Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Technology has changed our lifestyles drastically over the years. The things that few of us used to have because they were considered as luxury items are now available to everyone. Air conditioning is definitely one of those things that were very expensive and most people couldn’t afford it. Thanks to the advancement in society, they have now become cheaper and accessible and are one of the most common household items in the U.S.

Air conditioning systems are temperature controlling machines that provide us with cooler temperatures in our homes while it’s scorching outside. These things need frequent maintenance otherwise they can cost you a lot of money and time. It is recommended to get air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX before arrival of the summer to make sure your system is ready to use during the entire summer period.

Air conditioners can be maintained through proper frequent services, but they are electrical machines that are made up of many parts and any part can go wrong in a machine. But sometimes we don’t tend to notice the damage in a machine because of course we are not experts. However, there are some indications that can show that your air conditioning system might have something wrong with it.

Here are some of the signs from you A/C that is telling you to get air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX:

Strange Noises

Air conditioning systems nowadays are designed to be dead silent to provide comfortable environment in your home. So, if you start hearing strange noises from it then it is certainly time get air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

There are many different types of noises that can indicate a certain problem with an air conditioner. You just have to focus on the type of noise to diagnose the problem.

Here are some of the noises that you might hear from your air conditioner:

Clicking: Clicking sounds are pretty normal when you turn on the air conditioner and also when you turn it off. But constant clicking might indicate a problem with your thermostat. So, it is better to get it checked if you hear a clicking sound because it can become a bigger problem if not taken care of right away.

Banging: If you hear a banging sound coming out of your air conditioner then it’s a sign of a loose or broken part inside the system.

Whistling: If you hear high pitched whistling or some sort of screaming noise from your air conditioning system then you should immediately turn it off. It is probably the most dangerous noise alert as there might be a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant leak can release toxic gases which can be harmful for you and your family so it is better to get air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX in this case.

Buzzing: Buzzing noise is usually hard from the outside unit which can indicate loose fan motor, debris inside the system or out of balance fan blades.

Poor Airflow

Air conditioners are supposed to provide you cooler temperatures with quality air flow. But if you notice a significant difference in the quality of the air flow from your air conditioner then there might be some issues with it. It could mean that the compressor inside your air conditioning system might be failing that is why you are not getting cooler air.

Another reason for the poor air flow could be an unclean air filter. Air filters are the most common problems that people tend to ignore every time. A lot of problems can be solved if you clean your filters frequently.

Liquid Leaks

Air conditioners are cooling machines that are also responsible to dehumidify your home’s interior environment. With cooling comes liquids, but liquids aren’t supposed to leak out of the air conditioning systems apart from the condensation drain. So, if you spot liquids leaking out of you air conditioner then it might be a refrigerant leak, which as discussed earlier is dangerous material that can harm your health. It is better to turn off the system and call for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

If you notice water pool gathering around your air conditioners outside unit then it could be a sign that your condensation drain pipe might be blocked or leaking. It is better to change it immediately as well because it can gather water inside the unit and cause more damage to the system.

Bad Odors

Air conditioners are supposed to provide you with comfortable environment with cooler and cleaner air than the outside. So, a bad odor coming out of your air conditioner can not only just make you uncomfortable but it could mean there is a problem in the system and you need air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX immediately.

If the smell coming out of the air conditioner is musty then it might be a sign of a mold developing inside the duct. If the smell is pungent then it could mean that the wiring insulation has been burned due to overheating.

Weird Temperatures

Air conditioners deliver equal cooling temperatures to every corner of the house. This task is made sure by thermostat. So, if you feel different temperature zones being created inside your house then it means the thermostat is not doing its job.

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