Top Reasons Why Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC is Important | Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

Top Reasons Why Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC is Important | Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

Heating and AC in Frisco, TX, is essential. It’s not even a privilege as many people would say, it is a basic need of life that you simply cannot live without, especially during intense weather. Your central heating and AC in Frisco, TX, is always at your disposal, whether it is the summer season or the winter season.


To make sure that the heating and AC in Frisco, TX, works as efficiently as a brand new one, it is important to invest in its regular maintenance.


This is because with regular maintenance, you can actually expand the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Paying attention to its maintenance and having it professionally serviced keeps your HVAC in a topnotch condition, which ensures excellent results.


Saving is good, but if a stitch in time can save nine. By having your heating and AC in Frisco, TX, regularly serviced, you will be able to detect any problem beforehand and have it fixed in time. If you’re still not convinced, take a look below to see why regular maintenance is important.

1.   A Longer Lifespan

Every repair and maintenance service will inform you that you must have your HVAC unit maintained at least bi-annually. An HVAC unit is a complicated appliance to be installed. This makes replacements an even bigger challenge. Of course, the costs of replacing your heating and AC in Frisco, TX, are also very high.


HVAC units are a long-term investment. They’re not conveniently installed, and neither are they budget-friendly. Inevitably, you would want it to function for the longest of times. This requires regular maintenance to make sure that it remains damage-free.


2.   It Reduces Your Long-term Repair Costs

Maintaining your heating and AC in Frisco, TX, is important, particularly if you are using it all day long. In fact, any reliable professional service will inform you that 24/7 usage of your HVAC unit can actually result in your unit getting stuck or glitches that wouldn’t happen if you use it less frequently.


While you may think that your HVAC unit is only going to develop problems in harsh weathers (when you use it 24/7), it isn’t always true. In fact, your heating and AC in Frisco, TX, is likely to develop tiny damages even if you use it occasionally. When ignored or left untreated, these damages can intensify and result in bigger and more costly damages that need to be repaired.


But with regular maintenance, you can actually avoid these long-term expenses. When you invest in regular maintenance of your HVAC unit, you keep a check on any troublesome component to fix it on time. Most services of heating and AC in Frisco, TX recommends regular maintenance because a complete malfunction occurs when these small problems build up over the years and are not inspected in time.

3.   It Ensures Clean Air Flow

Our environment is heavily polluted. Despite recycling anti-pollution environmental laws, industrial and commercial use continues to release toxic waste (without any filtration), which can affect our lives on a personal level.


Because of the outdoor pollution, it is quite likely for your heating and air in Frisco, TX, to collect dirt, debris and other kinds of contaminants. If you continue using an HVAC unit that has not been cleaned, your health will be affected. This is because the air released indoors will be contaminated. Not only will you feel suffocated due to the thickness of the air, but you will also experience health issues such as headaches, sinus, nausea, fatigue, etc.


Well-known service agents of heating and air conditioning in Frisco, TX, recommend you to invest in maintenance at least annually to make sure the system is clean.

This is extremely crucial if you have pets or little ones in your home. While your children may experience constant cold and flu, your pets are likely to leave behind more dander than ever. Both these things are alarming, and if you observe them around your house, you must call up a professional service to take a look at your HVAC unit!


In addition, a lot of units for heating and AC in Frisco, TX are attached with filters that have a short lifespan. Filters with a time limit usually remain usable for a period of 3 months, 6 months or a year. It depends on the quality of HVAC unit you buy. In any case, it is extremely important for you to have these filters replaced once they have been used over their lifespan limit.

4.   It Prevents Skyrocketing Energy Bills

We cannot deny the importance of a heating and air conditioning system in our lives. Most of us use the unit throughout the year, be it to beat the heat or to keep warm. However, it is important for us to remember that HVAC unit is a machine and can only work for so long without maintenance!


Using heating and AC in Frisco, TX, without regular maintenance can actually make your unit system much less efficient than it used to be. In fact, it can perform poorly or work slower.


If you have been overlooking the system’s need for maintenance, you will see a rapid decline in the quality of its performance. For example, it’s going to make rumbling or grumbling sounds when you switch it on. Or worse, it would take too long to heat up or cool down your environment, forcing you to increase the thermostat.


When your energy bills rise on the same amount of energy consumption, you’re likely to regret not having invested in regular maintenance of your heating and AC in Frisco, TX.


Regular maintenance for heating and AC in Frisco, TX, is extremely important for a healthy household. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional contracting service, contact us at One Hour Heating and Air and trust us to carry out the job effectively!


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