Precision Heating And AC Repair For Great Performance And Amazing Comfort | North Richland Hills, TX

Precision Heating And AC Repair For Great Performance And Amazing Comfort | North Richland Hills, TX

Your heating and air conditioning equipment works hard and handles wear and tear, but it responds well to careful servicing and heating and AC repair in North Richland Hills, TX. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth delivers expert care for your furnace, heat pump, air conditioning, and other HVAC equipment that helps it last longer and perform better from year to year. Our frequent training updates for the experienced professionals on our team keep them up to date on the latest heating and AC repair techniques and tools and review our company’s high customer service standards and practices so you can always count on great service from respectful, informative professionals. We’ve been serving local homeowners and businesses since 1988, providing heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services as well as information to help you save with the latest programs for system upgrades and new equipment installation. We know that there’s nothing like reliable indoor comfort and breathable air that you can rely on, with the most efficient use of your energy supply.

Maintenance Is the Key to Reliability and Efficiency

Our heating and AC repair team takes maintenance seriously because it’s where we can head off any emerging problems before your system is working hard to keep you warm or cool for the season. It’s also the time to boost your efficiency with tune-ups and cleaning, and ensure that, for furnaces, the combustion is at its best and the heat exchanger is solid so you don’t have dangerous gasses, including carbon monoxide, escaping into your duct system and spreading throughout your home. For your outdoor AC unit, maintenance is when our heating and AC repair team removes the debris that’s brought in by winter storms and small animals and takes care of any damage done by either of these. An expert inspection and careful testing of key components by our heating and AC repair experts can cover a lot of ground quickly, from checking with a sniffer for refrigerant leaks and coil damage, to the electrical system and motor testing to ensure everything is reliable and strong for the hard work your AC does in the summer.

Cleaning May Be Basic, But It’s Essential

Cleanliness, for your outdoor condenser unit and indoor evaporator unit, is the key to good performance by your unit, including efficiency for both sets of coils since they cool better when they’re clean. Your electrical components have a better chance of making solid contact, and motors struggle less when they’re clean and lubricated and running freely with fresh belts as needed. Clean condensate drains inside don’t pool water and grow algae, overflowing onto your basement floor or, worse, into your attic or other space where they can make a mess and drip into ceilings below. Clearing around your AC unit can help it do its work, especially the cooling fan outdoors which needs proper airflow to disperse the heat transferred from inside your home. Even your refrigerant lines going into and out of your house need to be uncovered and inspected, protected from damage to the pipes or insulation that can lead to repair calls later on. Don’t forget the air filter replacement, which should be done monthly and is easy for homeowners to do. A clogged air filter leads to poor airflow and ineffective heating and cooling, as well as the icing of the AC unit. A messy furnace can be a hazard, so it’s good to clean it up and clear the area around it. Finally, your duct system should be cleaned thoroughly every few years to remove accumulated dust, pollen, pet dander, airborne chemicals and grease, and anything else airborne that settled in there.

How Cleaning Keeps Your Heating and AC Repair Costs Down

From heavily clogged ducts that not only disperse old airborne material back into your home’s air and slow air circulation, to the air filter issues just mentioned, there are also lots of ways that keeping your system clean is important to avoid repairs and premature system replacement. If your air intakes and vents are blocked by items piled on the floor on top of them or furniture placed in front of them, you’ll get much less effective heating and cooling, and may even call our heating and AC repair team to find out why your system isn’t working very well. It’s good news when we discover that you don’t need a new system just yet, it’s just an airflow issue! Our experts can measure and evaluate your AC and furnace performance and output, check your airflow by the numbers, and otherwise keep track of your overall HVAC system performance. This can be especially helpful in showing how simple changes can improve things, and also provide information that helps you plan for the eventual replacement of your AC unit, heat pump, or furnace when frequent repairs or dwindling performance make it a wise decision.

Furnace and AC Tune-Ups for Safety and Efficiency

One of the most important reasons to choose the right heating and AC repair team is to ensure that they provide skilled tune-ups for your AC, heat pump, and furnace systems. Proper tuning of your system’s performance gets the most out of your energy costs, limits wear and tear on the unit, and in the case of your furnace, ensures that it burns clean and the heat exchanger is undamaged. The heat exchanger is a protective device that provides a barrier between the burner system and air circulation system, so that heat travels across, but not the combustion gasses including carbon monoxide that aren’t healthy for your family. If your carbon monoxide alarm is issuing warnings or you smell odors from your ducts, our heating and AC repair team can respond quickly to correct the problem and protect your family. In some cases, AC systems can leak refrigerant in gas form into your ducts, resulting in a sweetish or chloroform-like smell. In this case, as well, turning off your system and calling us for a fast emergency response is important.

