Symptoms to Look for to Make Your HVAC Last Through the Summer | Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

Symptoms to Look for to Make Your HVAC Last Through the Summer | Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

If you want comfort to be your guide, you are in the right place. Your HVAC unit is a tool for comfort, so the simplest way to evaluate this machine to ask oneself, “Is the unit truly adding to my comfort?”

HVAC units and air conditioners don’t last forever, and the moment they fail to work is when you need them the most. The average lifespan of an air-conditioning unit is about 12 years.

The good news however is that not all malfunctions in your AC unit necessarily mean a breakdown.

Many of these malfunctions are quite easy and cheap to fix by calling a heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.

Let’s have a look at the signs you need to watch out for that’ll tell you the status of your HVAC.

#1: The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Often the most likely cause is the easiest remedy. The thermostat could possibly be set incorrectly, or the power could not be reaching the AC unit. If you have tried rectifying these two things and experienced no change, then it is best to call a service for heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.

If the thermostat was the problem however, then make sure to set the AC to a cool setting where the temperature is correct. If not, then there could be an issue with the circuit breaker or a tripped fuse. The latter are too complex of an issue to deal on your own, and need an expert inspection.

#2: You’re Not as Comfortable as Last Year

Comfort is tantamount to the amount of airflow. If you still feel hot and humid even with the AC working at its maximum capacity, the problem can be traced back to the airflow.

If this is the problem you are facing then your AC unit needs a change in its filter. This should also be part of a regular HVAC maintenance. Depending on the air filter quality, the number of people living in a home and whether there are pets, the air filter should be changed every 30-60 days. Therefore heed the advice of an expert at a heating and ac repair in Azle, TX accordingly.

What you can make sure of during unit installation is that there is a 24 inch clearance on each side, and 5 feet above the unit. Also make sure there is no obstruction to the home’s cold air registers and returns.

 #3: Utility Bills Are Unusually High

Getting an extra high electricity bill, points to the inefficient working of your HVAC system. For example, in the case of the dirty air filter from #2, the most likely bump on expense is a choked condensing coil. This coil located inside the outdoor unit, has countless cooling fins – similar to a car radiator – that usually fill up with debris and dust.

In order to bring down this addition to your expenses, you should call out for a professional in heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.

#4: Weird Noises While Starting it Up or During Operation

Do you hear a buzzing, ticking or rattling noise? The best case scenario could be just a loose screw. The worst however could be way more than this. The latter could be caused due to a damaged blower motor or a bent fan blade.

In either case a thorough inspection is needed by a heating and ac repair in Azle, TX. If you’re lucky, a simply lubricating here and tightening there will provide the fix. If not however, you might have to replace the fan blade or fan motor.

#5: The AC Shuts Off Before You Are Comfortable

An improper placement of the thermostat is another thing that can cause problems for you. Due to the unit being in direct sunlight or near a heat-emitting appliance may cause this problem. A remodel of the thermostat may cause for one to spend more than how much the thermostat was for in the first place.

The simple fix is to relocate the thermostat, and this can only be effectively done with the professional help of an electrician from a heating and ac repair in Azle, Tx.

#6: Notice a Puddle of Water Next To the Furnace

During the usual operation, the air conditioning system generates moisture in the form of a condensate. This water then collects into a pan or flows out into a drain or sump basin. The collection of water is a signal that there is blockage or a disconnection in the tube.

To find this out, a thorough inspection by a service for heating and ac repair in Azle, TX, is required. The professional will inspect the tubes for disconnections, blockages, clogs or crimps. After they have been cleared, that sump pump is working efficiently.

#7: The Air Doesn’t Feel As Cold As It Used to

One recurring cause of this is that the refrigerant lines are not insulated. The outdoor unit is usually connected to the indoor system by two refrigerant copper lines. These lines should be covered efficiently with insulating sleeves.

One other problem that may be the cause is that the system needs a refrigerant recharge. In both these cases you would need to call for heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.

#8: The AC Unit Refuses to Switch On At All

The possible cause of this could be a burnt out compressor. If this is so, the only possible fix is a costly replacement of this equipment. This may include various other parts such as a new freon and labor.

If your unit is older than 8 years, replace your air conditioner with the advice of an expert and call heating and ac repair in Azle, TX. The estimated cost of repairing the damaged component will be more than half the cost of a brand new one.

If you can relate to the aforementioned problems and need a heating and ac repair service in Fort Worth, TX call now and book an appointment with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating on their website, or call 817-283-6911.