Quick and Efficient Heating and AC Services Fort Worth, TX

Quick and Efficient Heating and AC Services Fort Worth, TX

While many home owners might think that getting your heating and AC repaired when it breaks down will save you more than regular maintenance checks, nothing could be further from the truth.

Contrary to popular belief, regular maintenance of your home or business heating and AC system is more likely to save you money than the costs you can expect to pay in replacement and repairs when the systems malfunction.

Benefits of Heating and AC System Maintenance

The best time to get your systems checked is before the onset of the season. That means you should get your ACs checked for possible faults before winter and your heating system checked in spring. One Hour Heating and AC service has trained and experienced technicians in Forth Worth, TX that you can call 24/7 to perform regular maintenance checks for your heater and air conditioner.

Here, we have identified six major advantages of regular maintenance of heating and AC systems.

Energy Efficiency

Heating systems consume fuel which costs a lot of money. Fuel prices are usually higher during winter months when demand is the greatest. While this can cause your energy bills to rise, inefficiencies in the heating system due to delayed maintenance can further increase consumption and send the costs through the roof.

Many types of problems can develop in the heating system which may make it inefficient and increase the fuel consumption. For example, leakages in the ducts can cause the warm air to escape the circulation ducts and cause the heater to keep running for extra time. Similarly, blocked air filters can reduces the inflow of air into the heater causing it to develop inefficiencies.

Getting your HVAC checked for maintenance ensures that your heater is working at optimum efficiency during winter which saves costs of repair as well as fuel consumption.

Better Air Quality

The hot or cool air from your heating or AC moves through the duct work to change the temperature to the desired degree. The air filter is put in place to ensure that this air is free from dust particles or pollutants that decrease the air quality in circulation.

Common contaminants that can pollute the air include dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, pet dander or mildew.

If the heating and AC systems are not maintained properly, the particulates can form layer of dust on the surfaces inside your home or business. These particles can also cause problems from people suffering from allergies or breathing disorders like asthma.

Improved Life of Your Heating and AC System

The components inside your heating and AC systems are interconnected. A slight malfunction in one component can cause damage in another one. For instance, if the fuse and breakers in your AC become worn out, they can cause damage to the motor or compressor in your AC.

Problems with the thermostat may cause your AC to keep cooling continuously which can also damage the motors or evaporator coils to become frosted.

Getting regular checks on your heating and AC ensures that all the components are working correctly. Any parts that require changing like filters or pilots can be replaced while pipes and ducts kept cleared of leakages and blocks. This ensures that your system keeps working for a long time at optimum efficiency.

Provides Improved Safety

Your heating and air conditioner generate a small amount of carbon monoxide during normal function. The gas is produced in very small quantity and special piping within the AC or Heater is designed to carry it outside.

However, if your systems are neglected and not inspected regularly they could develop problems. For example the engine could start producing more carbon monoxide or a leakage in the pipe cold start releasing the gas inside your building.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas and can become very dangerous in confined space. The gas is not flammable but it can cause breathing problems and suffocate people. In an enclosed room, even a 10% concentration of carbon monoxide can cause people to lose consciousness. It can be fatal in 5 to 15 minutes.

If you have a gas heater installed in your home, it can also be potentially dangerous. A gad heater uses natural gas which flows into the furnace to heat the water. Any leakage in your gas pipe can cause an accumulation of the gas if your heater is placed indoors.

Natural gas is extremely inflammable and even the slightest spark can start a fire in an instant.

We highly recommend getting your heating and Air Conditioner systems checked at least once a year to make sure that there are no leakages or potential hazards with your HVAC systems.

Increases Reliability of Your Systems during Usage

There is nothing worse than a breakdown of your heating in the middle of a cold winter night or problems with your Air conditioners cooling during a hot summer day.

Yet your heating and air conditioning systems are likely to break down in the middle of the season when they are being used most frequently.

A maintenance check of the systems before the start of seasonal usage ensures that your systems will function at maximum operational efficiency. It also lowers the chance of breakdown considerably and helps you avoid stressful middle of the night repairs.

 Lower Cost of Repairs

Regular maintenance of your heating and AC systems in Forth Worth, TX significantly reduces the chances of breakdown in the middle of usage.

Nonetheless, mechanical equipment can still break down occasionally despite maintenance. This happens more frequently for heating and ACs which are close to the end of their lifetime. While new systems can also break down, due to incorrect installation by an inexperienced technician, old system are more likely to develop malfunctions due to problems with multiple components at the same time.

It is highly unlikely that a major component failure will occur if the heating and AC system in your home or business was inspected less than three months ago, but minor problems with old parts can still cause your system to go out of order. A regular maintenance can help you make sure that the cost of getting your system repaired is low.