Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

If you haven’t used a duct cleaning service in Azle, TX before, there is a good chance you have probably heard it may not be something your home necessarily needs, but that is not always true, and there are several reasons why a duct cleaning service could be of great benefit to your family and your property. With this in mind, you are possibly considering hiring a duct cleaning company to work on your Azle, TX, home.

Before we get into the benefits, there are a few things you should know before you make your final selection. While there may be many companies that offer the same duct cleaning service, not all of them will provide the same quality job. So, in order for you to receive the best service possible, let’s talk about the things you should know before hiring a duct cleaning service in Azle.

What Exactly Is a Duct Cleaning Service?

There are many misconceptions and extremely exaggerated claims about duct cleaning in Azle, TX. While nobody is 100 percent certain whether this is a service that is vital to the performance of your HVAC system, it is always best to consult a professional before hiring anybody to do any cleaning work on your air conditioning system’s ducts.

In essence, a duct cleaning company is tasked with removing any dirt, debris, mold, bacterial growth, and other contaminants from your home’s HVAC system in order to improve the quality of the air inside your home. These actions may or may not help prevent a number of respiratory issues, allergies, and other types of health problems. The biggest issue is that duct cleaning isn’t just about grabbing a vacuum cleaner and simply sucking up all the dirt, and there is more to the process than meets the eye. Below we will cover the most important aspects of the duct cleaning service process in order for you to have the information you need to make the best decision for your family.

Is a Duct Cleaning Service Really Necessary?

To many, it may seem logical to have their HVAC system’s ducts cleaned. After all, we are accustomed to living in clean homes and have a psychological need to keep all of our personal spaces as pristine as possible, so why shouldn’t this extend to air ducts too? The biggest argument here is that, while living in the cleanest environment possible can help improve a person’s health, we are not entirely clear about whether going as far as keeping your air ducts as clean as the day they were installed is actually necessary.

It is at this point that we should tell you that if you haven’t found any traces of dust or mold growth in your air conditioner’s ducts, a duct cleaning service is probably not necessary. Yes, the grates and vents can and will collect dusty buildup as air flows through them, but a large dust buildup on a vent is not a good indication that the same thing is happening inside the ducts themselves. In order to help improve the quality of air in your home, simply wipe the grates clean.

If, on the other hand, your air ducts are showing signs of large accumulations of dust and other types of debris, or the growth of mold, then a duct cleaning service is an absolute necessity. In either case, your decision should be based on your HVAC system’s specific requirements and not just because everybody else is having it done.

The Relation Between Changing Your AC’s Filters and Keeping Your Ducts Clean

As you probably already know, your air conditioner’s filters play a big part in ensuring the air entering your Azle, TX, home is clean. The problem is that they must be replaced periodically in order to maintain the quality of the air you are breathing and to protect your family from any health issues as a result of a dirty air filter.

On the other hand, as dust builds up in your system’s filters, it creates blockages, which can result in further grime backing up into your ducts and accumulating throughout your ductwork. When this happens, simply replacing the dirty filter may not be enough and a duct cleaning service will have to step in to clean out the accumulated dirt in your ducts, so they don’t end up clogging your new air filter too.

Why Maintenance Is So Important After a Duct Cleaning Service

One of the things you should take into account when you are considering having your home’s air ducts cleaned, is that, similarly to the rest of your home, the first service will be comprehensive and will remove every trace of contamination in the ducts. But, once it’s over, and in order to prevent the problem from appearing, you will have to follow a regular maintenance program to ensure that the ductwork that was cleaned remains that way.

Some of the actions you may have to perform are to switch your air filter to one with the highest efficiency your HVAC system allows. Additionally, all filters should be replaced periodically, and if you notice heavy dirt buildup on them before the next replacement date, you should change them more often.

Have the coils and drain pans of your air conditioning system cleaned during your regular HVAC maintenance schedule, and get help right away if you notice leaks in your air conditioner or wet spots in its immediate vicinity. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew that could infest your ducts, leading to needing duct cleaning service more often than would be necessary under other conditions.

