Top Repair and Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System from Your Reliable Fort Worth, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

Top Repair and Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System from Your Reliable Fort Worth, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

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Repainting your house and mowing the tall grass in your yard are probably the most common home chores. These make your home comfortable, safe and fun to live and play. In addition to the most basic chores, you need regular maintenance and occasional repair to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Did you know that you could do a few maintenance tips and tricks yourself? You do not have to wait until everything breaks apart to call in the experts. Let us discuss some HVAC that you can do to increase the quality of life at home. After that, you will understand when to call the technicians from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for heating and air conditioning repair.

Clean the Air Filters

The area in and around Fort Worth, TX. experiences a considerable amount of dust storms. This dust can easily cause blockages in your filters and cause a total collapse of the entire HVAC system. The air that goes into your air conditioning system also comes with pollen, debris, pet hair and other foreign materials.

How often do you clean the filters? Depending on the level of dirt and dust in your area, seek to clean them every week. After 3 months of serving you, consider having them replaced. Insist on the best heating and air conditioning repair expert in your city. If you are in Fort Worth, TX, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating will be the ideal choice for you. We have vast experience and the right equipment to do this kind of work

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

As a resident of Fort Worth, TX, you already know how tough your elements can be on your home. Look at the area surrounding your HVAC’s outdoor unit. Physically remove any overgrown vegetation such as leaves and grass. These may interfere with the flow of air into the system and into your home.

Trim bushes and tree branches so that there is space of about 2 feet on all sides. Get rid of all trees and bushes that shed excess pollen into the air. At the same time, clean your HVAC condensing unit. This is a heat pump that has a fan to disperse heat during summer. Use a gentle brush to clean off all grime and dirt. Never use a pressure washer as it is too harsh on the components

Listen, Watch and Smell

Pay attention to the sounds, sights and smells that come from your heating and air conditioning system. Is there an uncharacteristic thumping, buzzing, grinding or rattling? Chances are that one of the components is loose, broken or otherwise dysfunctional.

Similarly, excessive grime is a symptom of trouble with one or several of the components. In rare cases, an unfamiliar burning smell is an indication that a motor is not functioning properly. You may not be able to repair or replace the part yourself. That is where the services of an expert in heating and air conditioning repair come in. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX, we have experienced staff who can repair or replace your HVAC efficiently

Have a Maintenance Schedule

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is among the leading HVAC installers, repairers and maintenance experts in Fort Worth, TX. We have been in the business for many years. We understand when and how your system needs servicing, maintenance and servicing.

We will help you schedule an annual maintenance plan. For example, we will tune your heaters every spring. Doing this reduces the likelihood of replacing parts by a whooping 80 percent. In addition, proper maintenance leads to reduced bills and overall comfortable living space.

Do You Need Help Now?

It is true that you can personally do a few tips and tricks to keep things in order. It is also true that you should call in an expert when you need a major maintenance. Examples of these instances are when your heaters are not providing sufficient heat during winter and when your air conditioner does not efficiently flush out hot air during summer.

Only an expert can carry out proper duct work inspection. Call us to inspect for blockages by debris as these can impede the flow of air. Contaminants such as pests, leaves, soil and hair can be damaging. When this happens, the system works overtime and suffers from leaks and dents and you will need a heating and air conditioning repair expert.

Our Expertise with HVAC Needs

Call us today if your HVAC system needs a heating and air conditioning repair expert or maintenance. We have a huge combined experience spanning more than a dozen years. We have worked with almost all types and brands of heating and air conditioning units. Our staff is well trained, qualified and diligent when working.

In addition, we have the right tools and equipment to handle the job. We will bring our van that is loaded with all heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and servicing tools. Our experts will approach your home or office units with care and delicate attention that they deserve.

We are licensed by the authorities in Fort Worth to do business in the city and around. We come with comprehensive insurance. You can trust that units and components will be safe in our hands. Our technicians and experts have spent thousands of hours working and receiving training.

Expert Handling Your HVAC Needs

Why do you need an expert to do your heating and air conditioning repair after all? Every twice a year, we recommend you to do HVAC maintenance with us. We know how to flush coils, check drain pans and vacuum blow components, inspect the voltage, and to check levels of refrigerant in the air conditioner system

During the operation, we will check the operation of the furnace, inspect voltage on all motors and troubleshoot for loose wires. Simply put, we will leave no stone unturned in checking the joints, surfaces, and other parts. This way, we will detect all problems, solve them efficiently and prevent mishaps before they happen.


We are a trusted heating and air conditioning repair company. The fact that we also have so much experience does not mean that we are costly. Our heating and ac repair services are affordable and pocket-friendly.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and get a free quote. We will then schedule an appropriate time to inject quality into your HVAC units again. Once we have done heating and air conditioning repair, what follows is a high quality of life for your home occupants and an environmentally friendly atmosphere.