Prepping Your HVAC System for the Upcoming Winter Season | Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX

Prepping Your HVAC System for the Upcoming Winter Season | Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX

December is on its way already. Have you prepped yourself to meet the stormiest storms, snowfall, Christmas holidays, and New Year’s Eve? Well, you must if you haven’t already!

By prepping yourself we don’t mean getting nice clothes and shoes only. We mean prepping your home so that it doesn’t get damaged. Indoor heating and AC in Frisco, TX, and elsewhere is managed by the homes’ HVAC appliances and system. While it is important to always keep the system up-to-date and well-maintained, it is particularly important to take care of your HVAC system in winter because of the extreme weather conditions. This you can do by hiring a professional for heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX.

Before we go on to discuss what needs to be done, let us first take a deeper look at the picture.

The Winter Effect

Because of the malfunctioning or broken down HVAC system, you will have to bear the extreme weather conditions, which may result in other damages and health problems. Moreover, snowfall and storms also tend to harm the longevity of your HVAC system if it fails to ventilate properly. An added benefit of keeping your HVAC system in good shape amid winter is that it will help you save on some plumbing costs. Yes, proper heating will keep the pipes in our home from freezing.

Winter is also the peak season for service providers of heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX, so if you need to get emergency services, it will be hard to find a reliable provider there and then. For all these reasons, it is important for you to proactively schedule a maintenance visit before winter kicks in.

Steps to Tempest-Proof Your Heating and AC Unit in Frisco, TX

Do you think your home’s HVAC system is prepared to deal with the winter effects? Remember, that a storm can be really far-reaching in terms of the losses/costs that you bear to get your HVAC system working again. Ensure hiring a professional for heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX, to ascertain that you, your family, and your house are protected against HVAC emergencies and consequent losses.

At One Hour Heating and Air, every client is seen as part of the family. The provider has numerous satisfied clients as the experts ensure guaranteed results and 100% safety. The professionals will even guide you on what measures to undertake to ensure minimum impact of storms on your system and home.

Here is some of what you can do during storms/rain to keep your HVAC unit safe.

·     Necessary Precautions

Needless to say, prevention is FAR better than cure. This is the reason we will first discuss the precautions that you should take to minimize losses and the risk of emergencies during winter.

  • Remove free objects– Amid storms, it is the heavy-flowing winds that cause major losses and damages. No, solid winds will not directly harm your HVAC unit outside, but the objects that come flying definitely can. To ensure your HVAC system remains unharmed, put away any free objects that might be lying around.
  • Cover the unit– This, of course, is for the external unit only. This step is again important to ensure that the unit is safe and no external object harms it. Sometimes, things can even get jumbled up in the condenser, resulting in an HVAC problem. Put a tight cover ahead of the tempest to avert the losses and costs associated with heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX.
  • Bring in hail guards– If your area sees good snow or hail, consider installing hail guards or monitors on the outdoor unit to avert the risks.

·     During Storm/Rain

Although you can’t fully prevent damages when a storm is already there, it is strongly advised for you to turn both the breakers off, i.e., at the thermostats and the breaker box. This will help in minimizing or stopping the damages your HVAC unit is prone to getting.

·     Post-Storm Actions

There is just one important thing that the experts dealing in Heating and AC Repair service in Frisco, TX suggest getting done when the storm finally ends. Once the storm has passed, you need to pick up your phone and call a reliable service provider for heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX, to evaluate the system. The experts will check everything and see if there is a need to replace anything to reset your indoor unit.

Professional Maintenance

As mentioned before, it is best to prevent potential damages than to wait for an emergency or a problem to occur before you call the professionals.

This is even more important if the HVAC system you have has been there for a while or has aged. An aged system will not be able to bear the effects of hail or strong winds. The professionals will thoroughly check the system and suggest getting it repaired or replaced to prevent chaos amid already extreme weather conditions. That’s just one way how scheduling maintenance visit with the professionals of heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX, can help.

Apart from this, there are a few early signs of damages or potential problems that you must observe your HVAC system for. Early identification can avert huge losses and all the trouble that malfunctioning HVAC systems can bring to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners fail to realize the importance of scheduling regular maintenance. They also do not realize how essential it is to only trust the professionals with their expensive units/appliances, such as HVAC. They majorly do this to save a few bucks. Sadly, little do they realize the potential losses they will have to bear against these minor savings.

Don’t believe this myth. It is good to spend a few extra bucks and get the problem fixed permanently than save some money and make yourself prone to frequently-occurring HVAC problems

Since winter is on its way already, it is about time you hire a professional for heating and AC in Frisco, TX, to ensure you make the most of the season without any worries and losses. Call 817-283-6911 now to schedule an appointment with the experts at One Hour Heating and Air.