Understanding the Functions of Your Heating and AC in Fort Worth TX

Understanding the Functions of Your Heating and AC in Fort Worth TX

With the help of a properly functioning heating and AC, you should be able to regulate the temperature of your house all year long. This important system at your house will maintain the air quality in your premises and it will make sure your house is a relaxing place despite what the weather may be outside. Since it plays such an important role in our everyday lives, it is important that we give it the care and importance that it requires from us. If that is not given, there is a chance your trusty machine will give up on you.

However, apart from caring and giving it importance, you need to be aware of the different components that are installed in your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX. Each and every part in your system has a designated function. This is why each component must get regular service, which is why you should have the basic knowledge about them. Although, having a trained professional come and do the job is the easier way out, sometimes, you just need to know about the functions so you can take the problem in your own hands, in case of an emergency.

To make things easier for you, here are the important components of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX that you should know about. Apart from knowing their names, you will also know how they can work smoothly, without facing any troubles.


The biggest component of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX would be the furnace. Since it is the largest part of the system, it requires the most space also. Therefore, homeowners like to install it in either the attic, cellar, or the basement. The main purpose of the furnace is to make the air heated so it can disperse and circulate around the premises of your house. Successful heating is done in 4 methods:

  1. Combustion
  2. Electrical resistance
  3. Solar energy
  4. Heat pump

Then the heated air is released so it can circulate around the house and regulate the temperatures.


After the furnace, the most important part and sometimes, the most visible part of the heating and AC in Fort Worth TX would be the thermostat. Depending on how you set it up, you can get it programmed to work manually (as you wish) or get it programmed in a way where it can see the changes in the outdoor temperatures beforehand. Most of the times, there is a thermometer that helps you set your thermostat to the desired temperature based on what the temperature outside. If the outdoor temperature needs to get adjusted (because it has become too cold or too hot) the thermometer will make the system work in a way where it is either producing cold air or hot, depending on what is needed. Therefore, since your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX works properly only by regulating the temperature, the thermostat (and thermometer) and a crucial part of the system.

Heat Exchanger

As it’s name suggests, the heat exchanger plays the most important part in providing proper heating in your house. The heat exchanger is installed in the furnace and its job is to attract all the cool air so that can be turned into hot air. Apart from pulling in all the cold air, the heat exchanger distributes the heated air with the help of the furnace into all the rooms of your house. This hot air is circulated with the help of the ducts and comes out of the vents.

Condensing Unit

The condensing unit of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX is another important component. The condensing unit is attached to the evaporator coils (this will be mentioned below). This part of the unit is not installed in the house because it is connected from the outside. Then, it gets connected to the refrigerant gas. The works of the condensing unit are quite unique because it uses interesting techniques to use the existing refrigerant gas present in it. After the refrigerant gas turned into a liquid with the help of the heat exchanger, the condensing unit leads it into the evaporator coil so it can become a gas. The condenser repeats this process on a daily basis. This is why if the condensing unit is not working, it will lead to poor cooling and refrigerant leaks.

Evaporator Coil

The role of the evaporator coil is opposite to the functions of the heat exchanger. The main purpose of the evaporator coil is to make the air cool that is being produced by the furnace. This cool air is required by homeowners all over the world during the hot summer months when everyone’s thermometers are set on the lowest temperatures. Most of the times, the evaporator coil is installed on the outside of the furnace. When the cool air is produced, it gets dispersed into the ductwork.

Refrigerant lines

The purpose of the refrigerant lines are to transfer the water and gas of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX. The lines hold a refrigerant gas substance and transfer it to the evaporator coil on the form of liquids. The whole transfer of refrigerant can only be done with the help of refrigerant lines.


The ductwork of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX is the caretaker. It is supposed to disperse the hot and cold air into the different rooms around your house. The common material used to make these ducts would be light aluminum, but sometimes they are made out of fiberglass, plastic and steel as well.



Vents are the outlets that release the cold or heated air from the ducts into the rooms. The vents are responsible for regulating the temperature of your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX. Most commonly, they are installed on the ceilings so they can produce better air and disperse it in a uniform manner.


If you need to get maintenance and repair for your heating and AC in Fort Worth TX, you should contact One Hour Heating and Air. The trained professionals will resolve all your problems!