The Better Your Comfort, the Less Wear and Tear on Your System

There’s an interesting connection between comfort and wear on your system that our heating and AC repair team can help with. It’s not just temperature-related! Humidity and other air quality factors including breathability can lead you to adjust for more heating or cooling because you don’t feel comfortable when a bit more or less moisture in the air might make a bigger difference, or having cleaner air and breathing more easily might help as well. If your system doesn’t have to work as hard, you save on energy and repairs! Modern systems use new technologies to adjust the heating and cooling performance that affect comfort as well, resulting in less “overshoot” and temperature changes, so you can relax and just enjoy your comfort at home.

Indoor Air Quality Plays an Important Role in Your Comfort

Connecting comfort with savings is a great way to lead into discussing our heating and AC repair team’s indoor air quality services. We provide ways of checking your air and many add-on systems that connect to your ducts near your furnace and AC or heat pump connection, controlling humidity, providing whole-house HEPA filtration, cleaning the air from contaminants including airborne chemicals with air purification, and neutralizing airborne material such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores so they can’t land and multiply on the material in your ducts or around your house. It’s easy to get these devices installed and maintained along with the rest of your system. Our heating and AC repair team can tell you about them when we visit for maintenance or other services, and our customer care team can provide additional information as well. With today’s indoor air running up to five times worse than outdoor air quality, indoor air quality care by our heating and AC repair team is becoming an essential service for many homeowners, especially those who have people with respiratory sensitivities living there or visiting.

Your Main Air Filter’s Many Roles

While indoor air quality equipment helps protect your health and home with consistent moisture control and purer air, your HVAC system’s main air filter keeps larger airborne material from circulating. This may include hair, pet fur, dust clumps, dirt, pollen, and other material that gets sucked into your air intakes, even fabric threads, feathers from pillows and comforters, whatever goes in that shouldn’t pass through your AC evaporator or furnace heat exchanger and make a mess. This also helps keep the volume of material passing through your ducts down, so you need duct cleaning service less often. Remember, your system keeps operating even if you’re cleaning and kicking up dust, doing light construction and spreading dust, or otherwise filling the air with the material. Your basic air filter is there to make sure it doesn’t all wind up in places where our heating and AC repair team has to clean it out of delicate coils, fan motors, heat exchanger passages, or anywhere else that it could cause damage or reduce efficiency.

Your main air filter reveals how much is in your air every day by filtering out enough to slow air circulation over the course of a month or so. This is only the big stuff, too, which is why we recommend indoor air quality care as well. As the basic air filter clogs, the reduced airflow makes air circulation equipment work harder, wearing out motors and belts much faster than would otherwise happen. You’ll also experience weaker air circulation so that warm and cool air won’t reach your rooms as well, especially those at the ends of duct runs or across the room from the vent. That weaker air circulation has an effect on your air conditioning that can require urgent heating and AC repair team attention, as condensation from the AC process has a chance to freeze due to the reduced airflow. You can experience the icing of your evaporator coil and require a service call to safely deice the delicate coils. All because of an easily changed air filter!

How Precision Care Saves You Energy

Our professional heating and AC repair experts go beyond getting your system to work and keep you somewhat comfortable, our standards include working efficiently and reliably, and keeping your family comfortable at the best cost. Our precision skills allow us to perform expert tune-ups according to manufacturer recommendations. We check burner effectiveness, ignitor performance, AC and heat pump compressor condition, and refrigerant levels, and even scan for leaks using special equipment. We can also measure your airflow and other factors that affect your system’s performance.

Efficiency Care That Seems Routine Until You See the Savings

When we measure your airflow, use infrared scans to see heat loss or cooling issues, check furnace combustion, measure motor performance and current draw, or perform other scientific tests, we use the information to optimize your system. That means we’re looking at the details, and using precision measurements to find places where your system isn’t measuring up and we can make a difference. Sometimes it’s as simple as using the evidence to find a clogged vent or intake, other times a hidden damper door deep in your duct system has stopped adjusting airflow. Our precision care results in better performance and energy savings.

Your Precision Heating and AC Repair Team in North Richland Hills, TX

Do you like your heating and AC repair work done right the first time and with precision care? At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we provide scheduled and emergency service for your North Richland Hills, TX home or business that exceeds expectations, from careful furnace tune-ups and expert AC maintenance to heating and AC repair that takes care of problems affecting your comfort and the life expectancy of your heating and cooling systems. Call us today and find out why so many area homeowners have trusted us, some for over 20 years!

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