommend our customers sign up for regular maintenance of their entire HVAC system. Routine service is typically scheduled on the shoulder of the approaching season. For example, in fall your furnace and boiler are reviewed and in spring you have an air conditioner service or AC repair.

Pools of water around the air conditioner – water is easy to dismiss until it becomes a problem. Chances are if there is a lot of water around your unit it isn’t working efficiently. A few drips here and there are normal but you shouldn’t be able to swim in it. An air conditioner has a water leak and is running up your electricity bills every month. In addition, water collecting from the unit may mean it needs attention quickly.

Humidity in an already hot house – perhaps this is a no-brainer but if you’re hot or sticky and your air conditioner isn’t getting you cool no matter how low you set the temperature in Arlington, TX then you need an AC repair from One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Malfunctioning air conditioners struggle to deal with the heat in Arlington, TX! In fact, sometimes top-of-the-line units have difficulty keeping folks comfortable and that may be due to the fact that they aren’t hiring a professional to service their air conditioner every spring.

Preparing your home for summer is as important as preparing your car for winter. There are many checks, reviews, and maintenance tasks that need to be done to ensure the optimal functioning of your unit. Routine care for your air conditioner isn’t a DIY activity. This isn’t something you can learn on YouTube. One mistake could ruin your unit costing you thousands of dollars to replace it and install a new model. Professional HVAC service from One-Hour Heating & Air is affordable and of excellent value.

Customer Testimonials

“I had a feeling my air conditioner was going to need an air conditioning repair when it started to get hot. I could hear it rattling when I turned it on like the fan was bent or something. I found a flier at the supermarket with the name and number of a fly-by-night HVAC technician who took apart my AC, charged me $300 and left to get parts, and never came back. I’ll never make that mistake again! Since my budget was blown, I searched the web for deals and found One-Hour. I told them about my bad experience and they came on the very same day to help me!!! Indeed, the polite and friendly technician found a faulty fan blade. Luckily for me, he had the parts necessary to fix it in the truck. Thank you for everything!”

Deanna Taylor-Garcia, Arlington resident

“I wouldn’t trust any other company with my HVAC system! One Hour goes above and beyond!”

Kristen James, Arlington resident

If you are in need of expert heating and air conditioning services, reach out to One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today!

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