With these simple steps, you can help reduce dust build-up and mold growth in your ductwork. This will not only make it easier to breathe but also save you money in the future. Even though you should expect to need a duct cleaning service again eventually, a good maintenance program that includes the previous actions, will ensure your ducts remain clean, saving you money in the long run.

When Does  Duct Cleaning Service Become a Necessity?

One of the biggest issues with air ducts, is that, just like we do with our HVAC systems, we take them for granted and don’t even think about them until they start giving us grief. As we have already mentioned, while the need for duct cleaning can be debated, there are times in which getting your air ducts cleaned is an absolute necessity.

One of these times is when you see signs of mold in your HVAC system. Mold can become a health hazard that affects your family, and can cause severe problems to people who suffer from asthma and other chronic respiratory issues, in which case, having your ducts inspected for mold is the best action you can take.

Another good reason to have your ducts cleaned is when your home has been infested with vermin. Whether you have been invaded by rats, mice, roaches, or other pests, the chance of them having found their way into your ducts to build nests is quite high, so cleaning your ductwork is the best way to help rid your Azle, TX, home of them forever.

Finally, if your ductwork has accumulated so much dust or debris that it is interrupting the flow of air into your home, having your ducts cleaned is a good way to remove some of the stress that could cause your air conditioner to burn out. Clean ducts will help keep your AC in good working order, extending its life span and allowing it to work more efficiently.

If you have never had you air ducts inspected or you are not sure of whether the system has received any form of maintenance, you should talk to a reputable duct cleaning service provider in order to program an inspection. Because you might not be having any problems right now, but an inspection can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is in order.

What Is the Duct Cleaning Process Like?

It is highly likely you have never even thought about hiring a duct cleaning service, but now that you are considering it, you should know what to expect before the specialists get started.

The first step in the duct cleaning process is a detailed inspection. The tech performing the inspection will open all points of access to your ductwork and perform a thorough inspection of your ductwork before even starting the process. This will give the tech a good idea of where the most problematic sections can be found, and will help prepare a plan of action that will ensure an optimal result.

Once the inspection has concluded and before cleaning begins, all your carpeting and furniture will be either removed or protected. In many cases it will help save time if you put away anything that could break during the protection maneuvers. Keep in mind that in order for your home to remain free from the pollutants extracted from your ductwork, all vacuum equipment use should exhaust outside your Azle, TX, home or has a HEPA filter. Otherwise, the only thing that will happen is that the dirt in your ducts will be spread to your entire home.

Once the preparations have been finished, your tech will begin the actual duct cleaning service, using special brushes to dislodge any accumulated debris while running the vacuum equipment.

In certain cases, the tech may require additional points of access into your ducts to ensure the procedure is performed efficiently, in which case all the necessary repairs will be made as soon as the cleaning process has ended.

In some cases, the tech will provide a report of what was found during the cleaning process. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have at any point in the procedure. The tech is knowledgeable and experienced enough to answer any questions you may ask.

When the process has ended, you should visually review and inspect everything with your technician. This will help you have confidence that the process was thoroughly and correctly performed. You will also be able to go through the report with the tech to ensure you fully understand everything that was done and what the results were.

What Should You Look For In a Duct Cleaning Company?

As with everybody else, the lowest price doesn’t always produce the highest quality, so when you are looking for a duct cleaning expert, you should consider several things.

For starters, take a look at what services a particular company offers. While some may only focus on the duct cleaning process, others will offer complementary services, such as the repair of air ducts, and the installation of insulation.

Your next step should be to take a good look at the company’s reviews from previous customers. You can easily do this online, so make a note about how happy their clients were with the service the company provided. While you’re at it, don’t forget to see how the company responded to negative reviews. Many times, the company’s response is more telling than the actual customer review.

Don’t forget that the more outrageous the company’s claims as to the health benefits of cleaning your ductwork, the less credible they are and should be avoided. Also, before you go ahead and hire anybody, you should ask that they perform an inspection of your ductwork so you can compare the results of different companies prior to making your decision.

Spending time researching potential companies for duct cleaning will pay off in the long run because you will be sure you are hiring the most qualified people to get the job done, so take your time and check them all out before you agree to hire anybody.

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