Small Things That Can Cause Big Problems in Air Conditioners | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Small Things That Can Cause Big Problems in Air Conditioners | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

We live in an era where things like air conditioners are not a luxury item anymore. It is so common and affordable these days that you will find one system in every household in your neighborhood. It has become a basic necessity especially for the houses that exist in an area with relatively hotter climate such as Fort Worth, TX.

It is highly likely that you have already installed air conditioning system at your home. But how much do you know about these cool breeze blowing machines in your homes? It is recommended to call for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX on any strange behavior of your air conditioner. But if you have no idea what the expert is repairing in your system then it could be a waste of money and time to call the service on every minor issue.

Before you trust any technology item enough to install it in your home you need to educate yourself about it. Air conditioning systems are a part of our homes for a very long time. They also cost money and if not looked after carefully can cost you even more.

Here are some most important things you need to know about air conditioners:

The Filter

The most basic thing in air conditioners that everyone in your home should know is the filter. It is such a basic thing that there is no need for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for it. The filter is a very important part of an air conditioner that is responsible to clean the air from inside the room by collecting all the dust on its net. Although it sounds like the filter only plays a small part in the system, but an unclean air filter can cause many problems.

Some of the major problems that a dirty filter can cause are:

Inefficient Cooling

A dirty filter can directly affect the cooling of your entire air conditioning system. The dust form the unclean filter spreads all over the coils causing the frost to build up near the fan area which slows down the cooling process drastically. So before you call for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX regarding cooling issue, just make sure your filter is clean first.

Sky High Electric Bills

A simple dirty filter of your air conditioning system can increase the value of your monthly electric bills drastically. It does that by blocking the fan and frosting the coils. All these conditions lead up to air conditioner working extra hard to deliver your room the desired temperature. This increases the thermostat cut off timings hence increasing your electric bills.

Health Dangers

The unclean filters can be dangerous to you and your family’s health too. The dust and contaminants trapped inside the net of the filter are known to develop allergens, fungi and bacteria which can cause serious health problems. The symptoms include headaches, fatigue, chest congestion and sore throat.

Leaky Ducts

Ducts are the path ways in an air conditioning system which is responsible to deliver the cool air to the desired location in a house. It is very important that these ducts are properly sealed without any leaks otherwise there can be a lot of problems, such as:

High Energy Bills

It is simple to understand that why a leaky duct will cause high energy bills every month. The ducts will waste the valuable cool air through leaks, resulting in air conditioner to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. If you notice a leak in your duct, you should immediately call for the best air conditioning service in Forth Worth, TX and get it sealed as soon as possible.

Poor Air Quality

Leaky ducts not only just waste the cool air by leaking it out, but it also lets in unclean and dirty air inside the your home. This causes your air filter to clog quicker than it usually does creating the further problems through filters as mentioned earlier.

Hot and Cold Zones In House

If a duct that leads to a room gets leaky then that room in particular will be affected. This creates an uncomfortable environment at home and should be immediately get rid of by calling for the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Improper Insulation

Insulation is also an important part of an air conditioning system. If you have an air conditioning system at your home then it surely means you live in an area with hotter climate. The only way you can enjoy comfortable cool environment in your home is through proper insulation.

Poor insulation can cause high energy bills as well due to cooling not being provided properly. You should insulate you ducts properly with highly reflective material so that they stay cool inside. Another important thing to insulate is the roof of your house; it should be of lighter color. Dark color paint absorbs heat therefore making your house hotter. Install energy efficient windows which don’t let in heat from the outside. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to get proper insulation on your air conditioning system to avoid performance problems.

Pre-Season Service

It is recommended by experts to get a proper service annually for your air conditioning system. You should call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to examine your cooling system just before the summer every year. These services can save you a lot of money and effort throughout the year.

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