Routine Services Offered by an Air Conditioning Service Provider | Plano, TX

Routine Services Offered by an Air Conditioning Service Provider | Plano, TX

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Summer in Texas can be extreme, and without a reliable air conditioner, keeping yourself cool can be tricky. But if you stay within or near Plano, TX, you need not worry. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, a professional air conditioning service provider, will sort all your air conditioning system problems. You wouldn’t want to go through a hot season with a faulty air conditioning unit or without one. It can be very uncomfortable.

Before the summer begins, ensure that your conditioner has gotten repaired or replaced depending on the best option to take. Contact this expert in offering the right air conditioning service to your unit. It might be your first time and are wondering about the type of air conditioning service to enjoy from this HVAC expert. No need to fret; in this article, you will be enlightened of what a heating and ac service can do for your cooling unit. Also, you will receive essential knowledge about your air conditioning system. The following are services offered by the One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating:

Air Conditioning Repair

You may get worried that because your conditioning system serves a large commercial building, a HVAC company may not have the capacity to solve its problem or install a new one. No need to worry because One Hour consist of a team of skilled and experienced HVAC technicians who are knowledgeable of all models and brands of air conditioning units. They will serve both commercial and residential air conditioning needs. Also, they will not only install any air conditioning system but also diagnose and rectify any problem as soon as they review your unit’s issue.

But you can’t just call any air conditioning service provider; contact an HVAC expert. People living in Plano and its surroundings are lucky to have One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. In case of any problem or require a new system to get installed, you only need to contact them. Unqualified air conditioning service providers can cost you more money and time. But with this team of experts, you need not worry. Thanks to the team of qualified professionals in HVAC servicing and installation. Besides, these technicians are NATE – certified. By employing their services, you get assured of a cool home or office while the scourging sun bakes the earth during the day.

Air Conditioning Installation

A failing air conditioner can be frustrating. But an expert air conditioning service provider will come to your rescue. If your unit has lived for ten or more years and is giving you problems, the best option is to install a new one. The company’s skilled HVAC contactors will advise on the best model to connect based on your needs, space, and money. Sometimes a cooling unit may require repairs that exceed half the price of a new air conditioner. In such a case, it gets recommended that you replace it with a new one.

Thanks to the advent of technology, things are getting better and more efficient. Air conditioning systems have not to get left behind. Currently, cooling systems function faster, better, and are energy-saving. You may, therefore, decide to change your current air conditioning unit with a modern model for better performance. Whichever the reason, they will professionally connect a new cooling system for you. Also, they will advise the unit ideal for your needs and type of building.

To avoid installing a new air conditioning unit too soon, or before the system outlives its life, you should perform a regular checkup. Frequent maintenance of your HVAC system will not only save you money but also extend the life of your unit. Also, you will get to notice early signs of a future problem and prevent it before it appears. In doing so, you get to save money you could have used in buying new parts and paying HVAC experts who would have performed an air conditioning service.

One Hour is renowned for performing regular air conditioning maintenance services for people in Plano, TX, and its environs. You only need to call their warm and welcoming customer service to book an appointment. You and the skilled HVAC technicians will arrange for a regular checkup of your cooling unit.

Unfortunately, some air conditioning system users fail to know when their cooling systems are experiencing problems. As a result, they contact a professional air conditioning service provider, unnecessarily. Some air conditioning issues could be as a result of power being off. If you live in Plano, TX, first confirm that your system is faulty before calling a heating and ac service. If you are wondering how to discover that your air conditioner needs an expert for air conditioning service, here is what you should look for;

Signs of a Faulty Air Conditioning System

  • If you turn on your cooling system but don’t produce any cold air
  • When your air conditioning unit produces unusual noises
  • If you discover a smoky smell when you turn on your cooling system or while it runs
  • Your system shuts off a few minutes after putting it on
  • Failure to turn on

Any or some of the above issues indicate that you should seek services of a professional air conditioning service provider. Besides, the company’s skilled technicians ensure that you continue enjoying the comfort of your home by attending to your air conditioner’s problem immediately.

Moreover, you can call them on any day and time as they operate 24/7. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about your emergency cases that happen at night or during holidays. You only need to contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating.


As a renowned HVAC expert, you will have your cooling system diagnosed correctly and fixed with the right remedy. Besides, this company cares about its customers and offers affordable services. Suffer no more! Contact the One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for all your air conditioning system needs.