Residential AC Repair: Benefits of Air Duct Sealing | Grapevine, TX

Residential AC Repair: Benefits of Air Duct Sealing | Grapevine, TX

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Leaking ducts not only lead to loss of energy but also increase the workload on your air conditioner, increasing the chances of wear and tear. Ducts that leak about 20 percent of the conditioned air can make the system work harder by about 50 percent to compensate for the lost cool air.

Duct systems are usually found in spaces that aren’t air-conditioned, including the attic, basement, crawlspace, or garage. Once the ducts start leaking, they lose a lot of cooled air into these spaces.

That is why your contractor should carry out regular AC repairs and inspections to find and fix any leaks in the air ducts. These leaks usually manifest in terms of holes, tears, and loose joints. The technicians use mastic or acrylic-adhesive tape to seal the perforations on duct walls. The following reasons spell out why you should prioritize scheduling regular repair plans for the ductwork of your cooling system.

Reduced Utility Bills

Leaking air ducts not only sucks the cooled air you need from your home but also increases the workload on your air conditioning system. It makes the air conditioner use extra power to cool your Grapevine, TX, home, and this reflects in your monthly energy bill.

Whenever you notice that your monthly energy bill goes beyond the normal range, it is time to schedule an AC repair appointment with your trusted company. The professionals assigned to your home will look for leaks emanating from holes, tears, or loose connections and fix them, restoring enough cool air to your home. An air conditioner in tip-top condition uses less energy than a faulty one. Most importantly, it efficiently produces cool air to maintain good air quality in your home.

Improved Air Quality

Needless to say, whenever the air ducts are leaking, the amount of cool air entering your home becomes inadequate. This leaves you with stuffy and hot rooms that are uncomfortable to stay in. Pollen, dust particles, and particles from chemicals also infiltrate your Grapevine, TX, home whenever fresh air is not circulating within the house due to a faulty air conditioner with leaking air ducts. Perforated air ducts can siphon dust from spaces such as the attic and basement. The dust mixes with the clean and cool air entering your home and penetrates all rooms in your home. This, in turn, degrades the indoor air quality and can endanger your health.

For this reason, you should let the heating and air conditioning contractor you rely on conduct frequent repairs to your AC unit. The technician on duty should identify the root cause of the leaks and restore the air quality in your home by sealing the air ducts.

Increased Longevity

The average lifespan of an AC unit is between 15 and 20 years. However, when not properly taken care of by conducting frequent AC repairs and inspections, the period reduces. It leaves you with no choice but to replace the whole unit since it can no longer perform efficiently. For instance, when the air conditioner starts leaking and you don’t seek prompt help from a technician to offer repairs, the rate of damage increases. The system strains to supply cool air, increasing the rate of wear and tear.

When the professionals conduct planned and frequent AC repairs, you can enjoy the services of the air conditioner for a longer time. You’ll realize the benefits since you won’t incur the cost of replacement. Inspections are usually comprehensive and therefore minimize the chance of enlarged air duct perforations.

Increased Household Safety

Some homeowners choose to use gas-operated appliances such as water heaters, dryers, and ovens in their homes. While operating, these appliances release toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide, and the gases can find their way into the ventilation ducts. However, leaking vents can draw the poisonous gases back to your house through a process known as back-drafting. The gases are a safety risk to your home and can also pose a health hazard to pets living in the house.

To avoid risks of fire and infection, always plan for frequent AC repair. The specialists will scour the entire air conditioner, looking for leaks in the air ducts as well as other defects, and if they find any, they will seal them promptly and in a proper manner, guaranteeing the safety of your home.

Increased Environmental Conservation

Fossil fuels generate some of the electricity used by the air conditioner in your home. Therefore, using your AC directly translates to environmental degradation. When the ducts are leaking and improperly sealed, the AC strain to produce the needed cool air. They, in turn, consume more energy, a hit to the environment since natural resources will be in high demand to generate more energy.

When you seek AC repair and maintenance services regularly, the condition of your aAC components, including the ductwork, remains in good working condition. This means your AC will work effortlessly, saving more energy and providing comfort to your home.

Cleaner Evaporator Coil

Leaking air ducts bring attic and crawlspace air into your air conditioner. When this happens, your evaporator coil could get damaged because the dust, debris, and other particles might settle on it. Since some homeowners run their ACs often during summers, the amount of dust on the coil can only increase if the ducts are improperly sealed. When the evaporator coil is wet and dirty, microbes can grow and produce a foul smell. This can make the coil defective, and such a defect can affect the efficiency of your AC.

To prevent the possibility of a damaged evaporator coil in your AC, contact a reputable company to offer you regular AC repair and maintenance solutions.

An AC Repair Company You Can Trust

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