Protecting Yourself from Heating and AC Repair Needs in Frisco, TX

Protecting Yourself from Heating and AC Repair Needs in Frisco, TX

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Do you want to make sure that you don’t need heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX? There’s no way to 100% stop the need for repairs. However, there are ways that you can reduce the cost of repairs or the frequency. That’s definitely going to make it easier for you to enjoy your home and make sure that it’s always the most comfortable temperature. So, what should you be doing in order to provide the right amount of protection for your furnace and your AC unit?

Cover Exterior Components of the AC Unit

If you have a built-in AC system one way to avoid heating and AC repair is to cover up the exterior portion of your AC. You want to make sure that it’s protected and insulated from the cold outside. It doesn’t need to be a heavy blanket or cover. You can use something basic, but you just want to keep out a little bit of the chill and make sure that it’s not going to freeze. If you have a window unit you should remove it from the window and store it somewhere warm and dry during the cold months, when you don’t need it.

Clear Drain Channels to Allow Release of Moisture

The drain channels that flow through your AC can get filled with moisture and if that moisture sits while you’re not using the unit it can cause damage. That means you’ll definitely be in need of heating and AC repair in Frisco, TX. Instead, you want to clear out the drain channels so that you can get rid of all of the excess moisture that’s going through there. That means it’s not going to freeze or stagnate during the cold months when you’re not using your AC.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil gets dirty over time, even if you’re being really careful about changing out and cleaning the air filter. This is just a normal course of events so make sure that you’re doing what you can to clean it out frequently. You should do this routinely, though not as frequently as you clean the air filter. Just take apart the unit and take a close look at the coil. If you don’t clean it when it starts getting dirty you could end up needing heating and AC repair.

Change Out the Air Filter

The air filter on your air conditioner is going to get dirty and clogged over time. After all, you’re pushing a whole lot of air through and your AC is going to pull in some air as well. So, it’s important to swap out the filter and to clean it frequently. If the air filter gets too clogged up with dirt and debris you’re going to see a big decrease in how your air conditioner works and you’re definitely going to need to call a professional for heating and AC repair. And all for want of a few minutes of cleaning out your filter.

Open All the Air Vents

You may have heard that it’s a good idea to close up the vents of rooms that you’re not using so you don’t have to pay to heat those spaces. Well, the truth is that you could be causing damage and strain on your furnace when you do that. You want to make sure you actually keep all of your air vents open so that your furnace is working properly and is pushing air through the rooms of your house the right way. Keeping those vents closed could mean that you need heating and AC repair a whole lot sooner than you would think.

Keep the Temperature Moderate

Changing the temperature of your home too dramatically different from what’s going on outside can create a whole lot of problems for your furnace. It causes the furnace to work a lot harder in contrast to the temperature that’s pressing in on your house from the outside. This can cause damage to the furnace and you’ll find yourself in need of heating and AC repair in your Frisco, TX home. That’s definitely going to be a problem because now you’re going to be without your heat for a period of time to get it fixed.

Increase Your Overall Humidity

Too much dry air in your house can actually result in damage to the furnace as well. That’s because the dry air is more likely to create static electricity, which could be harmful for you as well as any of the appliances n your home. You could find that it’s actually harder to get your home to heat up and you could also end up with more temperature difficulty and more energy costs. None of those things are something you want, but they can absolutely happen if you’re not using a humidifier in your space.

Keep the Temperature Consistent

Finally, keeping a consistent temperature is far better than adjusting the temperature frequently. In fact, if you can keep the temperature consistent year round you’re going to be better off, but if you at least keep it consistent for a full season you’re going to make sure your furnace doesn’t need to work quite as much. That keeps you from needing heating and AC repair as frequently. Make sure you’re not adjusting your thermostat too frequently, which you can do really well by setting up a program for your thermostat.

If you’re following each of these tips you’re going to be setting yourself up for even more success when it comes to your furnace and your AC. You want to make sure that you don’t need too much heating and AC repair in your Frisco, TX home and that’s going to happen a whole lot easier if you take care of all of these things. Just take a little bit of time each year to follow through with these and you’ll definitely be off to a great start.