Tricks for Heating and AC Service Maintenance | Fort Worth, TX

Tricks for Heating and AC Service Maintenance | Fort Worth, TX

The last thing that a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX, would want is a broken air conditioner. Regular maintenance services are mandatory for extending the lifespan and ensuring the smooth operation of your heating and AC system. A damaged or malfunctioning heating and air conditioning system won’t serve you optimally, and the cost of replacing it will land you into unplanned for expenditures.

To keep your heating and AC system running when you need it most, here are the best maintenance practices that you should regularly carry out on it.

1.  Regularly Clean Your Condensing Unit

Heating and AC systems have a heat pump, which is also called the condensing unit. The heat pump holds the metal fins, which often get clogged up by foreign materials like pollen, dust, and grime during summer. Debris clogging the metal fins wear out the condenser, hence reducing its cooling efficiency.

Cleaning this outdoor unit of your air conditioner doesn’t require special tools or skills. It’s a simple procedure that involves spraying its exterior with clean water. You’re advised to use hose washers and not pressure washers because the later can cause permanent damages to the heating and AC system.

2.  Straighten the Fins

The fins work by allowing the free flow of air out of the heating and air conditioner system. They are so delicate that they are vulnerable to bending. Bent fins restrict the free flow of air passing through the heating and AC system, hence reducing its efficiency. Because of reduced airflow, the AC has to work extra hard to create cooled air, which results in the system wearing out.

To avoid overworking the AC system, you should straighten the fins using a simple tool called the fin comb. Fin straightening can also be done carefully using a butter knife.

3.  Regularly Check, Clean, or Replace the Filters

Filters play their role by keeping dust particles, grime, and debris out of your heating and AC system. Think about the air quality in your area and imagine the amount of dust particles that would accumulate if the filters failed.

The air conditioner filter cleaning or replacement is essential because if it gets clogged, the foreign materials enter into the system, causing wear and tear on its parts. The more the dust accumulates, the quicker the wear and tear, leading to the breaking down of the heating and air conditioning system. Furthermore, clogged filters reduce the amount of air flowing into the heating and AC system, causing it to overwork.

4.  Maintenance of the Conditioners Coils

The heating and air conditioning system has two types of coils, that is, the evaporator and the condenser coils. Well maintained filters prevent the quick accumulation of soil particles on the evaporator coils. However, with time soiling occurs on the coil and creates an insulating layer that reduces its ability to absorb heat. This can be avoided by regularly cleaning the coil.

Condenser coils are exposed to dust in the outdoor environment. The good thing about a condenser coil is that you can see the dirt collecting on it, and easily remove it. To allow adequate flow of air around the condenser coil, cut the foliage around the unit and clean the area surrounding it by removing any debris present.

5.  Ensure the AC Condenser Sits on a Level Ground

Copper coils that run on one side of your heating and AC system condenser make it very heavy. The side where the copper coil is located is heavier than the other sides, and due to the imbalance, the condenser unit can sink into the ground. Sinking causes ripping off of the unit from the coolant line feeding your home.

The cooling fluid moves together with the condenser oil contained in the condenser pump. The oil then redeposits itself back into the condenser pump, keeping it well lubricated. If the condenser is not on a leveled ground, some good amount of the condenser oil will end up in the coil. In such situations, the pump is not well lubricated, leading to overheating.

The solution to this is ensuring that the unit stays upright and on level ground.

6.  Make Preparations for Winter

As winter approaches, it’s necessary that you make several home preparations, including heating and AC maintenance. This saves you from damages that could be caused by cold weather, ice, and snow. Preparing your air conditioning system for winter involves the following simple procedures.

  • Flip the Switch and Turn the Unit Off

This helps prevent you from being electrocuted while carrying out maintenance practices. It also helps to keep out water that may cool and condense within the condenser hence damaging it. The other reason is to prevent it from turning on, in case of a warm day during the season.

  • Clean Your AC Using a Hose

Cleaning helps remove all forms of dirt like leaves, dust, dead bugs, twigs, and bird droppings. Cleanup will prevent the clogging and subsequent breakdowns when summer comes.

  • Carry Out a General Inspection on the AC

Ensure there are no cracked seals and cracks on the casing, among other irregularities. This helps to prevent the occurrence of other grave problems in the future. Therefore, if any form of defect is detected, seek the services of reputable HVAC experts in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Cover the Unit

Place a plastic cover on the air conditioner to prevent cracking and protect it from foreign materials. In most home improvement stores, you can find covers explicitly designed for that purpose.

  • Install Additional Insulator

The use of foam pipe covers prevents the freezing of wires and fluids in the pipes, further preventing the pipes from breaking.

  • Regularly Check on the Air Conditioners

Regular checkups help you to get rid of any leaves or twigs, among other debris, falling on the heating and AC system throughout the season. They also help you to notice and remove any snow or ice accumulations on the unit, which add unnecessary weight to it.

For your heating and air conditioner system to serve you for long, always carry out the above maintenance procedures on it and contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.