The Best AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

The Best AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

Did you know that during the summer months the heat can reach three digits and that is before you add the humidity or the hot dry air that blows strong in Southlake, TX? If you are not maintaining your air conditioner at least on an annual basis you might find yourself sweating when the summer months start to bake beautiful Texas.

The best time to make sure your air conditioner is working properly is during the shoulder seasons of fall, winter, and early during the spring. An AC repair company in our area and throughout Texas will become its busiest during the summer months so early service is key. It might even cost more money by waiting to hire an AC repair company in Southlake, TX.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth recommends that you consider trying our routine, subscription service that will thoroughly check your air conditioner or heating unit with expertise and at an affordable price. That way your home or office will always be prepared for whatever weather occurs in greater Fort Worth during the summer or winter months.

Routine Maintenance By a Trusted AC Repair Company

There are many things that need attention in your AC unit every year (at least). An AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth completes multiple tasks when performing regular, basic care for your unit.

  • Ensure the air ducts are not leaking
  • Changing the air filters
  • Removing frost from the evaporator coils
  • Emptying the drain pan

It might seem unrelated to your air conditioner, but changing your air filters is a basic service that a good AC repair company will always suggest or conduct. The air filter collects the dust and particles from the air. A family of four produces at least 50 pounds of dust every year. That does not include if you smoke or have pets which increases the amount of dirt in the air. For the best air quality in your home check your air filters every month.

When dust collects and the air filter becomes overly filthy it will impact the performance of your air conditioner because a dirty air filter limits the amount of air that flows over the evaporator coils which means the evaporator coils may freeze which can break your air conditioner making you need an AC repair company.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth will also look at the air ducts in your home for warning signs that your air ducts are in trouble. Approximately one-third of the energy or electricity drawn from your air conditioner can escape through gaps or loose air ducts and joints that have been damaged.

The cooling and condensing fins of an air conditioner are located outside your home. Over time the fins become dirty and may have mold, moss, or other obstructions growing around them. A quality AC repair company will remove any obstructions from the condenser and cooling fins to make certain that your air conditioner remains in tip-top shape. to ensure that the heat from inside your home is transferred efficiently to the outside air.

Signs It Is Time To Hire An AC Repair Company

There are many red flags that your air conditioner is struggling to keep your home cool. It would take forever to account for all of the warning signs that it is time to hire an AC repair company like One Hour but give us a call if you start to suspect your air conditioner needs professional attention.

Higher Energy Bills

Electricity and energy tariffs have increased a lot all over the country, particularly in Southlake, Texas. If you want to keep your electricity bills at a reasonable rate it is crucial that you take care of your AC unit.

An old air conditioner costs more to run because every part is worn and it is no longer working efficiently. The components of your AC will have to put in more effort to reach the temperature you have set particularly when it is really hot outside.

The harder your air conditioner works the more electricity or energy it will need to work resulting in sky-high electricity bills. An air conditioner that is 10 years old or older than 10 years old may mean it is time to invest in running a replacement unit. The initial investment will be returned in savings on electricity because the new air conditioner will use less energy and be more budget-friendly. We at One Hour are more than happy to lend expertise in how to get the best unit for your lifestyle and your bank account.

The AC Is Turning On and Off Too Often

If your air conditioner is cutting off before it gets to the temperature you have set, then it might mean your air conditioner is short-cycling. The majority of air conditioners work on a system that turns on the cooling components for 20 minutes while the compressor is turned on for ten minutes and then off for 10 minutes.

This system is the most efficient way to cool an environment. However, if the compressor turns itself on and off before the 10 minutes is up, there is a strong chance that the air conditioner will break soon.

Frost and Ice on the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils absorb the heat from the hot air outside. The warm air prevents the coils from becoming frozen. If you see ice on the coils, they are not sucking up enough heat from the outdoors. Frozen evaporator coils occur when the inside air filters are dirty, limiting the hot air that keeps the coils from freezing.

Or it could be the fan blowing the air is broken or if the coolant levels in the coils are too low then the evaporator coils can freeze over. Once frozen the coils can take 24 hours to defrost and your air conditioner will need to be switched off. That is why One Hour always suggests having your heating and air conditioner checked in the shoulder seasons to ensure you stay comfortable in your Southlake, Texas home or workplace.

A Trusted Air Conditioning Company

We have been serving the people of greater Fort Worth, TX for many years. We understand how important a working air conditioner is when the Texan heat hits. We operate around the clock all year. If you are having problems with your air conditioner in Southlake, TX give the team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call for expert and affordable service.