Signs That Your Heating and AC System Needs Repair Dallas, TX

Signs That Your Heating and AC System Needs Repair Dallas, TX

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Picture this. You’re planning to host a family reunion at your house during the summer, and it’s the most awaited time of the year by your family members. Then, out of the blue, your heating and AC system breaks down the night before the guests arrive. What do you do?

You have to start looking for emergency repair services, or your family suffers under the scorching temperatures. In the end, the event won’t be fun.

Most likely, your HVAC system had shown signs that it needs repair, but you didn’t note them. To avoid such a scenario in the future, here are some of the signs that indicate you need heating and AC repair:

Hot Air from the AC

A couple of things could cause hot air to emerge from the AC system:

A Dirty Air Filter

A clogged air filter hinders proper airflow and can also cause the heating and AC system to freeze. Once you suspect the system is frozen, you should turn the air conditioner off, allow it to settle for some time, then restart it.

If the system is still not cooling off, switch it off and turn to a heating and AC repair technician for help.

Blocked Drain Line

If there is a less free flow of air in the drain line, condensate rarely dries up. As a result, water accumulates on the evaporator coil that eventually freezes.

If the coil is left unattended, it will amass to a block of ice, and the AC will have a hard time producing fresh air. You are required to turn off the air conditioner as you wait for the ice to melt so that you can clean up the condensate line.

Low Refrigerant or a Leak in the Refrigerant

Even if you are curious, never attempt to refill the refrigerant by yourself. The reason being, an undercharged or overcharged refrigerator will affect the performance of the unit negatively.

A professional in heating and AC repair is needed to perform a leak test and fix leakages.

No Air Coming Out of the AC

Once you notice that the Heating and AC system is running but producing no air, be sure to check out for the following:

Air Ventilation

Depending on your environment, layers of dust may build up on the vents. It blocks the flow of air. If left unattended, you may need a heating and AC repair technician to fix the vents.

The Outdoor Units

Just like the vents, the outdoor unit may get some dirt and debris. Hence, it’s advisable to clean up the unit regularly. If you clean it up and the AC system is still not functioning, then it’s time for heating and AC repair.

It’s recommended that you seek the help of a heating and AC repair professional in Dallas, TX.

The Compressor

The Compressor is a crucial part of the system. If it fails, it becomes unable to pump refrigerant through the whole system. A malfunctioning compressor is a big problem, and it’s better repaired than left unattended.

The Fan In The Outdoor Unit

If the outdoor unit fan fails to run, it’s a sign that the breaker has also failed. It can be solved by resetting your AC system. However, if you run the AC and you hear an unusual sound, it could be pointing out a more severe problem. The fan blade may be unbalanced.

This calls for quick action. Turn off the heating and AC system immediately and call a reputable AC repair technician in Dallas, TX.

A Foul Smell

A nasty smell is a warning signal. If your heating and AC system is emitting a foul odor, try finding out where the smell might be coming from.

A moldy smell indicates the growth of mold or mildew on the evaporator coils or ducts. It poses a health hazard since it’s quite risky to have mold spores in the air you breathe. You should invest in a dehumidifier or otherwise place a lamp near the evaporator to kill the bacteria growing on the coils.

Another form of a health hazard might be a rotten-egg like smell. This is a definite sign that you have a gas leak in your AC system. Quick action is vital in such a scenario. Immediately turn off the gas and evacuate the premises. Make an emergency call for proper procedures to be followed.

A gunpowder type of smell could be an electrical fault. You must contact a heating and AC repair technician in Dallas, TX, for counsel.

Furnace Emitting No Heat

A variety of complications could result in your furnace to stop producing heat. For instance, if your air ducts are leaking, they allow cold air from the outside. In this case, contact your heating and AC repair technician to help find the leaks and seal them.

The heat registers may also shut down. You are required to open the heat registers, which will give room for warm air to start flowing.

Furnace Not Starting

There are a couple of reasons why your furnace might not be starting up. You can do the following checks even as you contact your heating and AC repair technician:

  • Check whether the batteries of the thermostat are dead.
  • Check for dust in the pilot.
  • If your furnace is old, consider replacing it.
  • Check the circuit breaker for a tripped breaker.
  • If you’re using a gas furnace, you might just have run out of gas.

Unusual Noise from The Heating and AC System

Don’t ignore the sounds, however minimal they are. It’s quite usual for an AC system to produce some sound while running. However, if the sounds appear to be unusual, be curious enough to find out why.

Here are some unusual sounds that you might experience:

  • A hissing sound could indicate a leaking refrigerant.
  • A buzzing sound could mean there’s an electrical fault. It’s hazardous as it can spark a fire.
  • A clanging noise indicates loose parts in the system

If you are unsure, it’s advisable to seek a heating and AC repair technician in Dallas, TX, for help.

Get Professional AC Repair

However unnecessary it may seem the heating and AC system provides a comfortable living environment during summer and winter. It’s, therefore, your responsibility to check for any potential problems and ensure a properly functioning AC at all times by hiring professional repair services.