Troubleshooting Your Heating And AC Repair Problems | Richardson, TX

Troubleshooting Your Heating And AC Repair Problems | Richardson, TX

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One of the great advantages to living in the modern age is the advanced home technology. Instead of having to work hard to make our houses comfortable, a burst of cool or warm air is right at our fingertips. It is easy to take this advancement for granted. But when something goes wrong with your heating and air conditioning system, you get a reminder of how much you depend on this convenience and how much heating and AC repair is needed.

If you are like most Richardson, TX homeowners, when the heat or air goes out, you know you need immediate help. But you probably have no idea what is going wrong with your system. Your heating and AC repair specialist sees the following issues on a daily basis. The next time you experience problems with your HVAC system, you will very likely find the trouble on this list.

Air Filter Is Clogged

Your heating and air conditioning unit relies on its filter to trap dirt and debris in the air before it is circulated through your house. Your filters are the reason you have clean air in your home. However, they will do no good if they get too dirty.

Changing your HVAC filter is one of the easiest and most important maintenance tasks for a homeowner. Your manufacturer’s guide should have the general information you need about cleaning or changing the filters. But changing the filter often gets overlooked, since the filter is out of sight. Your filter can get clogged more quickly than most people realize. And certain unique factors about your home, such as how many pets you have, can cause your filter to get blocked faster than usual.

A clogged air filter is the biggest reason for heater and air conditioner failure and need for heating and AC repair. When the air can no longer flow through the filter, the air going into the air handler is restricted. This increases the stress on your fan motor. It can eventually lead to the fan motor burning out, which can overheat your entire system. Unless you keep your air filter changed regularly, you could end up with total HVAC failure.

Check your air filter from time to time, so you can see how quickly yours needs to be changed or cleaned. Some homes will need to have their filter changed every month, while others will need a filter change every two or three months. Your heating and AC repair professional can help you determine how often to put a clean filter in your HVAC for a long, productive system life.

Drain Is Blocked

You may not think much about it, but your air conditioning unit is equipped with a special drainage system unique to your model. It is there to take care of the condensation that builds up. There is a drain pipe leading to the drain pan, where the excess moisture is sent. Over time, your drain pipe can get obstructed by dirt and debris. When this happens, the water has no place to go. This causes the water to go where it can cause serious trouble for the homeowner.

If the condensation drain gets clogged, the water remains stagnant in the line or in the pan. This moisture gets evaporated into the air, raising the interior humidity level of your home. Too high a level of humidity can add to the discomfort of your house, but it can do much worse and in greater need of heating and AC repair. Mold and mildew love a humid environment and will thrive in your house. This growth can adversely affect the health of you and the members of your household, especially those who have respiratory issues.

Other things can happen when the water is not allowed to drain properly. The water can continue to gather while you are running your air conditioner. As it draws more and more water in from the air, the water can start to overflow. This overflowing water can create stains on your walls and damage your drywall, floors, furniture, and any personal belongings in the area. It could even find an exposed wire or other issue, causing damage to your electrical system.

Don’t wait until your home suffers to call for assistance. Your heating and AC repair expert in Richardson, TX can help you find out if your condensate drain is getting blocked before it causes serious damage to your home.

Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

Think of your HVAC’s thermostat as the brain of the system. It controls both the heating and cooling functions of an HVAC unit or the furnace on a system without central air conditioning. Your thermostat is able to read the inside temperature of your home and compare it to the temperature setting you have chosen. Then, it is able to direct the system to provide the necessary cooling or heat to make the two match.

If your thermostat is not working properly, it cannot control your interior climate. When you notice a problem, try checking the settings. Make sure your thermostat is in the right mode and that the temperature is where you prefer it. Try turning on your unit and see if that resolved your issue or call for heating and AC repair.

You might need to change the batteries in your thermostat if it is not working right. Without adequate battery power, your thermostat cannot function. If you are still having problems after this, you may need to have your heating and AC repair professional install a new thermostat.

This could be a great time to upgrade your old analog model to a new digital thermostat. They are extremely easy to use and read and are much more accurate than traditional thermostats. Plus, they are available at an inexpensive price, making them a perfect update for your home.

Refrigerant Is Leaking

Your air conditioner needs a precise amount of refrigerant to run well. Too much or too little in your system can cause performance issues. Refrigerant is the liquid that makes the air it blows into the house cold. Without it, your air conditioner would not be able to do its job of keeping your house comfy in the summer heat.

