The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring Long Life of Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring Long Life of Your Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Global warming has undeniably caused a great amount of havoc on Earth, which has led to significant changes in the overall temperature levels that seem to be touching a new high every year. People all over this world are suffering from the effects of global warming that are super risky, to say the least.

The never-ending humidity coupled with the scorching heat has made life really tough, especially in areas that stay hot or warm for most part of the year.

To prevent themselves from suffering from the ill-effects of such extreme and unusual climatic changes, many people in Fort Worth, TX have gone back to relying on the use of air conditioners all day long.

Air Conditioning Services

Most people strive to get the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for their air conditioners to ensure that they keep running smoothly and flawlessly.

There are quite a few companies and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that are using competitive pricing strategies to offer a good value for their products and services.

The important bit to note here is that every time you go out to buy a split AC (Air Conditioner) or a window AC, or are looking for a good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, you want to make sure that it is worth all your money and that it comes with a certain guarantee. You further want to ensure that it delivers consistent performance even under tough circumstances or climatic conditions.

We tend to overuse our air conditioners especially in the summer season when the sun is almost right in our faces. This means that we need to always be prepared for its maintenance in case our air conditioners give up on us when we need them the most.

While you may want to get your hands on the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, it is also important to take extra care of all your air conditioning units in order to prevent spending too much on air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Here is an ultimate guide that will help you ensure a long life and efficient performance of your air conditioner.

Change Your Filter When It Is Time

The filter is that part of your air conditioner that prevents the circulation of dust, dirt and debris inside your home. It is essential to change the filters of your air conditioner at the right time because they directly affect the quality of air that flows indoors.

Clean and dust-free filters help ensure that your AC unit is not working any harder than it should, that is, it is not exerting extra pressure in order to function well. This is vital because often the filters get choked with debris and dust, which further get caught in the vents of your air conditioner. This leads to blockages and adds great strain and pressure on your air conditioner.

Clean Your Ducts Regularly

Air ducts are primarily responsible for the flow of air inside your home. In many cases, they may also be the reason why cool air is not reaching indoors. While air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can help with that, you must also do all that you can to ensure that the ductwork is in good, proper condition.

Dirty air ducts can significantly reduce the flow of air indoors because all the debris just accumulates and clogs inside the ducts and prevents the cold and clean air from passing through.

When you clean your ducts regularly, the air ducts of your conditioner will easily be able to provide a constant flow of cold air and will also enhance the indoor air quality.

Air ducts to air conditioner are like arteries and veins to human body. When the latter gets clogged with dirty components like bad cholesterol when you eat bad food, your system will experience a heart attack. Similarly, when the air ducts get clogged with debris, they stop functioning, making the entire cooling system go awry.

Use Energy-Saving Thermostat Adjustments

A thermostat is like the brain that controls the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Using an energy efficient thermostat will help lessen the load or pressure on the air conditioner, particularly if you are away for work or vacation.

They basically provide you with good control over your cooling and heating systems that eventually leads to reduced wastage of energy. A few latest models of energy-saving thermostats offer sophisticated displays, easy programming, greater control and even communication via the internet in some cases.

Saving energy eventually helps home owners and families save money each month since these thermostats are basically programmable thermostats that enable you to make smart energy-saving choices and decisions. Any conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will probably also recommend the same to you.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Coils Clean

Like air filters, air conditioners’ condenser coil and evaporator coil also collect a large amount of dust, debris and dirt over the years. This reduces the air flow and results in insulation of the coils that greatly affect their ability to absorb heat.

If the filters of your air conditioner are clean, they will prevent the evaporator coils from soiling faster than they should. In order to ensure that the coils of your air conditioner remain neat and clean, you must check them every once in a while and clean them if need be.

You can also hire an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to help you do that if it’s not feasible for you to ensure regular check-ups of your air conditioner.

Other than dirty air filters, another reason why your evaporator coils can get dirty is the dirt and dust that comes from the outdoor environment. While you certainly can’t control the environment, you can definitely protect the coils from dirt and foliage. An easy way to see if the condenser coil of your air conditioner is dirty is to check if there is an accumulation of dirt on its fins.

What you can do is clean the area around the coils and remove any possible source of debris like dryer vents, lawn lower and falling leaves.

If you experience any problems with any air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, contact One Hour Heating and Air and we will have your troubling air conditioner fixed right away.