Signs That Your Heating and AC Unit Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced | Azle, TX

Signs That Your Heating and AC Unit Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced | Azle, TX

Annual maintenance of heating and air conditioning is highly recommended but sometimes, your HVAC may require your attention on a regular basis. It is important to know when it’s time for you to call for heating and AC repair and installation services.

A faulty HVAC runs at a low efficiency rate and it consumes a lot of power in the process. Calling for heating and AC repair services will definitely cost you a lot and that is why you need to be on the look put for signs of system failure before your HVAC breaks down completely.

Furthermore, if your heating and air conditioning unit is too old, it may be time to replace it. How will you know when it’s time to say goodbye to the old system and buy a new one? Here’s how.

1.  Little or No Air Flow

This is going to be an obvious sign that your heating and AC repairing needs are due. If you cannot feel any air coming out of the vents or if the air flow is too weak to be felt, then your home will not cool down as is supposed to. If you live in Azle, TX this means that you will start getting uncomfortable very quickly. Air flow problems are usually associated with faulty air ducts or compressors which should be evaluated by your HVAC technician. You should be quick to do so to avoid further damage of your system.

2.  Unpleasant Smell Coming From the AC

The whole purpose of your HVAC is to provide comfort to the whole family, not make everyone sick. When your HVAC produces an unpleasant odor when it blows air it may be time to call your HVAC technician for some heating and AC repair. The most common causes of this unpleasant odors are electrical problems and mold contamination. This smell indicates the presence of molds somewhere in your system and your system may blow these molds into the house, making your family sick. If you smell a strong burning odor, then it is most likely that there is a problem with the electrical wiring or insulation of the wiring in the system.

Do not take any risk with this by just turning off the HVAC, this will give the mold time to grow and it may get worse. Call you technician as soon as you can and have it looked into.

3.  Warm Air Blowing from the AC

During the summer, warm air blowing from your AC is probably the last you want. This will put you in an uncomfortable and you should call your technician. Warm air in the AC may indicate that your compressor is not cooling the air as it’s supposed to or that your unit is running low on refrigerant. There might also be a duct problem which is causing air from outside to be pulled inside or even an attic space. It doesn’t have to be a compressor problem. You should call for heating and AC repair ASAP.

4.  Bizarre Noises

A heating and air conditioning unit is designed to run quietly, loud noises like bangs, screeching metal or gargling sounds indicate that it’s time to call your heating and AC repair technician. Most of these sounds come from your running outdoor unit. The following are common sounds that you may hear and what they mean;

  • Banging from the outdoor unit means that the fan is obstructed by something
  • Clicking from the outdoor unit could mean that there is a small object in the fan of the outdoor unit
  • Clicking on the outdoor unit that won’t turn on signifies an electrical problem in your system components
  • Bubbling sound may be heard because your drainage condensate is gurgling, but this is not likely to lead to further problems. However this bubbling may come from refrigerant leaks which will likely lead to bigger problems.
  • Squealing from the indoor unit indicates a problem with your fan belt. This sound comes and goes and you may assume it but once the belt breaks, you will have a bigger problem as your AC will not work.
  • Screeching metal from your outdoor unit can be caused by fan motor bearings going out on your outdoor unit. The fan will need replacement.
  • A high pitched hissing may indicate a pressure build up in your system, and this is dangerous. We recommend turning your system off until a technician arrives.

5.  Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is the center of all operations of your HVAC. If you AC unit isn’t turning on or only runs for short periods then shuts off, the problem lies within your thermostat. It may be time to call for heating and AC repair services to get your thermostat looked into.

6.  High Humidity

High humidity is not uncommon for Azle, TX and surrounding areas residents. The purpose of your HVAC is to reduce humidity in the house. High humidity sponsors the growth of mildew and molds which pose a serious health problem for your family. Call today for the best heating and AC repair services in Azle, TX.

7.  Frequent Repairs

If you are constantly calling for heating and AC repair services because of your HVAC breaking down constantly, it may be a sign that your unit needs replacement.

8.  Spike in Electricity Bill

A faulty HVAC system is always straining to serve its function and in this process it consumes more power. If you notice this it is an indicator to call your heating and AC repair company.

9.  Age of the Unit

If your HVAC is approaching 10 years it may be time to start considering a replacement. An old system will not work as efficiently as a new one.

If you are based in Azle, TX and surrounding areas and your system is showing any of these signs, you can trust us to deliver the best services of heating and AC repair, maintenance and installation. Get in touch with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating today for amazing services.