Refrigerant is not like the oil you put in your car. You should not have to keep adding to it during the normal course of operation. In fact, the same amount of refrigerant should be able to cool your home without running out for a long time. So, if you are having low refrigerant trouble, you probably have a refrigerant leak somewhere in your unit.

There are some signs that accompany a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner.

  1. Your air conditioner can no longer adequately cool your home.
  2. The registers are not blowing cold air into your house.
  3. You hear hissing noises coming from your indoor air conditioning unit.
  4. Your air conditioner coils are freezing up.
  5. You notice your electric bills are higher for no apparent reason.

You should contact your heating and AC repair tech as soon as you notice any one of these problems. The longer you let your air conditioner run without what it needs, the harder it is on your unit. You need a professional in charge of all your refrigerant needs, so you are assured the proper amount every time.

Unit Is Making Strange Sounds

All machines make some kind of noise, even the most quiet ones. But if your HVAC unit starts to make sounds you have not heard before, you may have a repair issue. The kind of noise your system is making can be a strong clue to what is going wrong.

Loud Hum: A humming sound is normal, but if your unit starts to make a loud humming noise, it could be a loose part. While it may not cause your HVAC to fail, you should have your heating and AC repair specialist take a look at it.

Clicking: This is a typical sound when switching your HVAC on or off. However, if you keep hearing it, you could have a malfunctioning thermostat or control.

Banging: A clanking or banging sound usually means you have a part out of place, but this time it is much more serious. When you hear this, you should call your heating and AC repair professional as soon as possible.

High-Pitched Squeal: When you hear this sound, you are probably having trouble with your blower motor or fan motor.

Rattling: If you hear a rattling or chattering sound coming from your HVAC, you need help from your heating and AC repair professional immediately. You could have something clogging up your system or your unit may be on its way out. Your Richardson, TX repair tech can help you with repair or replacement, whichever you need.

Screaming: When you hear this sound, you should immediately turn your HVAC unit off and call your heating and AC repair specialist. This could be an indication of a refrigerant leak or the building up of high internal pressure. If it is the latter, it could result in an explosion.

Whatever odd noises your HVAC is making, your repair professional can determine the problem quickly and help you make your home comfortable again.

Furnace Is Not Heating

Your furnace is responsible for generating the heat that warms your house in the winter. When your furnace refuses to heat up, your house is going to stay cold. You and your family simply cannot live in a home without heat, so if your furnace isn’t heating up, you need assistance fast.

The first thing you should do if this happens to you is check your furnace’s pilot light. It may be a simple matter of relighting the pilot. If you try to light it but can’t, you may have run out of gas at your home. Whatever the problem, make sure you have professionals on the way to take care of the situation. Without any heat in your house, your family’s health could suffer.

Do You Really Need a Heating and AC Repair Professional?

So, you have a pretty good idea of what is causing your problems. What do you do next? In this age of DIY, you might be tempted to try to fix it yourself or have a buddy help you out with it. Before you do anything to your HVAC system, consider the complexity of the machinery. If you are like most homeowners, you have never attempted a heating and AC repair yourself in your life. Do you really think you are going to be able to perform major repairs on your own? And are you and your family going to be okay with having no heat or air while you try to figure it out?

The truth is, there are some jobs that you should never try to do yourself. Heating and AC repair is one of those jobs. You could actually do more damage to your heating and air conditioning unit by having an amateur attempt to repair it. Only a professional has the knowledge, training, and skill to take care of your repair issue efficiently, safely, and thoroughly. Your family relies on your home’s HVAC system for year-round comfort. It is too important to trust anyone but an experienced repair professional.

There are many benefits to be reaped when working with a professional repair technician.

Advantages of Choosing Professional Heating and AC Repair Services

When you opt for professional heating and AC repairs, you get a lot in return.

Prompt and Efficient Services

Your repair tech in Richardson, TX knows the best way to fix your HVAC issues. They can quickly get to the problem and fix or replace the damage. You won’t have to wait for days while an amateur figures it out.

Professional Manner and Methods

When you have a professional in charge, the work is what is important. An expert has the training, experience, and specialized tools to take care of all your repairs. And they can help you keep your system in good shape for a long time.

Reasonable Pricing

When you trust the experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, you get a fair rate for exceptional repair services. We keep our prices affordable, so you can afford to have the best quality HVAC repair possible.

Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today to find out more about our comprehensive line of heating and AC repair services for Richardson, TX.