Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth, TX residents, rely heavily on their air conditioners for a good part of the year. The temperatures in the summer can reach triple digits. Rather than swelter in the relentless heat, people retreat to their air-conditioned homes to relax. They know they can make their environments inside much more comfortable than they can outside.

When an air conditioner works as it should, it’s an asset. It provides cool air for months at a time and doesn’t need you to replace it with a new unit for years. Having the unit serviced before turning it on for the first time each year prevents potential problems from worsening. When a technician does an inspection, they’re able to detect the issue and work on it before it costs you a lot of money.

We recommend having the unit serviced each year before you decide to start using it inside the home. If a problem with the air conditioner goes on long-term, it can result in a piece breaking inside the machine. It could also cause damage if the AC leaks and drips onto the floor.

Making it a habit to call an air conditioning service technician each year to come out and get the air conditioner running when it starts to get hot outdoors is highly recommended. It allows you to increase the longevity of the machine you have. You won’t need to replace the unit prematurely because you didn’t take good care of it.

You Know It’s Time to Have Your AC Repaired or Replaced When…

An air conditioner gets a workout in the hot, Texas summer. That’s why it’s imperative to have it looked at and regularly serviced by an air conditioning service tech that you trust. If you’ve ever had to deal without an AC, you know just how miserable it can be. If you have children and pets, you’ll do everything you can to make sure that they are safe and worry-free, too.

Some signs that you need air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX are:

  • It blows hot air. The unit may be out of refrigerant. When the coolant runs low, the air blows the hot air from outdoors straight into the rooms of your home. Having an air conditioning service technician come out routinely to check the refrigerant levels is imperative. It prevents your air conditioner from going into overdrive, trying to cool the home with no success. If the motor burns out, it can be hundreds of dollars to repair. You may be better off buying an all-new unit if that’s the case rather than fix the problem you have with your current unit.
  • It makes a strange sound. A knocking or hissing sound could be an indicator that something has gone wrong with the unit internally. Contacting a professional to take a look at the machine is the right idea. It allows you to fix the problem occurring in the unit. It’s one way to keep from needing to replace the machine altogether. Trusting the company you’ve called for assistance allows you to take care of problems right away. You don’t put off a repair because you don’t have an air conditioning service technician you can trust to do the job right. Instead, you have the issue fixed immediately.
  • It smells bad. An off-putting odor could be the motor burning. An air conditioning service technician can determine that when they come to service the unit. Turn the air conditioner off and call for emergency services. You don’t want to take a risk and start a fire inside your home. Being cautious and conscientious whenever you’re dealing with any machinery. If you’re concerned about the unit, unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • The thermostat puts out an inaccurate readout. The actual panel may be malfunctioning. There could be nothing wrong with the heater itself. The problem may be with the panel, which is a remarkably easy fix. If the circuit isn’t accessible or repairable, installing a new panel is the best option available. You’ll be able to manually adjust the temp or use a remote control to raise and lower the temperature.
  • Something is dripping or leaking from the unit. The liquid can destroy the walls and floors of your home. It could be the refrigerant leaking, which is highly deadly to pets. The best thing you can do is turn off the air conditioner and get into contact with the air conditioning service company right away. It’s better to protect your home, its occupants, and your belongings than to try to run an air conditioner that drips or leaks. Too much moisture causes mold and can make floors buckle in areas.
  • You’ve replaced the air filter, and it still isn’t putting out air. If a dirty filter isn’t to blame for the problem, it could be something else. If you’ve taken the liberty to change out the filter and found there is no change in how the air conditioner operates, get ahold of the air conditioning service technician of your choice and have them diagnose the problem for you. It saves you time and the frustration of having a unit that doesn’t work at all.

Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, has its benefits. Hiring a professional to take care of your AC unit allows you to keep it in operation longer. You won’t need to buy a new air conditioner prematurely. You’re also able to keep your home energy costs low.

Finding the right air conditioning service company to work with in the area takes time. We’ve taken the liberty to help you with the process by giving you a list of qualities to look for in the best technicians. That way, you can weed out the candidates that don’t fulfill the criteria that you’re looking for and contact the ones that do immediately.

Qualities You’ll Want to Look for in the Air Conditioning Company You’ve Chosen to Hire

There are qualities that the best air conditioning companies possess. If you want to know that you’ve hired the right company in the area, pay close attention to how they respond to you when you contact them for the first time. Are they courteous and accommodating? Or, short and to-the-point?

Do they take the time to learn about your problem and answer your questions? Or, do they put you on hold to take other calls? If you’re not able to reach someone by phone the first time you try, do they call you back? How soon before they do so?

You’ll get a feel for how important your business is to the company by how much of a priority they make you feel when you contact them initially. If they don’t go out of the way to call you back within an hour or two, it may be best to contact another company to see if you can get work done on your air conditioner.

Some other qualities in an excellent air conditioning company include:

  • They’re punctual. The best companies come when they say they will. They don’t give you a wide window for their arrival. They don’t want you to feel inconvenienced any more than you already are. They show up ready to work on the air conditioner. They also make sure that they tell you that they’ve completed the job so you can go back to your regular daily schedule without further issues.
  • They’re professional. The air conditioning service contractor goes out of their way to be an exemplary example of a skilled and knowledgeable air conditioning service technician. They know how to fix the problem once they diagnose it. They’re creative and caring. They want you to feel happy and comfortable inside your home, so they make fixing the air conditioner a priority.
  • They take time to look over the unit thoroughly. Attention to detail is one of the many qualities the right air conditioning service technician possesses. They go over every square inch of the unit to make sure that there is nothing else wrong with it. They want it to work as efficiently as possible for you at all times. They don’t want you to call them to return to your home to fix what didn’t get taken care of the first time around.
  • They offer cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. Rather than give you options that are way out of your price range, the air conditioning service technician works with you to make sure they’re able to provide you with the best deal possible. They keep your budget in mind and do their part to make sure that they don’t go over it. If a repair costs more than having the unit replaced, they let you know. They make you aware of the benefits of having a new air conditioner as opposed to one that continually needs fixing.
  • They go the extra mile to make sure that you’re satisfied. The technician doesn’t leave your residence until they know that you’re happy with the work they did for you. They go above and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction. If you ask them to do something extra for you, they do it. They know that when you’re happy with the quality of work that they’ve done for you, you’ll tell others about their services. That means more customers without needing to expend any additional effort.
  • They test the unit before they leave. Making sure the air conditioner is up and running like it is supposed to be is imperative. The technician checks that it turns on and off correctly. They make sure that the thermostat reflects the appropriate temperature, too. The professional doesn’t go through all the motions to leave you hanging at the end with no cool air to use.
  • They provide you with a schedule for replacing filters. Part of the reason why air conditioners fail is that people don’t take care of their filters. They forget to replace them altogether or fail to replace them enough. If you want to prevent that from being a potential problem for you, make sure that you take the time needed to get a schedule from the technician. They’ll follow up with you and schedule the next date to come to your home to take care of the filter for you.
  • They give you advice on ways to keep your air conditioner running long-term. Knowing what to do and what not to do to protect your AC unit is important. It allows you to develop a cleaning schedule around the machine. It also helps you identify potential issues before they have time to grow in size and cost.

Now that you know what to look for in the air conditioning service company that you hire to help you with your air conditioner, you can begin the search for the best candidate in the area. Calling around until you reach someone who can assist you can be very time-consuming. Instead, contacting One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Fort Worth is the better option because of the guarantees we provide you. After all, “We’re Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!”

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