Reasons To Call Your AC Repair Experts For Furnace Short-Cycling | Keller, TX

Reasons To Call Your AC Repair Experts For Furnace Short-Cycling | Keller, TX

Furnace short cycling is the switching off and on of the furnace system without it reaching the thermostat temperatures. Have you noticed this phenomenon in your furnace? Is your furnace turning on and off suddenly? Then you might notice that suddenly, your home is not warm to your preferred temperatures. It leaves you and your family uncomfortable and in the cold.

Whenever the temperatures drop too low from what you’ve set on the thermostat, the furnace should turn on if it is properly working. It will warm your home until it reaches the thermostat set temperature, then turn it off. However, if the thermostat is frequently turning on and off, that is a sign that you should have it inspected by an AC repair technician. However, frequent furnace cycles mean an underlying problem with the unit. Below is the main cause of short furnace cycling:

Flame Sensor Deterioration

When the furnace burns fuel, the system produces small volumes of water in the heating process. This can cause the metals of the furnace to rust or corrode. Hence, the corrosion will trigger frequent short cycling of the furnace, which can put your home at risk of fire. To avoid this problem, routine maintenance of your furnace by an technician is critical. The technician will clean and inspect the flame sensor during the maintenance visit. Because this requires working with electricity and serious and dangerous gasses that are flammable, it is better left to a trained professional.


If your temperature-monitoring components are defective, your furnace will likely overheat and shut down. One of the most frequent causes of brief cycling is frequent overheating. This is, in most instances, caused by serious problems that need timely AC repairs. Most modern furnaces will have a built-in safety feature that controls temperature. A broken heat exchanger can also bring on short cycling.

Contaminated Air Filters

Your furnace may short cycle for various reasons, including a simple filthy air filter. Airflow is obstructed by dirty air filters, which finally leads to a backup. This implies that warm air will stay in the furnace rather than being disseminated around your Keller, TX, home. Your furnace’s internal temperature will increase, resulting in a system shutdown. The extra furnace will cycle at that time. Have an AC repair technician replace your furnace air filters at the start of each filter or per the instructions provided with your system to avoid blockages. Of course, please contact a licensed HVAC expert if you have any queries or worries regarding your furnace filter.

Clogged Flue

Objects and pests like birds can enter the vent pipe or the furnace flue and clog it. In response, the furnace will shut down to protect you and the family from the effects of dangerous or poisonous carbon monoxide. Therefore, this will result in short-cycling that a professional must immediately address. The effects of short cycling are detrimental to your furnace and must be addressed by a licensed heating and AC repair technician. Otherwise, you may be forced to replace some components or even the entire unit should you ignore this critical sign.

Too Large Furnace for Your Indoor Space

It is true. Your home’s furnace might be too large for it. If your furnace is too big, it will unevenly and quickly heat your home. Your furnace will begin to short cycle to keep your home at a constant temperature. Poor insulation is another element that contributes to short cycling in an enormous furnace. Due to the extra heat that larger furnaces produce, most of the energy and energy will leak out through cracks, holes, and poor seals.

Your furnace will start short cycling due to energy and heat loss to maintain the desired temperature. Hence, it is recommended that you consult an experienced AC repair technician when purchasing a furnace. They will help you choose the right unit by considering factors such as the size of your family, your location’s weather, and even the size of your home.


A broken thermostat may be to blame for short cycling. The simplest and easiest thing a homeowner can do if their furnace is short cycling is to examine if their thermostat is working properly. Homeowners frequently overlook turning their thermostats to heating mode. The furnace system will start to short cycle as a result. Check your thermostat to ensure it is in the “heat” position before disassembling the parts of your furnace. Call an AC repair expert for an inspection.

Air Leaks

Finally, sometimes the issue is as straightforward as inadequate insulation. Before assuming that a bigger problem causes the short cycling of your furnace system, check the windows to determine if any are open or improperly sealed. If any seals allow air to get through, freshly warm air from your furnace is likely escaping via the window. This prevents your furnace from properly heating your Keller, TX, home, resulting in short cycling. You must caulk the area around the window frames to stop this from happening such that warm air stays contained inside. But, if this isn’t the case, speak with an AC repair expert to identify and resolve your furnace’s problems.

Damaged Ignition System

A damaged hot surface igniter might be another cause of brief cycling. Your furnace will promptly turn off to prevent gas build-ups if the hot surface ignitor isn’t working properly or the furnace’s pilot light is going out (particularly on older models). Whenever you notice that the furnace ignition system is damaged, you should have it inspected by a heating and AC repair technician.

A furnace is a critical appliance for any Keller, TX, home, especially during the cold season. Hence, such signs of short cycling should always be reported to a heating and AC repair technician for resolution. Hence, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

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